Entrusted Drug of Desire #2 (Kindle)

I do enjoy Sidney Bristol s romantic suspense stories "YES THERE IS A LOT OF HOT KINKY SEX "there is a lot of HOT inky sex there is also a lot of breathless action OMG I could not put this book down Be prepared for an all nighter Good job ARC for honest review with no compensationWhat an intense suspenseful page turning drama DEABDSM discovery of submission and a secret that could destroy it all Matias wanted to retire from the DEA after years of working deep a secret that could destroy it all Matias wanted to retire from the DEA after years of working deep but he has one last job to do He has been flying with the same family run business for years but on this last trip he gets a surprise that he is not expectingRaven Raven s family runs the business but by accident she discovers that her family is on the take with the very people Matias wants to bring down She is trying to cover for her family so she volunteers to fly him to Mexico but all is not what it seems when they arriveMatias undercover Jose has to get Raven to play the part of his girlfriend in order to Between Silences keep her safe and out of the hands of the cartel but what Raven doesn tnow is that Matias real lifeundercover world includes the BDSM lifestyle in which the cartel discovered soshe is thrust into this world While being a part of this scheme she discovers something about herself and that is she like the BSDM lifestyle that Matias is showing her and the submission she wants to give himI could go on and on about this book but there are so many twist turns power plays intrigue and nail biting suspense that you are not sure if Matias and Raven will make it out alive and if they do will it all fall apart for these two or will they find the happiness they are looking for Once you start this book you will not be able to put it down until the very last word Once again Sidney Bristol does not disappoint This is a great book filled with action amazing characters some very hot scenes that may or may not melt your panties and one adorable aging dog Poor Raven figures she s just helping out the family business on a DEA run and things end not exactly going as planned She s way in over her head and DEA Agent Mat as Govea is ready to retire but not until he wraps up some unfinished business that seems that will never end Will both Raven and Matias make it out a live Not just with their lives but with their emotions intact after a roller coaster of a ride This is one book that will have you on the seat of your pants and eep you there during the entire book I love how Bristol works in the BDSM dynamic into the story and gets it right That is always a huge plus for me I will definitely have to check out the first book in this series for sure REVIEW TO COME Sydney Bristol. A lifetime spent working undercover for the DEA has left Matías Govea wondering just who the hell he is A BDSM Dominant A son A brother Who is he He'll have to assume one last identity before he can figure out the answers but this might be the hardest gig of allbecause of herRaven Benally grew up in the cockpit of a plane under the watchful eye of her father and. .
Entrusted Drug of Desire #2Convince their host that Raven is his Submissive and Lover uotes I liked from this Book Raven had the unfortunate nack for attracting sweet boys who couldn t express an opinion when asked The idea that Mat as would be in complete control of himself the situation and her body well her sex throbbed to the point it was uncomfortable He stared at her his gaze that same unmoving determined force I m going to make your fantasy come true but I m going to do it in my own way Understand Raven gulped What was that supposed to mean If she had any guess it would be better and worse all in one Do you understand he said again He nelt and began buckling the last two around her ankles Yes Sir Are you okay with that I don t get a choice do I Sidney Bristol Entrusted A Drug of Desire Novel Kindle Locations 3591 3596 Sidney Bristol Kindle Edition What I likedDidn t Like Loved the suspense and the BDSM Scenes The author makes ou feel as if you are right there watching it all unfol Matias Govea has worked undercover for the DEA since as if you are right there watching it all unfol Matias Govea has worked undercover for the DEA since was 16 years old He s been so many different characters over the years and been so cut off from his family for so long that he really isn t sure where the real him begins and all the fake identities end Raven Benally s family has helped Matias out from time to time for years and flown him where he needs to be for various cases He s in the middle of his final case before he retires and Raven steps in st the last minute to fly him where he needs to go He just wants to wrap this up so he can figure out who he really is and just how much of a Dominant he is He discovered BDSM on a case and it is the one constant he s had over the years I have to admit the BDSM in this book is a bit dark compared to what I m used to but it really worked for these characters and this story I couldn t wait to see how it played out and I really enjoyed it Gripping exciting thriller with some added ink I am impressed at how organic the ink was to the story There was violence "But Most Of It Off "most of it off which is fine with me Raven is an awesome heroine And watching Matias find his HEA was awesome Bought from obo Matias is ready to retire from the DEA after one last job Years of working undercover under different aliases have taken their toll including a recent brush with death Flying out of a low Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work key family run airport near a native American reservation is his usual MO with flights to central and southern American countries easy to come by When Matias s usual pilot takes ill it s the pilot s granddaughter Raven who steps up and volunteers to take him on his flight to Mexico She s an experienced short hop pilot bu. Ust also pass Raven off as a sexual submissive and his lover In the far flung reaches of the jungle these friends turned lovers have only each other to rely onWarning Contains a man fond of belts a woman who didn'tnow she likes to be spanked and a complicated web of emotions Author Note This book was previously available for pre order under the title Proposition. S ENTRUSTED was an edge of the seat story that ept me "tapping those pages One of the things I really like about her "those pages One of the things I really like about her is the underlying plot often heavy on the suspense that helps drive the story while character building It takes what could be a relatively simple erotica romance and ratchets it up to something far interesting I found myself uickly becoming invested in both Raven and MatiasAdd in some BDSM elements and suddenly my appreciation of the characters is that much higher I loved their exploration of Ds and Raven s unfurling as a submissive and many of her inner thoughts had me chucklingOverall this was a spanking good time and it s going on my shelf to be read again One last job a final takedown and he would retire from this hellish undercover job with the DEAThe last thing Mat as expected when he arrived for his flight was that his pilot was Raven The granddaughter of his usual pilot someone who now him as himself not an alias She has always been a bright light in the darkness for him with her sweetness Raven has to do this flight for her grandfather and she couldn t let Mat as Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War know the reason why It was simple just a uick flight in let Mat as do his thing and fly them out She would stay in the plane no one would see her then she would be home She would pack up her things take her plane and find her father Never to return to the reservation againOf course younew it wasn t going to be that easy didn t youVictor has plans for Mat as whom he Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French knows as Jose Plans and also an agenda that has nothing to do with their initial contractFrom the moment Victor enters the plane Mat asnows this is going to be far difficult than the initial plan He has no choice but to claim Raven is his and is relieved when she accepts it and plays alongWhat follows is an intense suspenseful page turning drama Filled with emotions a delightful discovery of submission and a Secret That Could Destroy EverythingDo Not Miss This Book But that could destroy everythingDo not miss this book but to read from beginning to end There is no putting this one down I gave this Book a rating of 5 sTitle Entrusted Series Drug of Desire 2Genre BDSM Romance Suspense RomanceAuthor Sidney BristolFormat Kindle EditionPublished on January 10 2017I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book Character s DescriptionsMat as Govea is a DEA AgentRaven Benally is a pilot Summary ParagraphMatias has one last deal he must do before he can retire from the DEARaven has one last gig she must do for her family before she can go off on her ownRaven Must fly the smoking hot DEA agent to Mexico Only once they get there things a sudden turn for the worse and now Matias must. Uncles Only now the family is fractured and it's up to her to pull off one gig before she can branch out on her own All she has to do is fly the smoking hot federal officer to Mexico and backWhen a simple buy bust goes south it's up to Matías to pull off the biggest deception ever He must not only convince a notorious Colombian drug dealer he's not a fed but he .