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The Doctors Forbidden FlingA story that makes dinner late Violet and Nate were childhood best friends

Who S Teenage Friendship 
s teenage friendship into Their parents would never have approved Her being the daughter of an Earl and him being the son of her father s cleaner Years and years later already in shock about her fathers heart attack Violet is even shocked to find Nate her father s chief Cardiologist It s clear from the get go Violet and Nate have unresolved issues but coming home for the first time in a long time Lady Violet also needs to esolve her issues with her father and what became of life after the death of her Mother Inspired into nursing after the death of her mother Violet has spent her adult life avoiding her life at home and now she s back adult life avoiding her life at home and now she s back s no avoiding it Unfortunately her Father has let his health his home and his financial status crumble and it s up to Violet to try and figure out how to fix things as well as deal with her father who s awesome at acting like a two year old and also deal with the On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski realisation her feelings for Nate are still aseal today as they were long agoTwo characters whose chemistry is as clear as the words on paper The Doctor s Forbidden Fling had me curled up and Lassie Come-Home reluctant to get up and go about my day Ieally liked the storyline the interaction between Nate and Violet and their background story that helped shape them into adults Violet is a likeable heroine who had the desire and drive to go out and be somebody not live off her family s money Nate is an engaging and determined young man who also had the desire and drive to go out and be somebody Both have never forgotten each other and how important they were to each other in their childhoods and all of this coupled with Karin Baine s detailed writing wit and humour makes a fantastic ead BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN HIGHLY COMPELLING AND WONDERFULLY ROMANTIC THE DOCTOR written highly compelling and wonderfully omantic The Doctor Forbidden Fling is an emotional passionate and mesmerizing ead from a fantastic new writer of category omance Karin BaineViolet Dempsey and Nate Taylor were inseparable as children Despite the vast social chasm that divided them Lady Violet didn t care that Nate was the housekeeper s son and wasn t blue blooded or aristocratic like her if anything having had her childhood blighted by her father s temper and. Lady Violet's baby surprise  When a family illness calls nurse Violet Dempsey back to the aristocratic world she spurned years ago she's finally forced to face Nate Taylort.

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Her parents tempestuous marriage she would seek efuge at Nate s house as she loved nothing than spending time with her best friend When their friendship had developed into something deeper Violet had found herself falling head over heels in
Love With Nate Much 
with Nate much her father s fury Incensed that his daughter would be wasting her time with the son of mere servants Violet s father had made his feelings about their elationship pretty clear leaving his daughter with no choice but to pack her bags and leave for London while making Nate determined to prove to all those people who had dismissed him that he was a good for nothing wastrel with no Future WrongHaving Made A Life wrongHaving made a life herself as a mental health nurse in London Violet has scarcely visited her parents back home in Belfast and her visits home had decreased even further when her beloved mother had died However when her father is taken ill Violet finds herself with no other choice but to make the journey back home and she is absolutely flabbergasted when she finds out that the man who had escued her father s life is none other than the man she has never uite managed to forget Nate who is now one of Northern Ireland s leading cardiologistsWith Violet s father soul destroying words Nate who is now one of Northern Ireland s leading cardiologistsWith Violet s father soul destroying words inging in his ears Nate had vowed to make something out of himself and he d studied hard to become a cardiologist with a fearsome eputation in and out of the operating oom When Violet comes back into his life Nate is determined to keep things strictly professional between them Having had his heart completely and utterly broken by her once before Nate is not prepared to go through all that heartache ever again But that soon proves to be easier said than doneThrown into close proximity together old feelings uickly Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, resurface between the two of them Giving into temptation proves inevitable but neither one of them had gambled on a life changing night that transforms their one night of no strings sex into something a great deal permanentAre Violet and Nateeady to give their love a second chance Or are there too many obstacles standing in the way of their happinessIf you haven t Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter read Karin Baine before then what are you waiting for Sparkling with warmth emotion humour and heart The Doctor s Forbidden. He boy next door she left behind Cardiologist Nate has come a long way from his life as the son of the hired help Yet Violet'seturn shakes his foundations and his esolve. ,

Fling is an uplifting tale of hope new beginnings and healing from the past that I found eally difficult to put down Karin Baine infuses her narrative with plenty of sass sizzle and spark and you are sure to cheer on feisty esilient and believable Violet and swoon over gorgeous NateA fabulous Medical Romance that I absolutely adored The Doctor s Forbidden Fling is an outstanding Blessed Are the Wicked romantic tale from a talented writer with a bright future ahead of her Karin Baine Ieally enjoyed this book It s a Medical yes both the hero and heroine work in the medical profession but it s "also a eunion omance with a splash of the aristocratic with " a eunion omance with a splash of the aristocratic with title and land owning father in the pictureIt s also a tale of divides harking back centuries Nate s family served Violet s at the big house but now they are euals career wiseNate is a fabulous strong lead and Violet uite literally blossoms as she finally takes control of her lifeI loved the descriptions of the house and estate too The Doctor s Forbidden Fling by Karin BaineViolet Dempsey left her home years ago She left her friend Nate Taylor then too Violet got a call that her dad had a heart attack She came back and went to the hospital to see him Nate was now a cardiologist at that hospital and was actually the attending doctor to her father Violet and Nate did spend time tog THE DOCTOR S BABY SURPRISE by author Karin Baine is a Harleuin Mills Boon Medical Romance series elease for June 2016Nurse Violet Dempsey goes back when her dad has a heart attack and is hospitalized And she comes face to face with her old friend and son of her family s employee The boy who was not a match Back Then According To Her Dad Yet then according to her dad Yet Taylor is the cardiologist in charge of her dad s case now And Lady Violet needs him Could Nate forget the way she walked away before Could he help her now in her time of need Yet their scorching chemistry ignites whenever they come together Can it be ignored And then they spend one night of passion After that one night what about the conseuences nowTHE DOCTOR S BABY SURPRISE is a sensational medical omance filled with sensual scenes amid heart breaking emotions Author Karin Baine once again astounds her Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin readers by this emotional storyHighlyecommended for all Grauwacht readers ofomanc. To ignore his lingering feelings for her But after one forbidden night everything changes Now Violet and Nate find themselves facing an unexpected futureas a family of thre. ,