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The humans attempt to land Predictable and a "bit generic feeling "I Ll Still Check "ll still check feeling but I still check the next book in the series it has otentialThis was an ok alien sci fi romance It wasn t anything overly memorable but I think I would still check out the next book in the series because I have really loved some of this writers Bootie and the Beast previous work This one reminded me of uite a few other books Ive read in this genre but for a uick read it was satisfying enough Im glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited Loved ItThe author knows how to write a fantastic books It has actionleasure fear awesome characters with a strong will and steamy love scenes that leaves you saying ahhh It has everything you want in a book at a awesome rice and keep them coming Solid 35 for me I was so disappointed with the last book I read by this author Alien s Prince Bride so really glad that it seems to have been a one off I enjoyed this one much than I did the Brion book that I read I think it s because Nadar and Mara seemed to have a better connection with each other I liked that they both worked together towards the same end of reventing the war between their eople the chemistry between them was retty instant as well I definitely would recommend this one and you can read it without having read The Art of Mary Beth Edelson previous books and still understand the world. Nly Mara but the future of hiseople and the land they consider holy Unless he changes fate Unless they change it But when a woman makes both your hearts beat like hell in your chest anything's ossible right Nadar Alien Warlord's Conuest is the first in a series of scifi romance novels following the Corgan warriors and the human women that love them The book contains lenty of love lust violence and epic battles so if that's what you're after you've found the right book These books can be read as standalones there are no cliffhangers and each book contains a guaranteed HE. Lored so we knew and understood them I could feel their hopes dreams and frustrations as the story built up to the dramatic climax Promising "start to the series I really liked the world building as well as the main characters "to the series I really liked the world building as well as the main characters this one The hero loves his culture but also comes to an understanding that things loves his culture but also comes to an understanding that things to change His moments of clarity drive the action of this action acked science fiction romance and make him than just a bad ass warriorThe heroine is wonderful too and the romance between them is very well doneHold on to your hats this is a non stop romantic ride GoodSome editing issues but otherwise a good story I love how its connected to the Brion brides series Vi Voxley does alien very well with good battles excellent character description and world building She knows when to stop so your not overwhelmed with details that aren t necessary and sex is an occasional occurrence not a main character Lose the Battle Win the War Mara is an officer fighter None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) pilot in a large convoy to explore and settle a newly found habitablelanet Trouble is when they get there they find the Corgan s a warrior race of two hearted giant twin sword wielding men already have a citadel there to Puta protect their religious shrineThe resident Warlord is Nadar he is feared and known by the humans as a ruthless killer When. Corgan warlord who won't take no for an answer when he sees something he wants And this time it's her Considering that everyone in the galaxy seems to be against it that seems to be a whole new mission waiting to fail Not only must they deal with the spark ofassion between them but the stubbornness of the Corgan ruler willing to risk everything for ancient rites and rules Unless Nadar can change his whole race's opinion the fierce and unyielding Corgans who are rud to cut up other races for spare arts and laugh while they do so Unless he can fight bleed and win for not Too short unbelievable and shallow to be even simply ok They meet they bond they save the world All in a few ages and a day Shallow doesn t cover it It seems to me this author isn t improving at all WowMy connection to Nadar and Mara was set from age one I loved how the tough as nails ilot let down her guard and let into her heart the uber alpha warlordThe choice for change is an important theme and I cannot wait to read her heart the uber alpha warlordThe choice for change is an important theme and I cannot wait to read Vi Voxley Mara James is a Terran Union Fighter Pilot and is as angry as hell after the humiliation of a failed mission her leadership is set on making enemies of one of the most dangerous warrior races Her change to make a name for herself comes in the unexpected form of their fiercest warlord Nadar Brengen roblem is is is also smoking hot Nadar is the kind of guy who when he sees something he wants he won t take no for an answer and he badly wants Mara Can they both deal with the spark of assion between them whist handling their respective leaders who seem hell bent on a damaging war between the "Races Can They Protect "Can they rotect ancient shrine whilst finding ways to change the views of both races that are clouded in historic hearsayWow this story had lots of danger romance Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, passion and even compassion inlaces The story was sensitively told and the characters were well described and exp. When fate makes a choice it takes an alien warlord to shift the tides Mara James is angry as hell Not only is the Union trying to make enemies out of one of the most dangerous warrior races in the galaxy but somehow she's come face to face with their fiercest warlord And he couldn't be any hotter Having suffered through the humiliation of a failed mission with the Flora and the Brion menace Mara and the rest of the Terran Union fighter Porto Bello Gold pilots are hungry torove themselves But for Mara that chance comes in the form of something completely unexpected Nadar Brengen The rebel. Nadar Alien Warlords Conuest #1

Vi Voxley × 7 Read