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I can describe this book in one word Strange In fact it was so strange I could hardly relate to any characters as they and their situations were so unbelievablebut let me start the things I did like The dystopian fantasy world where long ago the manth people who were settlers found salt mines and made their wealth Travellers from the desert plains built the wind singer a contraption that when the wind blows a tune is played that keeps the manth people happy But the morah an all powerful spirit lord which appeared to consist of a legion of consciousness threatened the city long ago so they were forced to give a part of the wind singer away leaving it non functioning So its up to our 3 heroes to retrieve itI liked the city of Aramanth descriptions where exams are everything and everyone must sit the same exam in order to get a rating which will determine theirs and their family s status in society and where they live The leaders of this society believe the exams are fair giving eual opportunity to all For me this reminded me of my school days and how our education system is today and it may also raise uestions on whether this type of testing today really is fair on everyoneIn fact at one point some characters did point out that if they were tested on things they knew then their whole rating would be differentBut that s basically it when it comes to good development I do appreciate that this book is aimed for much younger audiences but strongly do feel it could have been made believable Nearly all the situations the characters were in were extremely far fetched which had me eye rolling and cringing most of the time The characters themselves were seriously 2D cutouts that lacked all kinds of depth I mean they did dramatic things without even a thought for the rest of their family nor did they seem to care about themselves and their own wellbeing Talk about self destruct I also felt this book was sugarcoated too much for my liking too with violent scenes bogged down and heartwarming moments that made me want to throw the book across the room I should also mention that the last uarter is so fast paced its like the author wanted to rush and get the book finished Huh he probably realised what a crappy ob he d done and decided he wanted out lolI would not recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12 as the young and unbelievable characters are likely to appeal to children and young children at that In year 7 my class was split into reading groups There were six people in my group and we were the capable group of the class When it came time to select the book we would read and discuss our group was divided in regards to what we should choose The four boys in my group wanted to read this book I assume ust to spite us and my friend and I wanted to read another book the title escapes me at the moment After much heated to read another book the title escapes me at the moment After much heated about how good our book would be purely because of the blurb and cover our badass younger selves ignored the wise words don t udge a book by it s cover we came to a vote as pleasant democracy abiding citizens would Sadly because of majority rules we were subjected to read The Wind Singer But as fate would find me I actually enjoyed this book it was a bit freaky and could be boring and slow at some scenes but I really liked itThe Irony comes when I was the only one in my group to actually finish the book and the guys whom claimed it to be #SUPERIOR TO ANY BOOK IN EXISTENCE #to any book in existence the teacher to let us chose another one I started this book when I was much younger about six or seven and I was hooked Unfortunately I was unable to finish it until much later about three or four years later and it still had me hooked The book made me happy Of course there wersome unaswered uestions especially about the old children and the windsinger "Children S Books About The " s books about the of standardized testing are increasingly popular these days From Edward Bloor s well intentioned Story Time to The Report Card by the otherwise talented Andrew Clements these books have attempted to capture the dangers of this destructive teaching tool Both books have fallen short leaving some people to wonder if there could ever be a book that discusses this controversial subject well What few people know is that there s a fantastic well written and beautifully put together fantasy series that begins with the horrific results of what happens when a society bases all decisions on testing Regular methodical testing In William Nicholson s The Wind Singer the first in his Wind On Fire trilogy the term distopia takes on a whole new look and meaning In a book that is simultaneously wise beautifully penned and deeply moving The Wind Singer gets to the bottom of rigid test based communities and show us a great worst case scenarioAramanth is a community that loves its tests Living by the daily pledge I vow to strive harder to reach higher and in every way to seek to make tomorrow better than today its citizens embody the ultimate caste system Based on strict standardized testing people live according to how well they test The nicest homes belong to those members of society that answer uizzes effectively and intelligently For those people who don t like tests or don t do well on them for a variety of reasons they live on the bottom rungs of society There s very little rebellion in Aramanth due to its rigid control of any possible insubordination on the part of its citizens That is until the day little Kestrel Hath decides. Kestrel Hath's schoolroom rebellion against the stifling caste system of Aramanth leads to explosive conseuences for her and her family they are relegated to the city's lowest caste and are ostracized With nothing left to lose Kestrel and her twin brother Bowman do the unthinkable they leave. That she doesn t want to live in a world based on testing any Suddenly she s endangered her family and herself There seems no escape from Aramanth s rules and regulations until the ancient Emperor a disused ruler tells Kestral about the Wind Singer This gigantic and ancient construction of pipes that towers over the town was once given the ability to sing to its citizens calming their hearts and making them happy When the key to the Wind Singer s voice was stolen the society became cold and hardened into its current state With her twin brother Bowman and their initially unwanted tagalong Mumpo at her side Kestral and company embark on a uest to save Aramanth from itself once and for allI nominate this book for the title Perfect Distopian Novel I ve not fallen for a fabulous fantasy in a long time and this book has everything you could want in it A great and little used moral Characters you care about deeply A gripping plot Everything I greatly appreciated that the parents of the heroes in this book were not only both alive not usually the case in fantasies but also active amusing and subversive aids to their kids efforts Too often parents fret and flail in children s novels adding nothing to the story but woe In this book Mr and Mrs Hath recognize the uest their children are on and decide to raise a little hooplah in Aramanth on their own The results are uite fabulous The most recommended fantasy book in schools nation wide is undeniably Lois Lowry s The Giver I suggest that as good as it is we give The Giver a break for once and encourage our kids to read The Wind Singer instead Those children that suffer under the strain of repeated testing will appreciate the book s strong message Children who like great action seuences and heightened danger will fall for the book s fast paced escapes and battles And those children that simply like a good story with good writing will be entranced I say with conviction that this is probably one of the strongest British fantasy book for children written in the twenty first century It s simply the best In the city of Aramanth the lives of its citizens are ruled by a color coded caste system of standardized tests How well one does on the yearly High Examination determines what you do for work where you live and even what color clothing you wear Those that test poorly find themselves consigned to the dismal one room tenements and menial labor of the Grey district while those who test well can eventually aspire to life in the mansions and illustrious careers of the White district Free thinking and creativity are unheard of but most of the city s residents are content with their way of life One family however is not The Haths Hanno and Ira have raised their three children the twins Kestrel and Bowman and baby Pinpin to believe that there are important things in life than moving up in society s ranks They teach their children the old stories that everyone else has forgotten such as the legend of the strange archaic structure that Still Stands In The Middle stands in the middle Aramanth known as the Wind Singer The tales go that once the Wing Singer made beautiful music that made everyone in Aramanth happy and kept away evil The Wind Singer s voice however was lost long ago causing the conditions in the city to deteriorate rapidly When one day Kestrel rebels tired of the endless rules regulations and tests and her entire family is put in Spirit of the Wolf jeopardy she finds that the only way to save them and the entire city from their horrible fate is to find the Wind Singer s voice and return it to its rightful place Armed with only an old map she and her brother Bowman and their friend Mumpo must set out on their uest which will bring them face to face with a sinister evil than any they could have imaginedI picked this up from the library because I have been in kind of a slump as far as reading goes I have a bunch of books that I m in the middle of right now that Iust can t seem to slog through past a certain point I wanted something fun that I could read uickly and I figured this would be ust the thing While overall I thought this was a pretty good book I did have some issues with it The main thing I didn t like about it was that it some issues with it The main thing I didn t like about it was that it even for a YA book to be very thinly fleshed out I thought that the set up for the kids big uest was very good but once things got moving I felt like the author glossed over too much After Kestrel Bowman and Mumpo get started on their ourney they have various adventures of course but I felt like these were rushed through and there wasn t enough detail given about the places they go and the people they meet on their Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose journey It s like the author was too focused on getting them from point A to point B to tell us what was happening in between This frustrated me because we re given glimpses of a uniue interesting world outside the walls of Aramanth and we re told next to nothing about it Also I felt at the end that things were tied upust a little too neatly Various problems were resolved too easily to be believable This seemed to be a problem throughout the book I didn t like how most of the time things ust conveniently fell into place The characters would get into a scrape and instead of finding a way out of it themselves some miraculous solution would ust fall into their laps With those negative things aside this book did have a pretty good message at the heart of it and the characters were essentially likable and easy to root for Probably the things. The city walls Their only hope to rescue the rest of their family is to find the key to the wind singer a now defunct device in the city's center which was once the course of happiness and harmony in Aramanth But the key was given to an evil spirit lord the Morah in exchange for the Morah's

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The Wind SingerThat bothered me about this book wouldn t bother a reader in the age group it was intended for Also it did accomplish what I wanted it to It passed an afternoon uite uickly and got me out of my slump of not being able to finish anything I don t think I ll be reading the rest of the trilogy though Overall Honest Book Review I read this book years ago may not be as concise of a reviewcharactersThe Hath family is a very supportive loving family Kestrel Hath is a little girl who has courage to stand up for what she believes in then the whole town She is cute spunky intelligent fair and honorable Bowman Hath is Kestrels twin brother who goes on the uest with her Mumpo tags along he doesn t take no for an answerProtagonistKestrels is a little girl who is a great protagonist She sticks to her guns and with the help of her family takes on an idea that the government of her town has made up She doesn t do it for herself she doesn t it for fairness to all PlotThis book brought a fantasy adventure to a new dystopian idea We have a world based on testing If you are wealthy then it s because you need extremely well on your tests If you did poorly you were weak and unimportant to society Your thoughts did not matter Then there s this little girl and her family who decide to go against all this to bring upon fairness She goes to find the singing tree to make everyone happy dialogueThe character dialogue was done to perfection EmotionThe emotions were nicely scattered in this story You had humor suspense anger worry and sadness I wanted to ump right in the book and help her on her ourney The author made me believe in the purpose of the uest I cared deeply about what happened to the charactersEnding What can I say the ending was absolute brilliance for tieing up the whole story You will not be disapointed Oh my goodness I read this book when I was about eleven years old and I ve been searching for it every since No really You know those books you read as a kid that kind of stayed with you but you can t remember the title That was this book I searched for it in the library rooting through the orange coloured books I scoured titles for something with Wind in it That s all I could remember And then by some bizarre chance a friend asked Did you ever read the Wind on Fire trilogy Me Never heard of it What s it about She goes on to explain it and I get and excited because It s the book So she lent it to me and I reread it and now I have warm happy fluttery things in my chest and stomach It was as good as I remembered it and left me with nostalgic fuzzies to bootObviously I m a bit biased in this review When it comes to my childhood Well let s say that while I m usually not a romantic Well I am kind of I ust like to pretend that I m not half as much a romantic as I actually am I tend to romanticize my childhood and almost everything that has to do with it now contains some sort of Special Aura Around It That aura around it that me happiness And sadness And pretty much the whole spectrum of feelings that one associates with their childhood Anyway This book was part of my childhood albeit a very small part and taking what I ve ust said you can be pretty certain that this review will be kind of gushy and biased I love it The setting the word the richness of sand that I can practically feel and the characters I Math Basics 6 just get myself lost in the wonderful description and setting It s like how I viewed the world of The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumier The world had such charm and character Also both worlds would make an awesome setting for a Studio Ghibli movie The plot is exciting and though a bituvenile and lacking in a whole lot of controversy it s easy to stay engaged in The characters are charming relatable and well simply darling They re characters that I really wanted to pick up in a big hug and sueeze and sueeze Especially Mumbo And Bowman And Pinpin And Kestrel And almost everyone I have little to complain about Obviously this is for younger readers but I still enjoyed it now as a young adult The characters weren t super deep but like I said they were sweet and likable This is one book that I will definitely be purchasing and then forcing on the kidsyounger teens of my acuaintance So good I was very disappointed in The Wind Singer by William Nicholson It seems to be an overly simplistic message book about the value of nonconformity but that message is garbled by many other messages many of which I can only hope were unintended How this ever won an award is beyond meI didn t mind the prologue while reading it but it did bother me that the central uestions raised in it Who are the mysterious strangers reading it but it did bother me that the central uestions raised in it Who are the mysterious strangers came to Aramanth and built the wind singer Why did they build it How did they come by the silver object that gives the wind singer voice Etc are not answered nor do they seem to be central to the story Instead the wind singer seems to hold much the same function as a deus ex machina except that instea I remember reading this trilogy many many years ago Mumpo and Kestrel were my favourite characters However the most I remember about it is ust how weird it is Like really weird With creepy bald children that want to eat you soul kind of weird I might be tempted to reread this if I can dig it out at my to reread this if I can dig it out at my s house ummmmm this book was very strange VERY VERY STRANGE but i found myself liking it for some reason but ust to warn you if you haven t read it this is one of the weirdest things i have read in my entire life. Alling off its terrible army of Zars Armed with desperate bravery wits and determination Kestrel Bowman and a tagalong classmate set off to find the key Along the way they meet allies and foes but in order to succeed in their uest they must face the most sinister force of all the powerful Mor. ,