Velvet Ropes Club Undercover Harleuin Intrigue #785 (PDF)

Er secret Now he has left the priesthood and is a therapist at a local half way house and there has been a murder there and he is the main suspect as his past as a gang member is draggedup Stella is determined to prove his innocence and works his case with he help if the guys from undercover *IN HER SPARE TIME AS SHE DIGS DEEPER SHE *her spare time As she digs deeper she that her past is also involved in this case and that the danger is much closer than she realises Can she prove his innocence and will they act on the attraction between them Having read innocence and will they act on the attraction between them Having read other two it only followed I read this one also so not to miss a thing This author has me bound to this series Stella captivates you right away Dermot is the one that seals it and the two of them combined give you a story that you follow right behind them to see where it goes They give a hefty dose of mystery and suspense as we see the danger coming closer Hesitation though got on my nerves but all in all xcellent addition to this series Club Undercover the club owner and his The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life employees all have special talents They help those in trouble when they have no placelse to turnTwelve years ago Stella Jacobek was viciously assaulted by a member of the Vipers Gang She years ago Stella Jacobek was viciously assaulted by a member of the Vipers Gang She information about a string of burglaries and this was her warning to keep uiet Dermot O Rourke was her savior he found her in the alley and nursed her back to health at least physicallyToday she is a Homicide Detective and this time around Dermot is in need for her help He has been accused of the murder of a young man he had been counseling Stella along with Club Undercover members she is committed to clear his nameEvidence connects the violence of the past with her present day care She is in danger and Dermott will do whatever necessary to protect the woman he has always loved But Dermott has secrets and he will lose Stella if she discovers what he s been hidingPatricia Rosemoor is well known for her romance and suspense stories and this one did not disappoint Stella is a strong character striving not to ver be thought of as a victim Dermott is a protector something that Stella fights A lo. Ter Dermot is framed for murder and Stella now a homicide detective is determined to clear his name In the midst of the clandestine investigation with the help of Team Undercover vidence connects the violence of the past to their Another winner I loved this book Once Club Undercover steps up to help someone This time it s Dermot a former priest and current therapist at a half way house When one of its residents is murdered Dermot is the prime suspect His way house When one of its residents is murdered Dermot is the prime suspect His friend Stella steps up

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the rest of Club Undercover to help Stella is a police detective and uses her down time to investigate With her friends help she finds than she ver intended while along the way she and Dermot xplore other facets to their relationshipThis is a fast paced romantic suspense novel that fans of the genre While part of a series this is a stand alone book however it s so good that you really owe to yourself to read them all Put this one at the top of your TBR list Detective Stella Star Jacobek has fought hard to become a Chicago detective recovering from an assault that happened years ago Her friend Dermot O Rourke was r Stella is a detective and was raped when she was younger Dermot is a former gang member priest and now a therapist He rescued Stella when she was raped and kept her secret Now he s being accused of murder and *Stella will do anything to prove his innocence Stella loves Dermot but is afraid he still sees her *will do anything to prove his innocence Stella loves Dermot but is afraid he still sees her a victim So she see saws back and forth between wanting him and keeping her distance But once she gets involved someone tries to stop her investigating Can she help the man she loves before anything happens to PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition either of themGood story with action and suspense Her pushing Dermot away while pulling him closer was a little aggravating Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley Third book in this wonderful series and just as good if not better than the previous two There are interconnecting characters in the series butach story is a separate and can be read as a stand alone book but do yourself a favour and read them you won t be disappointedThis is Stella a detective we have met in previous books story She was raped when she was younger in fact that is what led to her becoming a detective One man came to her rescue that night he was a priest at the local church and he cared for her and kept No cover charged no ID reuired safety guaranteed When Stella Jacobek was brutally attacked as a teen Dermot O'Rourke appeared like an avenging angel He tended her to wounds and helped her to heal and find purpose in life A decade la. ,

T of action takes in this well written crime fiction drugs gangs suspense and romanceAlthough 3rd in this series Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography each book isasily read as a stand alone Mainly it s Club Undercover that remains as a constant with its team members while new characters are introducedMany thanks to the author Dangerous Love Publishing NetGalley for the digital copy of this Romantic Suspense Read and reviewed voluntarily opinions The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, expressed here are unbiased andntirely my own Dermot is carrying some pretty heavy secrets and that is including his own past personal history But that just made him an ven interesting main character He sure has *HAD A VARIETY OF CAREER CHOICES *a variety of career choices his life Stella or Star as she was called had her share of pain and darkness before becoming a cop I liked where her nickname came from it made me smile Some of the story comes with her trying once again to overcome some of her nightmares And this case IS stirring up some of those nightmares again It was just what the nemies was hoping for though because they wanted her to back off She is loyal though and tough when she believes someone is innocent and she will follow through no matter how she is threatened The possible nemies just keep circling around and around keeping my interest in who they really are And verything that they have been doing Eually as interesting though is the people of Club Undercover Once again they work really well together It still felt like it could be a good standalone story if you hadn t read any of the others I have and am looking forward to in the seriesThe book finally comes to a shocking conclusion A really good oneOn a side note I feel like the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl eBook covers for this series could use a update Just my opinion of course I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Velvet Ropes is the third book in Patricia Rosemoor s Club Undercover series and definitely provides readers with another fast paced mystery laden romantic suspense The plot is intriguing while the cast of characters create a pseudo family of sorts that thrives on helping Resent day case Suddenly Stella is in danger again and Dermot a gang member before changing his life is prepared to keep the only woman hever loved safe But will she return his feelings when she knows the whole truth about the pas. ,

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Velvet Ropes Club Undercover Harleuin Intrigue #785