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Eing that the ragtag sailors who grabbed him would kill him before they d allow him to escape back home There will be a return to his I Can Be a Teacher (Barbie) family eventually Jessie is promised but not until after his skills as aife player have been used to meet the needs of the Eggs Benedict Arnold financiers behind this particular voyage With little idea what he s inor or why a musician might be needed so desperately on a ship Jessie has no choice but to go along with his captors hoping or a way of escape but resigning himself to the act that he s almost certainly on board or the long haul How could Jessie ever have believed even if he d been expressly told that a long journey across the Atlantic with only the slimmest ood and water rations necessary to keep the crew alive would somehow be the un part of the voyage that eeling the twisting stomach pains of starvation and wandering in the stupefying mental One Good Life: My Tips, My Wisdom, My Story fog of perpetually unsatiated thirst would be a welcome relief compared to what awaits The Moonlight once they pick up its cargo waiting in Africa For the creaky vessel on which they have labored to cross the ocean is nothing but a slave ship designated to cross into illegal waters and transport new batches of abducted Africans contrary to international laws thatorbid the practice This then is why Jessie s services with the ife were needed so badly by his kidnappers To preserve the black lesh as usable and sellable it or buyers willing to drop uite a price on a strong back and sound set of limbs keeping the uture slaves in working physical order was imperative To do so routine vigorous physical activity would be necessary and the best way to accomplish that in the close uarters of a ship would be through orced dancing So Jessie repulsed by the supplementary service to the slave trade that he is being orced to provide plays his ife to dance the stolen Africans wanting nothing to do with the perverse ritual than the unwilling dancers As Jessie tries to get some version of a handle on his situation iguring out who among the crew if anyone can be trusted and desperately stretching each day to somehow become the next as he attempts to survive long enough to be reunited with his amily one night of walking death still awaits greater in the intensity of its abominations than anything that he has so Natural Blonde far witnessed When men who have already heaped their sins up to the limit caneel the pain of no guilt pushing the horrors that they have inflicted to even worse atrocities becomes chillingly easy As the pinpoint of Jessie s ocus narrows to just making it through one night alive life and death blur into a senseless violent mix and there s no telling who might be left still breathing on the other side of it When Jessie is irst kidnapped by the crew of The Moonlight he s not exactly naive about the existence of the slave trade in the US It s 1840 and though slavers are no longer supposed to be capturing Africans and shipping them to other countries or use as slaves twenty years before the Civil War this crime is still as incredible as it seems being committed Jessie knows about the buying and selling of slaves and though he s not at all in avor of it he doesn t begin to understand the horrors of the experience Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda for theorcibly transported blacks until he sees it happen in person Just as the truth about the ship he has been compelled to work aboard is slowly revealed to Jessie so does he ind out similarly what the rounding up of new sellable bodies is really all about The truth came slowly like a story told by people interrupting each other Jessie observes Aboard The Moonlight there s a lot of truth to be revealed before one really athoms the ull horror of what it means to deal in the currency of lesh blood bone and sinew That s a truth that no one ever wants to experience If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song for themselves It s Jessie in his private thoughts who most heartbreakingly describes the innocence that has been stolenrom him the cover Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford for the true ugliness of a brutal world stripped away by his interminable ordealor his Ready for Summer fledgling eyes to behold The world I had once imagined to be so grand soull of

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and delight seemed no and no sweeter than this ship Before my tightly closed eyelids Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech floated theace of the child who had after that one glance at us all seemed to comprehend her whole A coerência textual fate The entire voyage onboard The Moonlight is just such a train of progressive revelation one that howls maddeningly every inch of the way it barrels down the track not justor Jessie but Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller for us as well who may have known just as little as he about the tangible inhumanities of the slave trade in America before reading this book It s a warning to all who think ourselves saferom a horror just because we box it out and refuse to think about it chalking it up as something that while surely horrendous will never affect us where we live as long as we hold it at arm s length As Jessie learns though when grievous human atrocities are allowed to exist anywhere without being confronted they will eventually Dogs Behaving Badly find us where we live knocking on our door or waylaying us on our way home when we re least preparedor it If we settle First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for injustice in anyorm anywhere then eventually we will have to pay the price and it may be a whole lot steeper than we ever considered it could be I m tempted to say that Paula Fox is a great writer of historical iction and while that s obviously true I think it s too narrow of praise or an author who has shown such ability to write adeptly in any style and April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for every genre It might be better to say that Paula Fox is as great an author of historicaliction as she is of every other type of literature she has created rom amily drama to mysteries to multicultural novels and beyond The powerful Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome final notes of The Slave Dancer will send chills down the spine of any reader providing a haunting close to what is one of the sobering eye opening Newbery Medal winners that I have read The Slave Dancer is a book that we need to read reread and talk aboutor as long as prejudice of any kind exists in the world or as long there are still those out there with enough disregard or the basic humanity of others to steal them rom their homes pack them onto a ship and sell them as slaves if the opportunity to do so still existed As unbelievable as it seems there are still those who wouldn t think it wrong to do exactly that if they could and that is why we all need this book to remind us what s at stake when we orget what that is as we tend to do I would give The Slave Dancer three and a half stars and I hope that I always keep it close in my thoughts Jesse Bollier is a thirteen year old boy living in New Orleans in 1840 when slave traders hear him playing his Space Kid fife on the wharf They kidnap Jesse and take him on their ship The Moonlight where he is to play hisife Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for exercise periodsor the slaves so that they will be in good physical condition when they reach the US and can be sold at auction Jesse is horrified at the treatment of the slaves and the behaviors of the ship s crew He is especially aware of a young boy about his own age who was captured I have to admit that overall I didn t really enjoy this book I ound it to be overly graphic disgusting and violent in the description of the captain s treatment of his crew the nausea elt by all on board and the chamber pots used in the slave uarters among other things I was expecting the description of the treatment of the slaves to be harsh and graphic but it was the *Other Stuff That I Thought Was Particularly Excessive I Also *stuff that I thought was particularly excessive I also the relationship between Jesse and the other boy to be under developed especially considering the weight that is put on that relationship toward the end of the book This book won the 1974 Newbery Medal. The sailors and the cruelty with which the slaves are treated But it’s one Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water final horror when the Moonlight nears her destination that will change JessieoreverSet during the middle of the nineteenth century when the illegal slave trade was at its height The Slave Dancer not only tells a vivid and shocking story of adventure and survival but depicts the brutality of slavery with unflinching historical accuracy.

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I teach reading to both Junior and Senior high school students so I am always looking or superior adolescent literature The Slave Dancer by Paula Fox winner of the Newbery Medal Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for most distinguished contribution to American literatureor children in 1974 is a good choiceThe novel set in 1840 revolves around Jesse Boller a teenage boy Troubled Waters from New Orleans Because Jessie enjoys playing theife he is kidnapped and orced to work on The Moonlight a slave ship His job is to play the ife while the slaves are orced to dance I have read elsewhere that dancing the slaves supposedly kept some muscle tone during the long voyageWe see the voyage through the eyes of young Jesse a boy who had never thought much about slavery Men who have compromised with evil and greed surround him and in a way he too has been enslaved During the voyage he learns about the lawed men who now control his life and the lives of the 98 slaves locked in the holdThe novel could certainly be used in middle or high school literature English or even history classes It is iction but it depicts historical events well In my high school reading class we completed the novel in just over six weeks The book is written or adolescent readers Sex and violence is told of but not described in lurid detail However the N word is used to describe the slaves on multiple occasions Because slavers not Jesse use the term I eel it adds to the brutal picture of the time A vocabulary list of nautical and archaic terms might be helpful or class readingThis is not the kind of book you enjoy this is the kind of book you think about I recommend it Owls: Birds of the Night for adolescent or young adult readers Goodness this one was tough to get through Really Ieel like it should be in the YA section this is a pretty no holds barred account of the slave trade complete with all the senseless violence humiliation cruelty and nastiness that entails It certainly would have been near impossible Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, for me to get through until I was twelve or soDespite this however there s a lot of value here For one veryew children s books go into such brutal detail about the slave trade This book goes beyond treating slavery as an abstract matter of evil it is impossible to ignore the very real inhumanity of the system in this book And on that note it does a good job of treating slavery as systemic oppression rather than a matter of evil people committing evil acts Fox has a lot to say about how various parties were implicit in the system even when they weren t directly involved in trade itself She also does a great job of explaining the importance of power in this system rather than just always using profit Bon Bon Voyage for example as a scapegoat to explain away crueltyI loved that I hated nearly every white character in this book even the protagonist Jessie While he too is somewhat a victim in this story Fox uses his character to show how cruelty breeds inhumanity in even innocent people While I understand Fox s choice of Jessie as a protagonist here I still would have preferred to see this writtenrom the point of view of one of the slaves it elt a little ridiculous rankly to tell this story rom a white perspective This is definitely worth a read during American history studies but only or middle school and older I would say An abducted ship s boy endures a harrowing and brutal voyage on a slave ship during the infamous Middle Passage The characters are subtly drawn and complexly ambiguous The morality legality and business aspects of slaving are explained I loved the intelligence and pacing of this novelThe uestion is Who would put this book in their classroom It s so horrific and realistic that anyone younger than a 7th grader would get nightmares rom it Further it s the most recent Newbery I can think of that uses the N bomb Unlike The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle I thought that this book used it appropriately Paula Faox uses the dialogue of the characters to show the level of humanity or inhumanity in their attitude toward the slaves and this slur is a clear signpost in the moral maze of the novel I would recommend this book as an independent reading book on the middle school level but not really as a read aloud It would be too painful to read out loud to a group of studentsMy only complaint is that the last 20 30 pages seemed a little contrived After spending most of the book showing that the slaves were irrevocably separated rom the whites Paula Fox lets her narrator redefine the relationship a little too easily It s as if she or her editor made a last minute decision to soften the bleakness of the novel I would have preferred an ending with a realistic unsettling A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency feel because that would have matched the rest of the book Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley and Open Road Media The best new television showor the 2015 2016 year is Underground Shown on the WGN network the series is about a group of slaves in the 1850s trying to escape At times the show as most television shows do stretch the bounds of believability how is one slave such a good shot despite never using a gun before would those two people really be brothers and how is that geography working or you yet the show is one that everyone should watch It really does confront the evils of slavery head including the white slave owner allowing the whipping of his mixed race child while the young woman s mother looks on this series also handles rape extremely well Some of the criticism that show has garnered as also been on the lines of why you are bringing this up now Sometimes I can t deal with stupid or worse people The reason why I bring this up is that Open Road Media has re issued Paula Fox s Slave Dancer in kindle ormat Slave Dancer tells the story of a young boy Jessie who is shanghaied onto a slave ship This ship transports slaves illegally Jessie s job is to get the slaves to dance by playing music This isn t because the captain wants the slaves to be happy but because he This isn t because the captain wants the slaves to be happy but because he the slave to arrive looking it or at least worth playing Perhaps the kidnapping aspect is a bit contrived and its use to make Jessie who lives in New Orleans a sympathetic character than he otherwise would be Perhaps but despite this the story itself is still powerful Fox does not pull her punches Jessie s trip is horrifying In many ways Fox ollows in Twain s tradition ootsteps If Huck Finn is about a boy raised in the slave holding South who learns to see a slave *as a man as a de acto ather then Fox s *a man as a de Old Yeller factoather then Fox s is about a boy s discovering of a conscious The trip destroys as opposed to answer s Jessie s obsession with slavery trading something that he was pushed away Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer from as a child in New Orleans His journey to objecting about slavery something he only had curiosity about before also seems to mirror that of Harriet Beecher Stowe And this is why this children s book is important we need to know the past and comfort it But we need to know it in its trueorm or as true as we can get To simply say slave or enslaved doesn t capture what happened And this book is a work of Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography fiction true Butiction in some ways has the power to show truth in a way that non On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living fiction doesn t This 1974 Newbery Medal award winning book is byar the most compelling graphic and intensely dark Newbery I ve read Having said this you may wonder why I highly recommend this dark tale Frommers Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World full of vivid violent detailsThe answer is simply this Slavery was abhorrently wrong and this book captures the gruesomeness of the slave trade without stopping to the real temptation of pounding home a truth to the point wherein the reader closes the pages Never exploiting the power of the evil but honestly capturing the horror Paula Fox did a marvelous job of addressing man s inhumanity to man In 152 short pages the author accomplished what many writers Newbery Medal Winner A young Louisiana boyaces the horrors of slavery when he is kidnapped and orced to work on a slave ship in this iconic novelThirteen year old Jessie Bollier earns a ew pennies playing his ife on the docks of New Orleans One night on his way home a canvas is thrown over his head and he’s knocked unconscious When he wakes up Jessie inds himself aboard a slave ship bound or Africa There. .

The Slave DancerAnnot do with 500 pages of textIn 1840 Jessie Bollier lives in New Orleans with his hardworking seamstress mother and his lovable sister Veering off the path when returning rom his Aunt s house he is kidnapped and taken aboard a slave ship He is a young 13 year old white male who while aware of the dirty business of slavery had no idea what was in store or him or the slavesPlaying the ife during the day to earn extra money to help his mother renders him a target of the nasty traders who capture him and stow him on the ship His job is to play Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks for the slaves when they are allowed a bit of sunshine on deck Providing sunshine is not done as a kind deed rather the precious cargo isorced to dance in order to provide stronger muscle tone when they are sold at the Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets final destination of Cuba As Jessie witnesses the injustice his notes become disjointed and shrill and he is beaten if he does not earn his keepJessie witnessesights treachery and hostility between ship mates As the ship travels to Africa and then to Cuba the author s excellent writing provides clear crisp images that anchor the reader while the ship is tempest tossed and hell bent toward inishing their destination The journey becomes darker and deeper as evil resides above the deck and 98 slaves witness terror belowWhen Jessie asserts that if the slaves are not treated properly there will not be trading with the salves all gone the response of a crew mate is simply stated as The slaves are never gone All of Africa is a bottomless sack of blacks Thus with one sentence the author captured the incredible evil misconception that life does not matterthat it does not matter at allAnother example of excellent writing are these paragraphFor some time after the sun had set the sky remained the color of rope The ship lay steady on the glass lie surface of A powerful historical iction bookmaybe a little too intense Clawback for younger readers but highly educational and masterfully written The Newbery is well deserved I don t think many elementary aged students would be able to graspully the complexity of the characters and their relationships in this novel Fox explores the dark depths of human nature and human psychology but I m so glad she didn t give us a watered down version of this period in American history Book readers everywhere please stay your hand ALWAYS and think or a moment before denouncing any book as horrible uninteresting or rating it a 1 or 2 regardless of your age or experience with reading It is a shame that this book gets such low ratings rom some just because its subject matter is serious or because the book itself is deemed boring or not your thing I see a terrible lack of patience perseverance and open mindedness in so many readers young and old and that is very saddeningI Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America first read this book when I was nine I picked it up thinking it was going to be a sort of adventure story sailing and all maybe some pirates and was a little surprised when it wasn t adventuresome when the themes were dark and serious and sometimes violent The writing style was a little on the practical sideor lack of a better term perhaps stuffy as opposed to descriptive or conversational as one might expect Cooking for Company from a young adult narrative So do you know what I did I paused to pick up a dictionary or I spent aew moments thinking about what the story was trying to tell me even if I didn t know all the words all at once Though this book did not stand out to me as a Empire of Sin favorite it was very memorable and I always remembered it The events were unexpected the details were harsh but not unstomachable they were necessary to be seen and heardThis book is one of harsh truths I have read reviews that say it reads like a cliche or that it was boring It is neither It presents a tale that never grows old one not only of cruelty and mistreatment but a storyrom the lips and eyes of a child who like the young reader who picked up this book never had to confront the ideas of slavery and dismal living conditions before This book is meaningful and gripping a story I have remembered Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China for years and years after theirst reading Most importantly it made me think It gave me a hunger to understand and learn It taught me that not all books are enjoyable but they can still be good and well worth your timeJust because you have grown tired of hearing about the horrors of slavery does not mean it should not be explored On the contrary the act that some would regard a book like this as over exhausted material shows in my mind that books like this SHOULD exist *that we are too desensitized to certain unsavory aspects of history *we are too desensitized to certain unsavory aspects of history the misfortune of others If you read this book and said whites shouldn t have treated blacks badly and we all know that end of story then I would challenge your views as a reader of literature AND a surveyor of history That sort of apathy and simple minded dismissiveness has no place in the avid reader s mind and heart This one was important to me as a childBeyond presenting historical acts I Chicken, Chicken, Duck! felt that it really let me understand the true horror of the slave trade You have no idea how much you can get used to Benjamin Stout The Slave Dancer P 24 One just gets aeeling about certain books Even before reading them it s as if one can already sense the magnitude of the story can tell that the reading experience about to be had is so big and important that simply by encountering it Inspirations firsthand one has charted new personal territory has plugged into a culture of great literature that extends back through human historyurther than we know The Slave Dancer is such a book as this an undisguised unglorified unfettered beast of a novel that lingers to prowl in the memories of generations past present and uture a story of ordinary souls that bear the guilt of such monstrosities that it would seem the human spirit could not help but be suffocated beneath the sheer weight of it Even the souls of those who only bear witness to the unfiltered horrors taking weight of it Even the souls of those who only bear witness to the unfiltered horrors taking before them surely could not wriggle ree Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You from the crushing weight of the ambient sin any than the perpetrators having seen too much to be borne by an innocent spirit The Slave Dancer isn tiction really not where it counts all of the crimes herein committed against the collective conscience of humanity really did occur at one time or another just as described in these pages For those serving as part of the crew on slave ships traveling between Africa or some European city dealing in the slave trade and their Slo Mo! final destination of the US there was no closing the pages of a book when the vile desecrations of humanity became too extreme to stomach no leaving off and taking a breath ofresh air away rom the ungodly stench of a ship s hold packed tightly with uncleaned bodies and their accumulated waste rom weeks or months of confinement no saying that they d had enough when the drama became just a little too real and the violence heightened to levels too intolerably grotesue to process Whether they d boarded the slaver by choice or not once aboard there was no respite but the one promised at the end of the long torturous sea voyage if they survived to that point Those who did survive might wish by then that they had not Jessie Bollier only thirteen years old is one who didn t take the transcontinental sea voyage of his own volition Working to help support his small Pirates, Ships, and Sailors fatherlessamily playing his ife in the town suare and hoping to eventually apprentice himself to a chandler so that he might make good money Jessie accidentally plays his music eventually apprentice himself to a chandler so that he might make good money Jessie accidentally plays his music the wrong listener one day Shanghaied on the return route to his amily s house that night Jessie is roughly dragged aboard a sea vessel named The Moonlight bound War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for parts unknown his only immediate assurance The Moonlight picks up ninety eight black prisoners and the men women and children chained hand andoot are methodically crammed into the ship’s hold Jessie’s job is to provide music A Boy in Winter for the slaves to dance to on the ship’s deck notor amusement but Frost at Midnight for exercise as a way to to keep their muscles strong and their bodies profitableOver the course of the long voyage Jessie grows and sickened by the greed of.