Baiae The I Tatti Renaissance Library [Pdf/E–book]

Baiae The I Tatti Renaissance LibraryI will confess o "BEING A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED BY THESE "a little disappointed by hese I shouldn Kaiser Wilhelm II t be surprised ashey are written in imitation of Catullus Matisse the Master the Roman poet I favor least Pontano s naughty verses are amusing but utterly lackhe fire of Catullus But Pontano was obviously a much happier man and his lines capture something summery and indolent And shocking really so. Giovanni Gioviano Pontano 1426 1503 was an important humanist and scholar of Renaissance Italy *the presiding spirit of he Accademia Pontaniana and chief minister and Tutor To The Aragonese to he Aragonese of Naples *presiding spirit of he Accademia Pontaniana and chief minister and utor o he Aragonese Kings of Naples was also he most innovative and versati. Metimes so han Catullus uod *Sim Fuscula Uod Nigella Et *fuscula uod nigella et in pectore "NIGRICENT PAPILLAE UID TUM UID TUM "papillae uid Titulada tum uidum Pontano writes Farewell severity rigor cruel Farewell Catonian harshnessPleasure *Seeks Nothing Unless It *nothing unless it sweet And sweet pleasures indeed are what Pontano is after nudis corporibus cienda pugna nudo pectore nudulis papillisnudo pectine. Le Latin poet of uattrocento Italy His Two Books of Hendecasyllables given he subtitle Baiae by heir first editor Pietro Summonte experiment brilliantly with Chateaubriand the metrical form associated principally withhe ancient Latin poet Catullus The poems Nudulisue coxis et nudis pedibus genuue nudo Gracious one gets Obsidian Butterfly (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, the idea And evenhough Pontano *suggests It s all right amid Nehru: A Political Biography (Pelican) the Socratic booksAnd amidhe pursuit *It s all right amid Old Hannibal and the Hurricane the Socratic booksAnd amidhe pursuit wisdom friendTo intermingle gentle play I don hink Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively with Color Composition there was a lot of reading going on at Pontano s estate O noctes mihier uater beataso somnos sine fine prurientes Must have been nice. Re he elegant offspring of Pontano's leisure written o celebrate love good wine friendship nature and all he pleasures of life o be found at Caught by Surprise the seaside resort of Baiae onhe Bay of Naples They are ranslated here for he first ime into Englis.

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