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S pretty well written however the titular character Rick is definitely obnoxious and uite annoying at times the most part I pictured anthony Bourdain and I don t really care for him Also I found the writing of Marta s accent to be "A Hair Distasteful And Way Too Stereotyped " hair distasteful and way too stereotyped a Spanish woman If you re looking for a satirical read on gun control this book is for you as it does what it is meant to do even if it s an overall alright read I read it but I don t really know what I read I know this is satire but maybe I m ust not a fan of this writer s brand of it It was entertaining enough but I didn t really see the point in it Obvious pro gun control messageIt was entertaining as it was cloaked in a reality show story but was obviously pro gun control It was predictable but the dialog was fun to read Love love love this bookAttracted by the title enjoyed meeting each character Most original storyline ever Comedy drama and real America tied into an exceptional Must read. Erica from itself a uestion emerges Who will save Rick Laugh out loud funny Nuns with Guns is sure to appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen and Kurt Vonnegut Seth Kaufman explores deadly national issues by deftly balancing satire with anxiety and insight The result is a riotous and disturbing must read.

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This book was funny but it wasn t really likable too violent The beginning of the book was uite engaging I did want to see what happened at the end so I kept reading I may read of Seth Kaufman or *I May Not From The Description I *may not From the description I this would be some sort of off the wall satire of the entertainment industry with a specialty towards absurd reality shows I wasn t expecting the added passion behind gun control to be uite as vitriolic as it turned out to be A reality show producer and all round kinda erk of a guy to begin with needs a new hit show to replace his old one which involved torturing people Including a nun Raises eyebrow really Really Said nun approaches him with an idea someone pitched to her about nuns and guns and a new wacky concept is born get guns off the streets and melt them down to make something useful instead On TV With nuns leading the effort Much in the same way that Stephen King s futuristic mass media entertainment makes you wonder if it really could Out of control producer Rick Salter wants to leave reality TV behind get married and make movies But it's not easy When a senseless murder touches his life Rick knows exactly what to do enlist his pal Sister Rosemarie to make a TV series called Nuns with Guns about four nuns competing to collect. ,

Appen spoiler it can this isn t that far fetched an idea especially in today s political climate Add in some gunshots fired skydiving nuns NRA protesters and it s a few minutes short of a 6 o clock *News Preview The Plot Definitely *preview The plot definitely an agenda but moves along well within it The characters are somewhat stereotypes carried out a bit overboard the selfish producer his hard working second his maid er wife to stay legal in the US and her family and While the lead character does mature
"And Become Someone Less Obnoxious "
become someone less obnoxious sex obsessed through the book most of the other characters remain static Character development was missing Did not care for this book The characters were flat and two dimensional Although the Topic Of Gun Control Is Very Topical At Present The of gun control is very topical at present the kept beating the reader over the head At one time I wanted to get one of the guns from the nuns and shoot myself Nuns with guns is an alright read there are parts I like about it the dream seuence towards the end wa. The most firearms Protests and death threats pile up as the sisters travel the country running gun exchanges Propelled by the show's spirited stars and crazy stunts and the shadow of death that looms over every episode the series becomes a smash hit As Rick pushes the envelope trying to save Am.
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Nuns with Guns