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Sneak into his home I have liked Garrett from the first adventure I took with him but this one did not seem very exciting or interesting The story was alright I guess since it did at least have an The 8th Garrett PI novel by Glen Cook and it did at least have an The 8th Garrett PI novel by Glen Cook and far my favourite to date against his own wishes and beliefs Garrett finds himself pulled into a conflict nlike any He S Faced To Date The Gods Of Tunfaire Or s faced to date the gods of Tunfaire or out of the thousand or so sets at least are facing annihilation and Garrett has become the piggy in the middle between these competing forces to decide which of them survives Garrett for his part does not describe himself as an Atheist or an Agnostic and he certainly wouldn t describe himself as a believer but that he really just doesn t care either way which the gods find a rather odd stance to take but which probably mirrors my own point of view someone like Garrett himself says I thought we had an agreement I don t bother you and you don t bother meUnlike a lot of Urban fantasi I wasn t that impressed with this one The story is a little wild and doesn t really seem to have a point A lot of things
*are going on *
going on obviously Garret is in the middle of it but it seems to be that he wasn t prevalent to the story It just kind of worked it self out without any real outside influence It was like Garret was along for the ride instead of figuring anything out The punch lines were still good and Garret being Garret the story was fun in that sense Petty Pewter Gods is the eighth book in the Garrett PI series written by Glen Cook and centered on the adventures of private investigator GarrettWith the sudden end of the war in Cantard TunFaire is in a state of nrest by re. He Street of Dreams is at a premium So the big gods on the block issued a challenge find the key to. ,

Wow this one was awesome a lot of fantasy elements here and tons of intense moments It felt a lot like black company at times because of the description of gods and areas I liked the explanation of where the gods came from and what they do The big reveal and climax was a bit hard to follow but i got the gist of it Really loved this one Adeth was disappointing and Morely was being a huge tool in this one though So you know how in every Garrett PI story our detective s character develops in the end He always learns something like don t trust old generals or everyone has their demons like literally Here there s nothing Nothing really changes Things just happen kind of randomly and I don "T THINK WE AS READERS THAT DO NOT POSSESS "think we as readers that do not possess mental capacity of the Dead Man can ever think what will happen next and what s the reason behind it allThis is the first book in Garrett PI series that I didn t necessarily enjoy Throughout the whole story I felt like all events happened somewhere around Garrett but not exactly to him or that he had any importance whatsoever There Wasn T Too Much t too much for any detective work no deductiveinductive skills were ever reuired Garrett just repeatedly got beaten p pretty badly Not my kind of character developmentAfter all you just end Break Us (Nikki Kill up thinking what the hell has just happened For me there was definitely too much pondering the meaninglessness of religion and not enough Garrett substance we all showedp for My least favorite of the Garrett PI series so far It was a bit hazy on ploteven when all was said and done I still wasn t sure what was going on The whole book seemed to consist of Garrett trying to either 1 get to the Dream arter or Garet P I is on the case There are some new gods in the town of TunFaire but temple real estate on Turning former soldiers who are at odds with the half breeds and immigrants who have taken half breeds and immigrants who have taken places in society Garrett however has his own
*problems to worry *
to worry as he gets knocked out brought before a group of small time gods known as the Godoroth and forced into working for them The goal find t As with Deadly icksilver Lies I didn t start out liking this It s still not my favorite of the Garrett novels but how bad can a book be when Cthulhu has a cameo Cook taps into the same concept that Terry Pratchett and PC Hodgell did to bring Indo Surf and Lingo us a story about the existence of gods being dependent on human belief in them though the book is less about the philosophical ramifications of that idea and about a melee between two pantheons scrabbling to stay alive I also think that Glen Cook s working title for this book must have been something like Garrett PI Fantasy Gigolo I swear he sees action in this book than in all seven of the previous ones combined More Garrett and even Garrett Some rather confusing gods and it comes together with a bang It lost a star for some of the confusion ok I love Garrett I do But this one wasI don t know kind of nonsensical plus meh It so didnt make a lot of sense and the resolution didnt seem to have a lot to do with Garrett The dead man played a bigger part which was nice to see after last time when he slept through the whole book This book was a lot of Garrett being in a bad mood and getting jumped by Godesses I think the author had to have been in a bad place when he wrote this oneI otherwise like this series and I had been warned this one wasn t too good so I will keep on as I know both Garrett and Cook are capable of a lot better. The one temple still available When two rival pantheons try to hire Garrett he knows he is in for it.