Scarred: She Was a Slave to Her Father, Pain Was Her Only Escape E–book/E–pub

Scarred: She Was a Slave to Her Father, Pain Was Her Only Escape

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Is is a petty and minor criticism but I eel as if the cover art was deceitfulmisleading Not that it matters that Sophie was older when the abuse started perhaps it was designed to make a point But on some level after having read the book and having seen several others recommended to me on as a result of my purchase I wonder if this is a trendputting a young toddler or child *on the cover because young toddlerschildren are by virtue sweet and innocent I don t know It just bothers me *the cover because young toddlerschildren are by virtue sweet and innocent I don t know It just bothers me I m not sure why but it does I want to ask why This Picture I Wonder If Putting A picture I wonder if putting a on the cover would lessen or at least dampen the awfulness on some subconscious level in the same way that the girl in a mini skirt is somehow a little responsible or the rape A voluptuous teen or even a not so voluptuous teen might not seem so innocentand that s kind of sad I don t know Maybe it is just me StrongThis book lets you see how strong some people can be and it also makes you realize when you see people that are homeless you don t know their story a little kindness goes a long way and you might just don t know their story a little kindness goes a long way and you might just that person All editing and writing comments aside I enjoyed this book As a mental health professional I The Curious World of Wine: Facts, Legends, and Lore About the Drink We Love So Much found it very real and honest as well as refreshing It is never easy to admitailure or lack of progress but mental E that she American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series finally confronted the horrors of home and began the painful journey of rebuilding her life A phenomenally courageous woman Sophie now worksor the Samaritans and helps other young people in need Harrowing yet compelling this is a searing and truly inspirational account of overcoming the worst abuse and self har. Ong hard road that was her recoveryI am ascinated by why we do crazy shit we do particularly the horrible awful do the crazy shit do particularly the horrible awful shit What goes wrong in a brain nature and nurture that a ather not only abuses his daughter in order to The Void fulfill some very weird perversions but also invites hisriends to join in And what type of grown men join their riend in the sexual abuse of his daughter WhereWhenHow does that conversation even beginAnd if this happens in *The UK Where Women *UK where women treated with respect and dignity at least in theory what the hell is going on around the world in these countries where women are openly regarded as property and not particularly valued propertyThe discussion and exploration of cutting was informative and ascinating I m generally amiliar with what cutting isand of course I ve read Gillian Flynn s Sharp Objects but I hadn t really had a true sense of the dynamic until reading Sophie s account Needless to say I still can t wrap my head around what happened to this girl I still can t imagine what drives a ather biological or not to molest his daughter I do have a better appreciation The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War for the healing process that needs to occur to allow the victims to go on as well as all the bumps and barriers along the way I won t call this a good read I will say it was a worthwhile one thoughTh. Cade grooming heror abuse and when Sophie's mother left Sicilian Lives for good that very night he told Sophie thatrom now on she would sleep in his bed Unable to cope Sophie spiraled into suicidal misery She began to self harm to try and escape the agony But one day she went too ar and at 16 ended up in a psychiatric unit It was her. Another heart memoir This time however the author has decided to go a slightly different way route and starts the book when she is admitted to a mental health Alice Oliver facility Her earlier story is interspersed with her current life in theacility and I The Protestant Temperament found it worked well Sophie is such a strong person and luckily she had a group of really lovely and supportiveriends and colleagues to help her out too I absolutely loved this book It was inspirational to see how Sophie learnt to deal with her past and make it something that was part of her in a good way I can t That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book fathom young children getting treated like they re absolutely nothing and like A Child Called It I becameurious in some parts of the book I would definitely recommend reading this anyone whatsoever This is a book about sexual abuse I ortunately have never been a victim of abuse sexual or otherwise and while I know It Exists It S A Topic I Have A Hard exists it s a topic I have a hard wrapping my head aroundSophie was not only sexually abused in horrific ways she was abused by her ather who also prostituted her out to his The Best American Crime Writing friends while he watched The book tells her story which details the abuse and also includes her years spent in mental institutions her use of cutting to dull the pain an oxymoron I knowbut apparently a truth the discovery of her sexuality and the Growing up Sophie carried a terrible secret She was herather's slave in the most horrific ways imaginable At just a The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data few months old she was adopted by a couple that seemed comfortably off and perfectly respectable to the outside world But behind closed doors Sophie's childhood was a living hell Herather spent the next de.