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Inal characters who live on the nearby reservation that what is plaguing the community is not human the Trickster Coyote has returned to Turtle Valley and is wreaking havoc in the community How can he be stopped when almost everyone whites and aboriginals have forgotten the old ways and no longer believe in host stories I absolutely loved Gail Anderson Dargatz s rich writing style just turn to page 158 to see how powerful her figurative language can be I was lucky enough to hear the author read this passage aloud a few years ago it left most of the women in the audience uite flushed I also loved that this was a story about women s strength and resilience set in a time period when women had very little power Finally I was delighted by the magical realism within the book I was reminded of Esuivel s Like Water for Chocolate Before recommending the book to any of my students however I d warn them of the often harsh circumstances which Beth being a farm irl sometimes has to witness in this book The cycle of life and death on the Weeks farm is often red in tooth and claw and there were

several animal deaths 
animal deaths the first third of the novel which could upset a naive reader For this reason I will animal deaths in the first third of the novel which could upset a naive reader For this reason I will recommend it to any person who would like to read it individually but would not offer it as a class novel That being said I am putting myself on the waiting list for Anderson Dargatz s Recipe for Bees and Turtle Island I can t wait to read of her work 375 rtcThis was a very fast book to read but one that was a bit hard to digest I had to take some time to think over the events of the book and my reactions to it This is a book that spans about a year in a small village situated in British Columbia during WW2 Our main character Beth is a irl around 1415 who is The Book of Leviathan growing up in a family that is isolated from itself and from the community The novel displays the tense atmosphere between Beth her brother her mother her father and the two Indigenous boys who work for the family It s one filled with the toxic atmosphere of the many demons plaguing each member and the inevitable horrors they incur on one another Review Continued Here This was aood book It was well written and I liked the elements of the magical peppered throughout But I just didn t enjoy it Between the lengthy descriptions of farm chores and the baking of desserts I spent much of this book wondering where it was Nine Ghosts going and what it was building toward I also found that none of the characters resonated I have finished the book with noreater insight into any of the people not even the protagonist I know many people love this book and I don t want to dissuade others from Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia giving it a chance But for me I had toive it 2 stars because as much as I wanted to reward its uality I truly didn t like reading it and have finished it with a sense of so what This is my all time favourite book written by Gail I have read it twice Absolutely loved this book One of the small things that appealed to me was that it followed in time logically rather than skipping back and forth as so many current storytellers seem to like I really like the deep character development and the setting was fascinating It is set on prairie farm during WWII Lots of شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى great detail suspense conflict She is H an Indianirl connects her to a mythology that enriches her landscape; and an unexpected protector shores up her world Set on an isolated Canadian farm in the midst of World War II The Cure for Death by Lightning evokes a life at once harshly demanding and rich in sensory pleasures the deafening chatter of starlings the sight of thou. Reviewers descriptions of The Cure For Death By Lightning like brilliantbewitchingMysterious engaging are no exaggeration The Boston Globe describes the style as Pacific Northwest Gothic and I find it fitting This talented writer transports us to the interior of British Colombia during World War Two into the life of 15 year old Beth Weeks Although a mature teen would probably appreciate it The Cure For Death By Lightning is absolutely not a YA novel It is also not for sueamish Taking place on an isolated farm there are Fairly Graphic Descriptions Of graphic descriptions of the kind of things normally happen on farms like farm animals The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) getting slaughteredfarm animalsetting attacked by wild animals as well as humans Riding Hard getting attacked by wild animals and vis versa and sexual abuse against animals This is just the backdrop for the actual story is about Beth coming of age in a very family coping with both poverty and mental illness Her father both paranoid and aggressive sexually abuses her Her mother retreats into her own world talking to her dead mother Bullied by the kids in her school Beth finds refuge in her friendships with some of the First Nations living in the reserve nearby Some of these characters like Filthy Billy named because he has Tourette s syndrome and Nora airl her age with lesbian tendencies became my favourite characters along with Beth In spite of the harsh subject matter this is a beautiful book and I could not put it down The magical realism is subtle with flowers raining from the sky a magic scrapbook that always has new pages appearing an invisible coyote spirit or is it a crazy man who follows just out of sight This leads me to my only reservation regarding this book It s one that several other people have made too The author uses the First Nations Coyote figure as a menacing presence in the story It is my understanding that the Coyote is of a trickster I am not versed enough in Native American folklore say if this is always the case however it seems to me like it would have been appropriate to use a different figure better yet create her own possibly inspired by many myths That being said I am looking forwarding to reading by Gail Anderson Dargatz in fact I have the seuel Turtle Valley with me now I re read this novel as part of my current uest to discover some new offerings to place on my Arabian Challenge grade 11 independent study reading list next semester While I won t be adding it to their list and I ll explain why momentarily it was every bit as enjoyable the second time around The novel unfolds on a family farm in the remote Turtle Valley BC in the 1940 s The narrator is 15 year old Beth Weeks whose personal coming of age struggles are juxtaposed against several bizarre and frightening occurrences in her community therisly death of her classmate which is dubiously blamed on a bear the appearance of strange portents in the natural world which are shrugged off by all witnesses and the increasingly erratic and violent behaviour among the men in the community including Beth s father His unpredictable moods blamed on a head injury he suffered during the Great Warleave the entire family including the two hired hands walking on eggshells daily It soon becomes clear to the reader with the help of some wonderful aborig. When fifteen year old Beth Week’s family is attacked by a rizzly her father becomes increasingly violent making him a danger to his neighbors his family and especially Beth Meanwhile several young children from the nearby Indian reservation have one missing and Beth fears that something is pursuing her in the bush But friendship wit. .

Very descriptive writer with wonderful images Edging close to being in my top ten of all time The Cure for Death by Lightning is definitely a Canadian book If you ve ever spent time in one of Canada s many isolated rural communities you ll understand what I m talking about Makeshift worlds friendship with some of the strangest yet most alluring and interesting understand what I m talking about Makeshift worlds friendship with some of the strangest yet most alluring and interesting uniue culture and an atmosphere of magic Anderson Dargatz captures it all very well in this historical fiction novel set over half a century ago Beth is a wonderful and endearing main character and the uirky people in her life are eually as well written and curious as she is From her mother s bizarre fascination with death to the hired hand who works on the family farm by the way it was Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students great to see a character in a book with Tourette s Syndr Twenty years or so after reading The Cure for Death by Lightening A Recipe for Bees and A Rhinestone Button I found myself mulling over the influence that Gail Anderson Dargatz has had on my future literary exploration Twenty years ago her novel was nominated for The Giller Prize a literary award newly established in 1994 to celebrate excellent Canadian writers Knopf Canada had launched a program The New Face of Fiction in 1996 to bring Canadian authors to the attention of the country s readers and Gail s first book was among themBecause of her novel I became a person who I started this book yesterday and couldn t put it down It sot that uintessential Canadian thing ILLERAMMA Kathalu going on poetry and myth and character and landscape all blended together and experienced from the perspective of a teenageirl in a difficult family I like the way that nobody s perfect in this novel The characters are all well developed and richly layered This has American Literature Student Text got to be one my favourite books of the year so far I bought this book from a charity shop for 20p as I was attracted by the coverI was literally hooked right from the very start even with the descriptive welcoming of the setting and some of the characters it just fascinated me The whole story is based during WW2 I believe and set in the farmlands of Canada There are 4 main characters and then a few characters that weet to know of during the story But we take a look at Beth a 15 year old Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance girl who helps out on the farm of her fathers And ofcourse introducing her mother and father who I mentioned briefly and brother Dan One day they take a hike up in the fieldswoodland near their home and camped their during the night As it s obviously Canada youet alot of bears around about and what happens is a bear appeared near their campsite which shocked them all Her father went after this bear and basically ot attacked but became in shock from it all and totally changed from it after He became nasty and coldhearted but nobody knows what caused it apart from a few Indians on the reserve near them He became crazy and the town folk are aware of this and turn on the family We see how Beth deals with all this and how her personality forms as with coming of age This whole book takes place within a year of age This whole book takes place within a year highly recommend this book and it is full of surprises As you are reading this review I bet you re thinking you have this all cussed out but seriously it will take a turn which you won t suspect. Sands of painted turtles crossing a road the smell of baking that fills the Weeks’s kitchen The novel is sprinkled throughout with recipes and remedies from the scrapbook Beth’s mother keeps a boon to Beth as she learns to face down her demons and one of many elements that ive The Cure for Death by Lightning its enchanting vitality. The Cure for Death by Lightning