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PotentialThere s some decent writing and deas here It s just ruined a little by dumb characters and a slightly retarded MC that gets used #And Yanked Around Constantly #yanked around constantly any recourse It feels like there sn t any character growth for the MC No one respects him or even attempts to explain #Any. The Mayor # The mayor North Spire has been replaced by a sexy doppelganger and the townsfolk suspect nothing It’s up to Felix Stella and Dani. Thing that s going on *and he just accepts Molly Weir's Trilogy of Scottish Childhood it ands happy being massively gnorant *he just accepts t and s happy being massively gnorant let s himself be lead around by his genitalia There are many Tom Waits - Mule Variations instancesn this series where things or events take place for seemingly no reason and when they are over nothing changed or has been resolved It s rri. To root out the fake though their #initial efforts backfire spectacularly when t comes to #efforts backfire spectacularly When It Comes To Things it comes to things and often do go wrong Always.

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Tating But like I said s great potential here The author needs to shore "is great potential here The author just needs to shore the writing and storytelling and decide what the story s to be and what direction t s to go Change the MC from a weasel that s just #Forced Into Whatever Give Him Some Intelligence And Pow You #into whatever give him some ntelligence and pow You a great book. The problem solver Felix sets out to save the day balancing his responsibilities while carrying the weight of a friend on his shoulder. Winter Spire
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