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Go through it word by word so I didn t any "Important Detail The Only "detail The only I t really happy about was the change of point of view It would change from Bryn to Kiran to Selid Oh how angry I was to know that Selid had to die Bryn really caught me as very very odd At first I thought she was crazy because of her chasing the thistledown Then it made sense later on I like that she s really really uite and endures Clea s words then goes out on her later on She falls for things uite easily and in some ways she reminds me of myself She is very kind and loving towards people and animals alike She doesn t care what people say about her but she despises it When People Talk About Her Friends She people talk about her friends She even gained a lot of guts throughout the book towards the end There was ust something about Bryn ust the way she acted and treated everything She had an innocence about her there were things she didn t know and didn t understand She knew nothing of manners or elouence She wore filthy rags and did innocent things without a care in the world Being the daughter of a stonecutter really caused flame to go her way and despite how much she went through she hung on Clea really ticks me off she s ust some stuck up spoiled rich kid and people like that ust really want me to rip their heads off She thinks she can walk all over people and ust because she s with the feathers doesn t mean she can be such a erk I really wish Bryn had done something to her in the beginning of the book when she first met her but I was uite content with Clea getting cursed by her own feather She honestly didn t even deserve getting the vulture s feather Why would someone like her get a feather that has too much power for her own good She always ganged up on Bryn and her friend Dawn She had lured Bryn to believe that she really wanted a friend and wanted to show Bryn her feather Bryn of course fell for it although she was skeptical at first Then when Bryn laid eyes on the feather Clea curse Bryn I really don t like her If she was real I would avoid her in an instant or constantly fight with her There were constant similes that described how the thistledown reacted when Bryn would follow them For example This plume shown through the cold as though from within by silvery fire The constant use of the similes kept me into the book despite how tempting it was to put the book down It s ust a good book all together and I recommend that if you want a book that is different from most fantasy then this book is the one for you But it s not the best one A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, just letting you know Not uite as good as The Seer and the Sword but better than The Healer s Keep I enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy so even though it had been years since I read them I was excited to find this at the library so I could revisit the world to which Hanley introduced me in The Seer and the Sword and The Healer s KeepNow though I find myself staring at the book uizzically wondering what went wrong First of all while Goodreads lists this as the third in the Healer and Seer series it doesn t feel in any way connected to the two aforementioned books It may be set in the same world but the characters places and events have nothing to do with what has gone before giving it the feel of a spinoff rather than a seuel That s not necessarily a bad thing but it did throw me for a loop The story was interesting but the writing drove me bonkers Was Hanley s voice always so passive her prose so mechanical and uninspired Seriously I know it s been a while but I remember the first two books being better written than this with characters that I actually well cared about These people I didn t feel anything for them because they were completely bland and washed out Bryn seemed promising at first intelligent fair minded and not afraid to say what s on her mind And yet she never really fulfilled that potential for me Her character along with all the other characters felt underdeveloped as if Hanley wasust making up their personalities as she went along Conseuently they felt like puppets doing what the author told them to do than like people whose story the author was sharing with us All the relationships felt perfunctory Bryn and Kiran s relationship was devoid of any real chemistry the various friendships lacked depth and Bryn s rivalry with Clea failed to deliver the tension it was obviously meant to create the dangers contrived All in all a disappointing read That s strange I was sure I had written a review for this book when I put it up It s not as fresh in my mind now but here goes I do remember that it had a lot of wonderful ideas like being chosen by specific birds as part of one s personal power but that every character was there solely to forward the plot So everyone is black or white I could predict with certainty what would happen. Yn encounters unimaginable danger Is she able to struggle with the unknown and to save the whole world from untold misery Or will the powers of darkness succe. ,

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Poor misfit girl with the power to see the future gets chosen to live in the place where the oracles are trained She struggles against bullies evil magic and discouragement She makes friends who help her to discover an evil plot and they work together to defeat the bad guys She finds a special bond with one of the other studentsNo swearing no sex a bit of violence I read this years and years ago so I don t remember much about it except the bare bones of the plot and ust how bad it was I m talking author insert fanfiction bad The protagonist is a Mary Sue in the "worst way she has virtually no flaws except being mopey because "way she has virtually no flaws except being mopey because s such a uniue and special snowflake complete with uniue and special snowflake powers and no one understands her Plus you get to spend a huge chunk of the book powers and no one understands her Plus you get to spend a huge chunk of the book her get picked on by the mean girls and the teachers who hate her for some reason that I can t remember because she s poor I understand trying to identify with your target reader demographic but I was in that demographic when I read this book and even then I was annoyed by how many pages were spent on that one subplot in case you can t tell If I have to say something good about The Light of the Oracle it s that I did enjoy the idea of birds determining a person s magic The bowing as communication concept was cool too if ultimately a little pointless The Seer and the Sword is one of my favorite fantasy books of all time and when I found out it was a trilogy I was beyond thrilled I enjoyed the second book in the series The Healer s Keep a lot as well This book was good and I liked it but it is not related to the other two books at all There is an offhand reference to the kingdom of Bellandria where the first two books are set near the end of the book and that s it as far as I can tell The story was interesting enough and the political situation was well developed and explained I liked Bryn as a heroine as well Honestly the book is good but calling it a companion novel to The Seer and the Sword was a bit of a turn off for me 35 stars This and my other reviews can be found at daughter of a humble stone cutter is whisked off to the Temple of the Oracle as she has a natural talent for making prophecies But not all is right in the temple and Bryn is in terrible danger from those inside the temple The Light of the Oracle is a really good companion novel to The Seer and The Sword and The Healers Keep which was a charming and sweet read with interesting magic around birds I liked Bryn as she was kind and a bit na ve and I en Well I have to say that this was a VAST improvement from Hanley s second book in this trilogy Healer s Keep While distantly set in the same universe as Seer and the Sword and Healer s Keep The Light of the Oracle is very distinctive in its world building While I don t think the country was as fleshed out as it could have been it isn t ultimatelyof much conseuence This story solidly takes place in the Temple of the Oracle rarely extending beyond its walls We get hints of it here and there with mentions of Uste Tunise and the desert somewhere amidst it all but it s hard for the reader to get a firm grip of the exterior environment Even within the Temple of the Oracle you don t get a ton of physical description but it didn t bother me that much This was a very character driven plot and most of the details were pumped into societal aspects of the Temple as well as the characters themselves I ust ADORED the idea of the birds choosing their prophets and phropetesses and the idea of receiving a feather from them It was tremendously uniue and something I haven t come across in the fantasy genre before While most of the school scenes are reminiscent of other YA Fantasy novels Hanley distinguished herself with lovely oddities Also I appreciate that Hanley honed her focus in this novel Instead of leaping from character to character and from place to place as in Healer s Keepshe stuck to the Temple setting for the most part and made sensible timely departures at critical moments I liked that we got to see the inner workings of the school this time around As for the character I really think that they were fairly well developed for this genre I do understand you can only take so deep a dive into character in a pseudo stand alone novel of this length I felt like there was definitely character development in this book Kiran Brynn and Dawn all grew over time It didn t feel forced It felt pretty natural for the most part Brock wasn t as fleshed out in my opinion but since he was ancillary I wasn t really bothered by thisSo Clea Oh sweet sweet sweeeeet erkface Clea What a freaking nightmare When I first started the book I had false hopes that Clea would be humbled and learn to relate to her peasant compatriot Brynn It would have been the perfect set up really. Bryn is the daughter of a humble stone cutter So no one is surprised than she when the Master Priest seeks her out to become a student at the famous Temple of. And a much complex problem
tackle Snobby rich girl leaves and "Learns The World Isn "the world isn as black and white and classist as it once seemed Or rather she would be challenged to break down those barriers from a position of privelege learning to relate to her peers and respect them as euals I imagined Clea and Brynn striking up a friendship fighting the ills of the world together Instead she really is as petty selfish and cruel as she appears on the surface Clea s character doesn t develop She basically gets everything she wants up until the last moment where she is suddenly nullified I won t say howSome problems with the way they characterized Clea and the other Feathers It was very obviously a classist issue at its heart which I can respect as a valid social criticism however Hanley took the trope of the mean girl and ust pounded it into you with no new filters or takes Clea was a vindictive cliche through and through As she was Clea was a vindictive cliche through and through As she was of the main villains throughout I had hoped for a bit than that but was dissappointed So back to the core of my dissappointment here Hanley not only takes the mean girl cliche but also the stereotype of girls as inherently mean and vindictive than boys At one point Kiran and the prissy mean boy cliue whatever their names were they were only mentioned a couple timesget into a physical brawl and fight it out like men After the fight is over they still don t like each other but they respect each other Okay gag whatever Meanwhile Clea and Brynn and their respective crews fight throughout the entire novel and ust meanly tear each other down never making amends I guess I found it to be a little sexist in that regardI ll go further to say that ealousy and spite were Clea s driving forces to be mean against Brynn She couldn t stand the idea of a peasant being better than her in any manner So she focused on tearing her down Then she romantically pursues Kiran throughout depsite his street urchin upbringing and that somehow doesn t bother her Like she hates Clea for being from the lower class but doesn t care that Kiran is as well Kiran who she sees as a prospective husband which is arguably important than any rival she could have with some other classmate at the Temple It The Power Of A Choice just doesn t add up Also I don t know what it is with Hanley in her books that all the adults in her books are either blazing idiotshopelessly incompetent at their roles or a villain There is literally no inbetween There appear to be no decentcompetent human beings over the age of 20 Like come on Ilanna you are the most powerful priestess in the land and wise and what not but you can stand and speak up when you KNOW something is afoot And as for Renchald he wasust confusing Was anyone else confused by his character motivation in this book Other than thwarting Selid and BrynnOverall I m teetering between a 3 and a 4 here I suppose for the YA genre it s a 4 but for uality it s a 3 It was very entertaining and an easy read I found it hard to put down I read it in about a day AAAANNDDD it was written by Victoria Hanley whom I unfalteringly love And it was a million times better than Healer s Keep I would definitely recommend as a light read to a friend who enjoys YA Fantasy Light of the Oracle was not at all what I thought it would be I didn t really like the plot The whole idea of her being in danger ust doesn t sound goodYou don t get to know Brynn enough to like her The author doesn t dig deep enough into her characters While I was reading the book I was struggling to keep continuing It s ust strange that she is gifted by the wind Okay I don t really get that How can you be gifted by the wind or some bird like the other characters The book is too short and lacks content The storyline is okay but it needs work I coincidentally came across this book without reading the first two books I have to be honest I really wish I read the two before this one first There are spoilers in this by the way don t read it if you haven t read the book I have to say I was really close to putting the book down in the middle of it because it didn t really seem to spark anything and the story line didn t seem to be going anywhere I m glad I didn t put the book down because I actually really liked it towards the ending of the book It could ve used dialogue and action The fact that a bird s feather gave power was an interesting thing and I thought it was a good change to a fantasy book I especially liked the feather of the black swan The fact that there were pagan gods that brought the interest down a little but it was surprising how good this book was it s not the best book but it is good The detail was amazing though I have to say I thought so at least I don t usually pay attention to the detail like I do to the dialogue and I always end up skipping detail but I wanted to. The Oracle; a training school for future priests and priestesses But her innately gifted nature proves a threat to the evil embedded within the Temple and Br.
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The Light of the Oracle