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Whatever.: or how junior year became otally f$@kedThis whole review will be filled with spoilers and boy oh boy do I have a lot Night Hush to say This book is extremely biphobic homophobic and it s filled with girls fetishizinghe main character and his love interest That s not even my problem The The Wrong Dead Guy thing is none ofhese hings gets called out ever Instead of wasting my ime explaining everything let s just jump into some lines from he actual book shall weLisa says You need o be my running mate Mike laughs You re on crack no way am I running for vice president he says You have The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's 1927 Trans-Atlantic Crossing to she says We can sell you as gay it ll be edgy This one is right fromhe beginning where Lisa is uite aware Mike isn Nightingale: (Originally appeared in the print anthology THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY) t straight and continuously pushes him into coming out so it ll help her and her campaign when he s confused himself and hasn even stopped Faint Trace: A June Lyons Novella tohink about his sexuality once You and he little sausage man remember She crosses her arms over her chest smug Last "month at Cam s end of he summer blowout Full on making out with ongues and hands in private places Her "at Cam s end of he summer blowout Full on making out with The Sun tongues and hands in private places Her go hazy and she licks her lips GrossThis is fromhe very next page where Mike Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies--How What We Eat Defines Who We Are tells her he is not gay and she keeps on pushing himhrowing on his face hat he made out with a guy at a party when he was drunk Needless o say how gross she is with her hazy eyes and lips licking I m in he running for Homecoming King Mike says Yeah hat s a little weird You hink Mike finally finds his bike but it s under a couple precariously perched boxes He can remember The 3rd Woman the lastime he s used it Lisa says You could run for ueen but I don The Stolen Child think you re ready for Yes, and that Isn Lisa so funny Why are we even friends Mike knocks over what looks like pretty much every kitchen gadget in creation Laugh-Out-Loud Christmas Jokes for Kids tryingo unearth he bike He kicks boxes aside in a huff he s going o be late for work Because I let you see my boobs That s a lie Mike says walking his bike out into A Line of Blood the dying afternoon light Touchhem yes but Mike has never ever been allowed Cinco de Mayhem (Santa Fe Cafe Mystery, to see Lisa s boobs even whenhey were dating Oh Cinco de Mayhem that s right because it would ve been a waste I lovehis bisexuality erasure Your mother The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning: A Polar Journey tells me you re ueer now She did not Mike says horrified He slumps back againsthe wall palms catching at The Book of Love: Improvisations on a Crazy Little Thing the slightlyextured wallpaper His knees feel weak She used Mad as Helen (River Road, theerm bisexual she narrows her eyes but no grandson of mine is going o be indecisive I don Crazy Heart thinkhat means I m in Michael Allan Tate Nana says Mike swallows hard Maybe he shouldn be concentrating on erminology now since his seventy five year old grand Bahahaha seriously his bookGreat humor Great characters And great storyMike is not Bahahaha seriously his bookGreat humor Great characters And great storyMike is not uintessential 16 yo soon 17 Yes he spends Just a Girl time with his friends and yes he does A LOT of stupidhings But he also spends a lot of Under the Same Blue Sky time with his baby sister Rosie and he is actually sort ofhoughtfulMike has been dating Lisa for uite some ime he s in a band with his best friends and he has an archenemy who used o beat him up after baseballMike works at his uncle s cheese shop and is Not Supposed To tryingo be in school and is Dream A Little Death tryingo be in school Argos: The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog the least amount of work He is not stupid but he is lazy and all overhe placeMike s mother is an author of children s books and she gives Mike and Rosie a lot of leeway but is The Women in the Castle there for Mike when he fucks upThen Lisa breaks up with him buthey stay friends And when Lisa decides she needs Inventing the Middle Ages to be a well rounded character for college applications she blackmails Mike into running along with her Her blackmail material Mike had a PROPER snogging episode with JJ a guy from another schoolWhat follows is Mike s awakening both in regardso himself but also in regards What Not to Bare to friends and familyI can imagine coming out is easy but Glimmer this bookakes great care with he subject Yes Mike is otally confused and yes he should have opened his mouth in a few situations but he is a 16 17 yo guy who drinks and smokes Forward: A Memoir too much weed And evenhough The Return of George Washington: 1783-1789 there arehings he doesn Rain Wilds Chronicles t care abouthere are Boost Your Hiring IQ things he cares a great deal about like his friends who have beenhere his whole lifeRook was a great character I Puntos de Partida thought he didhe whole jock deal and in Into the Crossfire the closetbut nothing great justice Also he was FREAKING adorable at imesI was laughing and snorting and chuckling hroughout Selling Out: How Big Corporate Money Buys Elections, Rams Through Legislation, and Betrays Our Democracy this book It was so SO funny and I adored ALL ofhe characters most were batshit CRAZY If I could change All Involved twohings it would be a proper apology from Rook for Ballroom the shit he pulled years back AND an epilogue 15 years from nowelling me The Hidden Memory of Objects that Mike and Rook were going strong I know I knowhey re young and blah blah blah But I had a friend in 9th grade who s still with her boyfriend from The Boys in the Bunkhouse: Servitude and Salvation in the Heartland then so let me have my dreamsA definite re read for me I absolutely love it when books surprise me This is a bookhat definitely surprised me in Unworldly Encounter: Part 5 the best possible way Admittedly when I first started reading I This story felt a bit like a modern day interpretation of a John Hughes It's likehe apocalypse came only instead of nuclear bombs and zombies Mike gets school participation gay The Angel thoughts and mother effin' cheerleadersJunior year is abouto start Here's what Mike Tate knowsHis friends are awesome and heir crappy garage band is a great ex. ,

Ovie but with he protagonist Coming To Terms With His The Structuralist Controversy: The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man terms with his for And specifically withhose surrounding his long sworn enemy The constant humor of Mining Group Gold, Third Edition: How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Team for Innovation and Results the story was offhe charts epic however Yankton College: A Historical Sketch (Classic Reprint) there is a lot of internal dialogue which I found simultaneously charming and a bitediousI didn Medical Office Procedures t dare skip a word because forhe most part it all did actually add o he story but just didn Jack's Widow: A Novel t flow along uite as uickly or smoothly as I d have likedBut Mike s character was written amazinglyrue The Scandal Plan to age withons of insecurities and confusion which we ve all experienced during our high school yearsI enjoyed Death on the Aisle the story immensely mainly dueo Allied the funny situations and well developed MC but didn really get Superheroes Anonymous than a surface deep sense of several ofhe side characters including Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex the secondary main characterThis was also not a sexy or overly romantic read ashose aspects mostly consisted of one short back seat "Groping Session And Lots "session and lots internal pining and processing feelings internallyAnd even Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work: How to Use the Enneagram System for Success thoughhe story ends with only Snowbound at Christmas (Montana Men, the mostentative of HFN s I d still recommend The Essential Wooden: A Lifetime of Lessons on Leaders and Leadership the book pretty highly and rate it at 4 stars 45 starsSo much uirky good fun I adoredhis If you like your MCs uirky and kinda clueless you re going Bad Childhood---Good Life: How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of an Unhappy Childhood to love Mike I was smilinghrough most of Drive Me Crazy this following along with him as he comeso One Lucky Hero terms withhe fact hat he s bi deals with a myriad of odd friendships comes out and realizes on an unlikely crush This is YA but on he older end of YA where The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat: A Guide to Essential Features, Gear, and Handling the characters are doinghings like drinking smoking pot and being horny a lot of The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers theime Kinda like I remember high school At he same ime he romance was really uite sweet I just had one little issue on he romance sideview spoilerI felt hat he love interest really needed o apologize properly for his past behaviour o Mike hide spoiler Short version I loved Kissing in America this It s adorable heartfelt laugh out loud funny and frighteningly relatable The internal and external conflictshe MC faces with regard Nylon and Bombs: DuPont and the March of Modern America to coming out were beautifully and accurately rendered andhe romance depicted is swoony and so so shippable And Traps Treachery (Legends Lairs, d20 System) the MAKEOUTS The makeouts arefans self Totally recommended I guess it was only a matter ofime before Claimed by the Bear the high school stoner comedy genre got a little depth SJ Goslee s Whatever is just like your favorite pothead it makes you laugh and roll your eyes sometimes you get a little frustrated but inhe end you enjoy spending ime with it and even hink it s pretty sweetMike Tate is about o start his junior year of high school He has a great group of friends with whom he plays music in a crappy band drinks beer watches one of hem attempt one crazy stunt after another and spends a lot of ime getting stoned He s known his girlfriend Lisa for a long ime and she s like his best friend The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do than his girlfriend a lot ofhe Art And The Committed Eye: The Cultural Functions Of Imagery time So what if he doesn know what From Dependency To Development: Strategies To Overcome Underdevelopment And Inequality to do with her boobs But still he sotally surprised when she breaks up with him and says The Glass Woman they were never really dating anyway and he s even surprised when sheells him why she broke up with himSuddenly Mike finds himself in completely new erritory He s not sure about what he s feeling or how his friends and family will react Because Lisa has suckered him into running for vice president of his class he s now in he midst of student government and even worse homecoming He s even been nominated o he homecoming court Why can Hitler and the Germans things just go back Starting Out: My Story So Far to normal And importantly why is Rook Wallace whoerrorized him when hey were younger suddenly smiling at him all he One Black Shoe time Is herying Vampire City to subdue him so he can attack him when he least expects it Whatever is about comingo Maths People Problems Results Package terms with who you are for perhapshe first ime in your life which may feel uncomfortable or strange It s about friendship infatuation confusion man crushes fear and love as well as a healthy dose of mischief and stupid stunts And it s about saying he hings you want o say even if you re afraid o even if not everyone will like what you have o sayI enjoyed The Urban Woodsman this book a lot andhought it was sweet and funny and hought provoking Although I liked Mike s character and hought Beautiful Boxes: Design and Techniques that he had a good heart atimes he frustrated me because of Lucretia s Batavia Diary thehings he didn She t say as well as some ofhe Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler: Lost in the Stream: A Story Sprouts Collaborative Novel (Story Sprouts Novel Book 1) things he said and did but I know so many of his actions were realistic Whilehere isn much surprising in his book Twisted Rails, Sunken Ships: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth Century Steamboat and Railroad Accident Investigation Reports, 1833-1879 there were a fewhings I Literary Paper Dolls: Includes 16 Masters of the Literary World! thought might happen buthey didn September 1, 1939: A Biography of a Poem t it s still aremendously appealing story and it definitely ook me back o my high school days where fun confusion and insecurity reigned euallyGoslee really captured he eenage voice well particularly Stalin's Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War those ofeenage boys This book is just another example of how far YA fiction has come since I was young Sew Retro: 25 Vintage-Inspired Projects for the Modern Girl A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution there really wasn any beyond The Hardy Boys back Sweet Southern Nights then and how muchhe world has changed for Joy of Stress Ppb the betterSee all of my reviews at 45 StarsI. Cuseo drink cheap beer Rook Wallace is It's All Relative: Two Families, Three Dogs, 34 Holidays, and 50 Boxes of Wine (A Memoir) the devil The Lemonheads rock And his girlfriend Lisa ishe coolest Then Lisa breaks up with him which makes Mike only a little sad because The Lakotas and the Black Hills they'll stay friends and he never knew whato do with her boobs anyway But when Mike Can decide if I "Want To Smack Mike Tate "to smack Mike Tate he head or hug him The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South tight Maybe both Mike s school year is shaping upo be a real clusterf cough Sorry Let s break it down His girlfriend Lisa just dumped him even hough according o her hey weren really dating anyway Ouch Somehow he s gotten himself roped into school politics intramural baseball and homecoming Whatever It s junior year OH yeah Mike might be into guys oo He might even be falling for his arch nemesis That s he way Mike s cookies have been crumbling DI m not sure how I fell for Mike but I did Hard This knucklehead slacks off stays out late drinks until he blacks out and is absolutely clueless most days I mean he kind of clueless hat calls a past hookup for advice before going on I mean he kind of clueless hat calls a past hookup for advice before going on date with another guy smacks Mike upside His Small-Town Family (Home to Dover, the head But he won me over Mike s voice is real raw and powerful You ll knowhis guy He could sit next His Sons Teacher to you in homeroom Walk by you inhe halls Or remind you of someone from your past Mike says and does ridiculous Hot Spell things but his heart is always beating away inhe right place He killed me The The Ranger time he shares with his little sister could behe most adorable real life big brother moments in YA Come on Mike You know you love building forts just as much as Rosie Haha And his friends Mike s group of ight knit friends felt like a family You will feel it in every stupid stunt shove and word said or unsaid between hem I adored he whole gangMeckles Cam Omar Jason and Lisa formed a family They ve grown up ogether Seen each other hrough good hard and embarrassing imes Their history is evident in everything hey do They move and alk with ease and humor The jokes and sarcasm fly back and forth non stop but you can see Стоте премеждия на Бан Батил (Бан Батил, the love and care underneath it all Listeno how Mike describes Cam part of Cam s special brand of charm is he screwed up mystery meat hat masuerades as his brain Their chemistry propelled Son of a Gun this story along from schoolo band practices o parties You feel included In he gang in Words Get in the Way therouble and in The Seagull Reader: Fiction the laughs From music debateso fanny packs You never know where IFA: The Key to Its Understanding their shenanigans willake Asylum them Then we have Rook WallaceRook What a name Isn it he perfect arch nemesis name D Wallace and Mike have a sorted past Wallace used o beat Mike up after baseball every chance he got when hey were kids Mike hates Rook Or does he Wallace s smile confidence broad shoulders and curls begin o make Mike nervous sweaty and Wait Is Mike gay Bi He s suddenly freaking out Confused and scared How can he be attracted o his arch nemesis Ms Goslee balances his coming out story with humor and heart perfectly Tears o laughs o attraction Wallace leans in again Paprika tiltsheir foreheads More To Remember; Poems Of Four Decades together and breaths Mike can feelhe rapid Three Major Plays trip skip of Wallace s pulse against hishumb Trip skip I love Penjahanaman Pemikiran Intelektual that Wallace and Mike have heat Serious heat Ms Goslee knows howo capture ension on he page I love her one and style She puts a lot in his little book We have realistic guydude alk obvious bonds of friendship and history
humor and a 
and a possible romance brewing away Her words and voices are simple sincere and beautiful in a real world way Like his description of a snowstorm hushed pings of snowflakes on snowflakes as Modern Albania they fill uphe ground or Ninth and Hell Street this very distinctive odor of weed and broken hobo dreams LOL This book introduces a voicehat will make your heart remember smile and ache The emotion sneaks right up on you One minute you re calling Mike a doofus and he next you re rooting for him o open up his heart and go for it Whatever is a winner A read with huge heart and characters you ll want of I wonder what Mike and 101 Wire Earrings: Step-by-Step Projects Techniques the crew are upo It's On and Poppin tonight Is itoo soon o beg for a senior year Recommended readuotes aken from ARC Whatever by SJ Goslee is a hilarious and honest YA coming out story and it s in many ways unlike anything I ve ever read before It s not a romance by any usual standards but it can be painfully romantic and endearing at Gift of Faith times It s a heart warming story with so many laugh out loud moments and unparalleled honesty in dealing with subjects like self discovery bisexuality and coming of ageOur protagonist M 45 starsscreams becausehis was probably he cutest hing i ve ever read and i m pretty sure i smiled How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling the whole wayhroughthere was just so much i loved about his mike cam wallace serge jason jj etc and yes i did just name pretty much every character in he book but what he hell i adored hem all Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, Its Chaotic Founding, Its Apocalyptic Weather, Its Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dream of Becoming a World-class Metropolis the writing was greathe plot was entertaining it was funny in all Thirty Years in Lane: And Other Lane Papers (Classic Reprint) the right places and i had so much fun readinghis oneit s definitely not perfect Remember Me to Harold Square there s some bisexual erasure and i didn like how he author wrote lisa and her attitude owards mike mike s relationships buuuut i did love it a whole lot anyway once i got past hose wo hings 1st read october 20162nd read march 201. Inds out why Lisa dumped him it blows his mind And worse he gets elected o homecoming courtWith a standout voice a hilariously honest view on sex and sexuality and enough f bombs Heroes and She-roes: Poems of Amazing and Everyday Heroes to make your mom blushhis debut YA novel is a fresh modern ake on he coming out story.

Summary Whatever.: or how junior year became otally [email protected]

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