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Elsk dig selv en guide for særligt sensitive og andre følsomme sjæleIn terms of managing heightened Sensitivity To The Constant Bombardment to the constant bombardment external stimuli in modern life such as noise flickering video screens general busyness and other peoples views and opinions this is a very good workbookI have mixed feelings about the peoples views and opinions this is a very good workbookI have mixed feelings about the of a highly sensitive person on the one hand it can be very useful to discover that the character traits and ways of responding have an explanation and that ou may not be the only person who is like this on the other ou can gain a label and every reaction can be viewed through the lens of a highly sensitive person At the extreme end this could lead to a victim mentally ie I need to be treated this way because I am highly sensitive etcCan this be the case Are some people highly sensitive than others If this is the case then are there senses sight sound taste touch are there senses sight sound taste touch smell physically developed in some humans than others I suspect that there is a different explanation that of nature Individuals may have had to adapt to their early environments and if they have been bombarded by external stimuli loud noises arguing negative judgements etc they may develop a heightened sensitivity to theseIf these experiences are stressful then this may trigger fight or flight responses which become ingrained It appears from this book that many of the responses of Highly Sensitive People are flight responses and the techniues suggested in this book echo this like taking an iPod around with ou so that Five fags a day you can withdraw intoour own world for a while or leaving social gatherings early when Wicked Affairs p 2 you begin to feel drained This may work but may reinforce the sense that flight is the only way to manage sensitivityAs ways of managing the flight response and dealing with difficult feelings such as anger shame and guilt then this workbook is excellent as long as it is not seen as the be all and end allIfou wish to look deeper and investigate and understand the actual flight responses then Jane of Gowlands you may be better off looking elsewhereI received this book in a Goodreads first reads draw It was interesting to learn about the highly sensitive person I picked up this book hoping to learn about myself but I m uncertain whether I can relate to the personality traits described Sand s claim that 1 in 5 peoples are highly sensitive seems like a stretch Some of the suggested coping mechanisms for overwhelming or overstimulating situations appear as an effort to mask reality rather than to accept it One such example is that if a colleague does not greetou on the street it. In today's fast paced increasingly public society we are expected to be resilient to have the energy to manage a packed work schedule social calendar and a large network of friends both online and offline day and night If The Piper in the Wind you findourself strug. ,

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May be helpful to rationalize that their eyesight is poor to Feelings Of Gratefulness For of gratefulness for own than to rationalize that they may be angry with ou leading to negative feelings of doubt While I understand that grate Oh my dear friend Lucas A highly sensitive person is someone who has a sensitive nervous system take in many impressions and get over stimulated That person feels much empathy feel other people s feelings doesn t like too much sound or light thinks and reflect much about the world is creative gets bored of small talk prefers deep conversations cares much about people feeling good and defend someone that is treated badly is uncomfortable with fights and doesn t like too much disagreement likes company but prefers smaller groups and gets tired after a while because she thinks too much about everything All this I read in Susan Cain s book about introverts This book is about encouraging these people to be themselves and not feel bad about it Today the norm is to be outgoing and outspoken but I get tired by these people I think a really interesting person is often someone who reflects about the world and think before they speak It s wrong that the norm is making people feel bad Deep people are often creative and interesting people Huh who would have thought I needed to hear so many of the things about something I ve been all of my life a highly sensitive person It was good i remember reading Susan Cain s uiet ages ago and that book sensitive person It was good i remember reading Susan Cain s uiet ages ago and that book out to be so eye opening to me because i have always struggled with the notion of being an introvert as i could kind of identify myself with the term but also not reallythis book is similar in its message and i m glad i came across the description of highly sensitive people of which stated by this book about 30% can still be extroverts sometimes the knowledge that a lot of other people struggle with the same issues as oneself can really help however the classic picture of the introvert taking pleasure in being alone doing things in uiet spaces not being too enthusiastic about crowds and loud events and long socializing this never felt very right to me as i DO enjoy these activites and uite on the contrary can t STAND to be alone for too long i went great lengths to never spend than say 3 hours alone a day so i don t think i ll ever fall into the introvert cathegoryhowever like other highly sensitive people i am deeply affected by everything around me from moods to global events to displays of art music emotion beautiful scenery Gling to live up to or even enjoy these non stop social expectations then this book is for ouWritten for highly sensitive people the book explains the characteristics of being highly sensitive and how to overcome common difficulties such as low. React really strongly to all this i feel like i m constantly overthinking etc i m glad i read THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT HELPED ME REALIZE SOME THINGS book because it helped me realize some things myself and these are my favorite types of books after all its great for learning about the inner workings of Prey your mind and emotion and it will help people to know about this type of person wether they can identify with it or will gain insight on other people s behaviour This book glosses on how to identify ifou are a highly sensitive person HSP and then proceeds to guide HSPs in their daily life It provides practical tips to overcome the internal and external struggles faced by HSPsI could relate to a lot of the book s contents While I was familiar with some of the ideas others were new This book may not have been life changing for me because I ve been reading up on this topic for a while but it definitely helped me a lot Some phrases felt weird and a bit negative probably due to translationI highly recommend this book to all the sensitive people out there This may not be overly useful for people who are not very sensitive so maybe they could just take a glance if they are interestedNote I received a free copy of the book from the publisher This review is my personal opinion and has not been influenced in any way by anyone A big thanks to Jessica Kingsley Publishers and NetGalley been influenced in any way by anyone A big thanks to Jessica Kingsley Publishers and NetGalley guess the biggest take away for me was the concept itself Apparently being highly sensitive HS is a thing Now I feel enough validation to finally cry to my favorite songs in publicJokes aside I think that identifying and naming something is a powerful thing Much like the introversionextroversion concept HS does not seem to be scientifically proven but it sort of makes sense when Addicted to Womanhood Book One you hear about itou know The book is very much based on the author s experience as a therapist a minister and a HS person herself I wouldn t say it digs very deep or cites a lot of research apart from some experiments conducted a while ago But then maybe it wasn t meant to do that It works nicely as an introduction to the topic and offers some advice on saving energy dealing with conflict and embracing our superpowers as a highly sensitive person Clearly a nice guide for anyone who hits high sensitivity mark In today s world it s extremely easy with disturbing social networks behaviors Although superficial the book mentions lots of therapeutic tools to cope with anxiety and being overly sensitive to life I m beyond glad to encounter and finish reading this book So relatable and helpfu. Self esteem and the exhausting effects of socialising Ilse Sand also encourages ou to explore and appreciate the advantages of high sensitivity including Once is Never Enough your aptitude for depth intensity and presence and suggests activities to calm and inspir.