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The Midwife The Pocket Watch Chronicles #2Se she would be stuck in the 13th century orever The hero of The Story Cade Whose story Cade whose Laird Angus MacKenzie whose wife Wynda has had several severe and tragic pregnancies that s ended in the babes not surviving The Laird knows his wife won t be able to bear another loss as he loves Cade s Step mother then life He hears The Macrae midwife is the best but this scheming miscreant Laird Macrae who wants an alliance with the MacKenzie s and tries to take advantage of the MacKenzie s tragic circumstances Laird Macrae knows Lady Mackenzie has lost several babes and wanting an alliance with the Mackenzie s eeling so confident not worried that his ruse if ound out it could start a Clan Civil *war the lying macrae does not want to *The lying Macrae does not want to go of his talented midwife in case she is needed here but wants an alliance with the powerful MacKenzies so thinks he can have his cake and eat it too Macrae decides to send an imposter instead and orce her to tell lies who is actually a 21st century Dcotor He tells her she must go along with the plan or will beat her to death Not a great way to say be welcomed to the 13th century Also he does not realize that every uestion she will be asked will actually be the truth Laird MacKenzies son is the one who is to bring her back to their castle to attend his step mother of course due to Elsie s 21 years of age Cade and his men eel this is a big ruse but Elizabeth chooses her words very wisely and answers them all honestly in a round about way Yet she is is odd to them being so outspoken or one of her lower class and being a emale tooAs they pursue the long journey and the lass with her bold tongue intrigues Cade like none before plus she has proved in their travel she does have a bit of knowledge in the healing arts as well Cade continues his lirtations and realise s she is the Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda first lass ever to resist his chams which atirst was of challenge then a conuest but it soon become something or the irst time in his life he truly hates the rules and restrictions of the nobility He wants a woman he can never have Of course the MacKenzie s are suspicious due to Elsie only being a lass of only 21 years but after she proves herself with knowledge even the greatest healers did not know and she is accepted Plus or the irst time Elizabeth is starting to all in love with everything in is century including the Laird s son who she can never marry due to their different classes Cade is of nobility and Elizabeth just a midwife but she will be no man s mistress Many things have not gone as planned back in the 21st century and the Pocket Watch is missing Someone rom Elsie s past recognises her who is passing through at the Mackenzie holding who knows she is not a skilled healer she claimed to be Will it be time to pay the piper no matter how innocent Elizabeth is Will anyone believe her As her life might possible be Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford forfeit if the truth comes out by either clan If she tells the truth will she be accused of using evil sorcery dark magic or witchcraft and have her burned at the stake For a clan alliance or to avoid a clan war will she beorced to marry another One who was not Cade which would just Ready for Summer force her to live another sterile miserable loveless and sterile existence What about Cade will he be ever trust Elizabeth again Will Cade close his heart offorever Will Laird MacKenzie Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech force Cade into a political marriage An alliance to strengthen the clan and a wife of hisathers choosing A coerência textual for his son and heir What about Lady MacKenzie s unborn child will it survive without Elizabeth s guidance and assistance or another tragic lossor The Mackenzie Clan So many unanswered uestions and in this remarkable and extremely enjoyable read that readers will just Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller fall in love withI know I did Another captivating well researchedast paced page turner reader s won t be able to resist Come s out 312016 BOOKS BY CECI GILTENANTHE POCKET WATCH CHRONICLES1 The Pocket Watch2 The Midwife Other books by Ceci GiltenanHighland Solution DuncurraHighland Courage DuncurraHighland Intrigue DuncurraGuardians of the Cridhe Volume 1Guardians of the Cridhe Volume 2Highland Revenge Fated HeartsHighland Echoes Fated Hearts Highland Angels Fated Hearts I unfortunately read this book right after reading a Lynn Kurland book In this Pocket Watch story Elizabeth goes back in the past and trades places with Elsie a young woman being trained by her aunt to be a midwife but with little experience Elsie is being Dogs Behaving Badly forced by her Laird to go with menrom another Laird who is reuesting he send his best midwife to assist his wife Elizabeth is a trained midwife so is happy to go with as she knows she can help whereas Elsie would not have consented In this switch things go awry when Elizabeth trades places with Elsie before the actual decision is made by Elsie that leads to. D Macrae has no intention of sending his clan's best instead he passes off Elsie a young woman with little experience as the midwife they seek But First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There fate in theorm of a mysterious older woman and an extraordinary pocket watch steps The Midwife The Pocket Watch Chronicles series *Book 2By Ceci GiltenanReviewed By Celtic Barb *2By Ceci GiltenanReviewed by Celtic Barb Read5 KiltsRelease dateMarch 1st 2016Carraigile Western Highlands Scotland 1279JFK International Airport NYC 2016Ceci Giltenan rocks my world again and takes me on another delicious roller coast rides ride that I simply wanted to stay on orever The Midwife is simply another masterpiece which I simply could not put down This book is another extraordinary mind blowing riveting memorable adventure you won t soon April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers forget Filled with breathtaking interwoven plot twists intricate scenes dazzling dialogue with star crossed lovers and lined with mystery suspense emotion retribution conflict betrayal duplicity subterfuge heartbreak and love that left me spellbound and gave me chills that curled my toes Brilliant settings magnificent plots and dialogue with likeable characters that leap off the pages and right into your heart The Midwife is absolutely magnificent and the second book in Ceci s Giltenan s exceptional and unforgettable The Pocket Watch Chronicles time travel series that can be read as a stand alone or in book order I alway recommend book order just because I think it isun but not necessary In this book again our avorite magical elder Gertrude has to convince another cynical non believer to take the magic pocket watch and believe if only believe just a wee bit bit and go on a journey of a lifetime Those who read The Pocket Watch will remember Gertrude as Maggie Mitchell also had believed that Gertrude was eccentric or touched in the head with senility Maggie also had not believed her but just went along with the persistent sweet old lady Also how Gertrude explains how the pocket watch works and how two souls can switch places hundreds of years apart Although one is destined or death no matter if there is a soul switch or not This way Gertrude s chosen won t Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome feel it is another Invasion of the Body Snatchersilm comes to life or any dark black magic with possible oul deeds are at play Some things are just your destiny no matter what After all who wouldn t want to take a glance at the past the part you only read about in history books How can Gertrude possibly convince this cynical women that her life is about to change or how long or indefinitely was totally up to her In this case totally upto Dr Elizabeth uinn if she wanted to to take a chance on hope and aith and ollow her heart It might possibly change the course of her life as it was headed toward a downward spiral but elder Gertrude already know she was going to be one hard nut to crack Our heroine Dr Elizabeth uinn is not enjoying life as she should one who has always succeeded at everything and at only twenty eight years of age she is a very successful OBGYN Yet Elizabeth is extremely brilliant and intelligent beyond her years yet disillusioned to the core at her career path and life in general Elizabeth can t even remember one of her patients or the newborn babes she had helped deliver into the world It s just a cluster of patients one case after another but nothing to make her Space Kid feel passionate and proud any As Gertrude points out and Elizabeth can t help but agree she wishes she did have some type of human connection with her patients and theiramilies To have some type of Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town friendship rejoice in the new birth mourn in a loss of a life a comradery with her patients like they did in the past where it was personal Not how it is now this sterile robotic and cold environment where everyone has to be careful or worry about malpractice suits in this sue happy society Asor her personal relationships always ended on the same pathetic note but mostly her ault being a workaholic and go getter always eeling the need to get ahead and succeed in every aspect of her career Yet Elizabeth was miserable with her life and this is how Gertrude persuades her in her way of thinking after all what did she have to lose As Gertrude explained she would switch souls with another body Those who read The Pocket Watch will remember Gertrude the sweet old lady that her last victim Maggie also Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water finds her a bit senile or eccentric as she is the one who passes on the enchanted pocket watch who can have two souls switch bodies and also hundreds of years In time Of course Dr Elizabeth uinn does not believe Gertrude and just like Maggie Mitchell hadAgain the one she is to switch places is to die and in this case in a brutal waym but she would die no matter what as it is her time In this case it is Elsie Macrae who is to scheduled to die and who Is to switch places with Elizabeth Yet some things go off kilter and there is an accident that causes memory loss with Elizabeth as if she can t remember the last word she spoke in the 21st which was her ruby red slippers in a sense as it was her only ticket home or el. Can a twentyirst century independent woman Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus find her true destiny in thirteenth century Scotland At hisather's bidding Cade MacKenzie begs a Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse favorrom Laird Macrae Lady MacKenzie desperately needs the renowned Macrae midwife Lair. Her death and Elizabeth leaves the pocket watch behind Elizabeth inds joy
in her career 
her career a midwife in the past while Elsie is thrown into
Elizabeth inds joy in her career as a midwife in the past while Elsie is thrown into uture Cabe the Lairds son is soon entranced by Elizabeth but cannot marry her only make her his mistress something Elizabeth will never except Will they ind love or will Elizabeth be orced to return to her life in the uture The second book of The Pocket Watch Chronicles is better than the irst book This is because it is longer With its length a lot of things happened and I was able to immerse on the story compared to the irst oneI can t stop reading time *Travel Romance Nowadays LolAnyway While *romance nowadays lolAnyway while this I realized that if by chance I will be transported back in time I will all on the category of heroines that I m usually not ond of damsel in distress hahaI don t have anything that I can contribute Owls: Birds of the Night for the betterment of the clan If I ended up as a lady s maid or lady in waiting I will be the worst one First I don t know anything aboutashion and makeup and hairdos and I m not okay with being treated as someone without any rights just because I m poorI love how these books tackle the lack of rights of women during this particular period And I love how Elsie or Elizabeth tried to adapt but not compromise her standI love this story The conflict was not that much of a conflict but I really love how the story ended Cade and Elizabeth s story is amazing and awesome in a way that it transcends time I m onto the next book now Such an amazing book of time travel Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, for this well know doctor Elizabeth uinn an Obstetrician of today who travels in time back to 1279 to The Western Highlands of Scotland There she is met to help a provide her abilities to help the women of their timeI loved this beautiful story as Elizabeth meets Cade McKenzie whilst there Such a beautiful romantic tale I just so enjoyed this book This is the 2nd book in the Pocket Watch Chronicles series by Ceci GiltenanIt was as good as the 1st book again we see Gertrude the old lady who meets up with Dr Elizabeth uinn an obstetrician who doesn t seem to take time outor herself Gertrude offers her a chance to have another life where she can slow down and smell the roses so to speak Again the rules are she has sixty days to decide whether she wants to stay or return back to her busy lifeBut before she can give the word to the watch she is in an bad car wreck Bon Bon Voyage falls unconscious which then takes her back to 1279 and into the body of Elsie who is being dragged out of the castle to meet the Laird Mccrea and the ever so sexy Cade McKenzieCeci Giltenan has done it once again and Iound myself in the story with these characters I loved every word and I was grippedCan t wait to read the 3rd book in the Pocket Watch Chronicles Once Found the story of Elsie and Gabriel in the present day This is such a wonderful series Well written and excellent characters Love this series Highly recommended This book was awesome rom beginning to end If that s all I could write I would I m a lover of time travel romances but I can say so ar this is my avorite Elizabeth is an OB in her time When she gets switched into Elsie a young girl rom Scotland rom 1279 she inds herself in uite the predicament Her laird is trying to deceive another laird and she is sent as the most skilled midwife to tend to the Lairds wife In all actuality the real Elsie is none of these things but her laird doesn t know of the change that has occurred She A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency finds her selfalling in love with the lairds son at the new castle She soon inds love and a sense of amily in this new life She Ravishing Ruby finallyinds all she has ever searched or I just loved this book From beginning to end it was amazing It had time travel romance action and hope It had a colorful group of characters that would be hard not love even Sir Cade It was the best book I have read in a long time I can t wait to read rom such an amazing author She has definitely gained a new anStormihttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews What a uniue spin on time travel in a highlander romance series I loved it I wasn t sure how I elt about the switching at Old Yeller first but it workedor this author s story I loved how the incorrigible rogue highlander didn t get his way as hard as he tried For once he met a smart woman who Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer felt the pull towards him but regards her morals and virtue and the way the clan would look at her overalling Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography flat on her back in his bedirst Good on he Ceci Giltenan is simply amazing the way she transports you back to Scotland I so enjoy reading a book and On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living feeling like I m right there watching everything play out as if I m part of the book Cade and EliseElizabeth were an adorable couple and I couldn t get enough of them Ms Giltenan has amazing talents that come through in everything she writes. N Elizabeth uinn a disillusioned obstetrician is transported to the thirteenth century She switched souls with Elsie as the old woman said she would but other things don't go uite as expected Perhaps most unexpected wasalling in lo.