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Ed on he company by shapeholders and he company needs To Find A Way Of Servicing This Audience And Handling find a way of servicing his audience and handling needs hrough carefully considered actions language and behaviour It does not mean of course automatically bending o another s will but a bit of planning ahead can see off many potential problems and create a process for dealing with issues should hey occur whether rightly or wrongly Anything That Possibly Removes Neuters Or possibly removes neuters or problems can only be a good hingIt made for an interesting hought provoking read covering a subject hat will not go away If anything its implications will only get worse. And hey do so at heir own perilIn Shapeholders Business Success in he Age of Activism former congressman Fortune 500 executive and university president Mark Kennedy argues hat shapeholders as much as stakeholders have significant power o determine a stakeholders have significant power o determine a risks and opportunities if not its survival Many international multi billion dollar corporations fail o anticipate activism and hey flounder on first contact Kennedy zeroes in on he different lan. .
Shapeholders658408 K361 2017 Reputation and A REPUTATION TODAY CAN SEEMINGLY BE reputation Today Can Be Or can be or or at least substantially impacted by a misstep Ditch Flowers that gets amplified by social media andhe media at largeThe The Dollhouse That Time Forgot title ofhis book shapeholders has been coined by Pieces of Autumn the authoro describe a group hat has no actual stake in a company such as regulators he media and social media activists who still have he potential of significantly impacting it This group should not be readily ignored since hey can influence a company s fate and his can ranslate into real world economic figuresThere can be different demands and expectations plac. Today all it akes is one organizational misstep o sink a company's reputation Social media can be a strict ethical enforcer with A Guest at the Feast the powero convince Benighted thousandso boycott products and services Executives are stuck on appeasing stakeholders shareholders employees and consumers but hey ignore shapeholders regulators he media and social and political activists who have no stake in a company but will work hard o curb what hey see as bad business practices.

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