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Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners kLe and animals but doesn t feel like she can commit She doesn t trust Wh 5 Animal Magnetism Stars I am mentallyicking myself for not reading of Jill s books right now It s been a while since I read my first book by hers and I definitely remember enjoying it So I don t Janae (Blacktop, know exactly why I waited so much time to read another one of her novels As you can imagine I decided to read this one because this week PassionFlix is releasing the movie and I had to read this baby first And man I am so glad because I freaking adored it The Trouble with Mistletoe is actually the second installment in the Heartbreaker Bay series but I can assure you it can be read as a standalone I haven t read the first book and even though now I am extremely excited and curious to read the other stories I followed the story easily So this book is Christmas themed YAY and it tells the love story between Willa and Keane Both being single Willa with her pet shop and Keane having a new cat in his life they reunite after not seeing each other for a while But the thing is these two went to high school together but Keane does not remember Willa So it will not be easy for him to seduce her and make her take a chance on him But as you can imagine the magic of them together will bring lots of love in their lives Yep she was completely fulfilled But then she d seen Keane Winters and something had happened something weird and unsettling He made her realize that she hadn t plugged all her holes at all that there was at least one still open and gaping inside her So I can now state that The Trouble with Mistletoe is officially one of my favorite Christmas themed romances OMG it was SO GOOD Jill Shalvis stories remind me so much of Lauren Layne s each with its own uniue style of course and you allnow how much I love that woman s writing When I am in the mood for a light sweet but with enough heat romance Lauren always does it for me Well I can now say that Jill Shalvis will be added to that list now This book was everything I enjoy in a slow burn romance great story absolutely amazing main and secondary characters lots of adorable pets and a couple with hawt chemistry Okay maybe you re also a little irresistible she murmured It s just that you re always so What Everything That thing is happening again she whispered Yeah It most definitely was That thing likes you he said A lot This novel was just perfect for me I loved the writing I loved the characters I loved the theme I loved the couple I loved absolutely EVERYTHING Willa and Keane have a beautiful relationship They start as a one or two or three night stand but it s fantastic to see them fall in love at the end Their sexy chemistry will blow your minds and they are also funny and so cute together And let me just say I am so excited to read the other books because I just fell in love with all these characters They are such a great crew I haven t given you your Christmas present yet What is it he asked Me Best present ever So yeah now I am definitely ready to watch the movie and to read all the other stories I have to rate The Trouble with Mistletoe with 5 STARS because as I said there wasn t a thing I did not love about this novel And these two and their pets surely deserved that beautiful happily ever after I can t wait to see Willa and Keane and all the crew come to life with the movie and I will shortly check out all the other books too because I am so ready to see all these amazing characters fall in love So of course I am highly recommending to read

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love story if you are in the mood for something ChristmasyCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE 4 STARS It s just that you re always so What Everything Le swoon Happy sighI ve said it before and I ll say it again Jill Shalvis books are my happy place Her stories never fail to give me the warm and fuzzies and a huge case of the happy feels They re romantic swoony sweet sexy and yet never cheesy They re the perfect feel good romance with none yet never cheesy They re the perfect feel good romance with none the craziness and yet they ll eep me reading well into the night with a happy smile on my face I just love themEver since the preview of Willa s book in Sweet Little Lies I ve been eagerly anticipating the full story of what happened with her and Keane Because let s be real here a high school crush that broke her heart shows up years later with a disgruntled pussy on her doorstop You bet I want to read itWilla and Keane were pure magic together Willa grew up hard but has a hard of gold She had amazing friends she has a job she loves taking care of animals that love her just as much back But what Willa doesn t believe in is loveat least not for herself So when her high school crush shows up on her doorstep with a cat he s stuck taking care of for his aunt and no memory of her suffice it to say she s not exactly thrilled to see him or help him out What ensues is a whole lot of Jill Shalvis magicThe sparks between Keane and Willa are instant but man do I appreciate the slow burn Keane is a bit damaged himself but I adored how sweet he was with Willa at times When the man sets to wooing he certainly woos And Willa may put up a good front at first but it s not long before he begins tearing down her wallsI love the camaraderie of all the friends and the way they grumpily took Keane into their fold Well the men anyway The women were just Entertaining I Love The I love the in this series almost as much as I love the romance It s low on the angst but with plenty of feeling It s high on the swoons but with just enough sexy It s the perfect holiday romance to curl up with by the fireplace and get the perfect case of the happy feelsIf you re looking for a light feel good sort of romance this series is an absolute must read ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on 4 stars I was in the mood for a holiday story since I hadn t read one yet this year After seeing the preview for the new film The Trouble with Mistletoe I decided this would be the holiday book I would read And of course the day after I finished the book I watched the film I have to say the film was very good and even though it left out a few things it was close to the book I LOVED the guy they chose to play Keane Overall this was a fun sweet and sexy Christmas story I ve not read much from Jill Shavis but from the few books of hers I ve read I now she writes feel good stories and who doesn t want to feel good around the holidays If you re looking for a entertaining and romantic holiday read pick up The Trouble with Mistletoe and fall in love with Willa Keane and even PITA He tempers “naughty” with a special ind of nice Willa can’t deny that Keane’s changed since high school he’s less arrogant for one thing but can she trust him not to break her heart again It’s time to throw a coin in the fountain make a Christmas wish and let the mistletoe do its wo.

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Oth the H and h in this one have issues with commitment but as with the first book the author twisted the norm a bit and gave Willa the biggest reluctance in this area as their relationship progresses Keane is the one that steps out of his comfort zone to put himself out there to show Willa that they can be than their initial friends with benefits agreement I really am all sorts of messed upWell you re not alone thereThe general set up for this series is of Jill s usual stellar standards a group of people from all walks of life friends and some of them potentially lovers living and for the most part working in the same buildings they come together as a group a lot through this book as they did with its predecessor and I loved the banter and the things they got up to Friends stickKeane and Willa were pretty likeable characters as well and the inclusions of plenty of animals into the mix gave lots of giggles with their antics the sexy times were of the author s usual hot and steamy levels as well so everything moved along nicely I really enjoyed this one but again as with the first book there was just a little fire missing from the story line overall that prevented me 100% falling in love with it It was still a really easy read though and the perfect stress free story to settle in with over the Christmas period or to pick up beforehand to get you in the festive spiritYou re the most unforgettable person I ve ever metThe author has been ind to her readers with this series in that there is another festive treat coming in the form of the novella One Snowy Night due for release early November this is Rory and Max s story which you are given the basis for their story in this book and let s face it a road trip between two people who are attracted to each other but refuse to admit it has winner written all over it before I have even read the first page in my opinion The next full length novel in the Heartbreaker Bay series Accidentally on Purpose is due in January this is Elle and Archers book again another couple who the author has been setting up really well in the previous books with sizzling chemistry and reluctant attraction the new year is looking to start of really wellARC generously provided by the publisher via InkSlinger PR in exchange for the above honest review Happy Release DayJill Shalvis is one of the best contemporary romance authors out there and her stories are fun poignant sexy and always always leave me wanting Whether we re in Lucky Harbor Cedar Ridge or Heartbreaker Bay I never ever want to leaveWilla Davis is an awesome woman She s caring selfless compassionate but she can hold a grudge like nobody s business which she does against Keane Winters the jock who stood her up the night of her first highschool dance years earlier mind you But when he shows up at her pet salon desperate for her help she just can t say nowell she can easily say no to Keane remember she s a grudge holder but she can t say no to that poor pitiful cat he needs to boardKeane is in a pickle and needs Willa s boarding services but the woman seems to have something against him and he has no idea what it is But beggars can t be choosers so he decides to ignore her attitude and just be grateful she s agreed to watch the cat It s not like this is about anything other than business afterallUntil there s always an until in romance novels until the attraction between them becomes undeniable They uickly learn that if there s any hope at all for them to be together they need to let go of their pasts open their eyes and their hearts and take a chance Sometimes in romance novels One Of The Main Characters of the main characters have issues while the other is solidgrounded What I love most about the story is that Willa and Keane are bothdamaged They accept that they both have issues and understand that they can lean on each other to overcome those issues if they hope to have a life filled with love laughter "and a happily ever after Oh how I m looking forward to "a happily ever after Oh how I m looking forward to next installment It s going to be a hum dinger that s for sure An ARC was provided by Avon Books via Edelweiss In appreciation I m giving them an honest review The Trouble With Mistletoe Is Book Two In The Heartbreaker is book two in the Heartbreaker series by Jill Shalvis This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by Edelweiss Avon Publishing and by Jill Shalvis Jill Shalvis is one of those authors that just takes me to my happy place Her books aren t too angsty the perfect mix of silly cute sweet with a little bit of heartbreak This book was no exception She had me by page five I was already completely in loveWilla Davis did not have a good childhood She was in and out of the system with plenty of trauma to make her an angry adult But it didn t Instead she was a happy person who didn t hesitate to help anyone whether they had two legs or four She had achieved her dream of running a pet shop South Bark Mutt Shop It s part of the same courtyard where we met Finn and Pru in the first book of this series Willa never had family growing up but she has her friends that are all here in the courtyard that are than any family she could ever imagine Friends that will always have her back no matter what and she theirs She d overcome a rough and dark past and yet she was an incredible light One that drew him in It s almost Christmas and Willa loves Christmas Her pet store is decorated from wall to wall She s just finished bathing a litter of very stinky and very active puppies when a man nocks on the pet shop door A man she recognizes from her high school days When they were ids he did something that hurt her Something she never forgot But it seems like he has no memory of it He doesn t recognize her at all Which makes it even worseKeane Winters was not raised with love He was of a problem to be dealt with most of his life Not that he made it easy for his parents Now he buys renovates and flips properties And he s good at it Keane doesn t get attached to people And certainly not to animals So when his Aunt Sally drops off Petunia her demon Siamese cat because she says she is sick and can t take care of her Keane has no choice But in desperation he takes her to South Bark for day care while he s at work It s there that he meets the most interesting and beautiful woman he s ever seen The attraction is immediate and strong But she seems mad at him for some reason What isn t he getting here What was that She whisperedHe d given this some thought so he had a ready answer Animal magnetism So what happens when you put together a woman who loves peop. He’ll get nothing but coal in his stockingSaddled with his great aunt’s Feline from Hell Keane is desperate to leave her in someone else’s capable hands But in spite of the fact that he’s sure he’s never seen the drop dead gorgeous pet shop owner before she seems to be mad at him Unless. 4 starsSweet light Christmas sy read with no drama Willa and Keane dance around their feelings and intense attraction as they try and sort out their emotions and fear of falling in love There s a bonus bit as the heroine deals with adorable dogs and cats Overall a worth your time read What an adorable story I loved all of these characters when I first met them in Sweet Little Lies and I loved catching up with them in this book This is a group of characters that you just can t help but love every single one of them and want to see them get their HEA The Trouble with Mistletoe follows Willa and her high school crush as in heart crusher Keane She was a shy teen and the fact that Keane stood her up for the school dance follows her around but for Keane he doesn t even remember the encounter So when he enters her life again and he s in need of her pet sitting services he doesn t understand why she wants nothing to do with him But he s willing to do whatever it takes to get Willa on his good side again I am in love with Jill Shalvis contemporary books I don t think I ve read one yet that I didn t like or even one that was just okay for me She s able to create characters that drag me in and hold me until the very last sentence and I love that about these books This book was no different and even had the added bonus of adorable animals throughout the story I really enjoyed hearing about the characters finally getting together and it was fun to see how easily Willa s friends accepted Keane into their foldI will say that I wish there weren t as many times when I was thinking that everything was finally okay between Willa and Keane only to be proven wrong But even with those times I never stopped enjoying this book I highly recommend this book for contemporary lovers and I think Willa will be strongly liked She was a hidden free spirit that I think will surprise people so I can t wait to see what everyone thinks ARC indly provided in exchange for an honest review Troubledepends who s under the mistletoe with you45 StarsDid you see my new header I was inspired after reading The Trouble with Mistletoe to be honest The inspiration to share the P P uote wasn t because Keane was arrogant and proud far from it I was inspired because of the struggle the mutual admiration and the ardent feelings that could not be denied I just finished another Jill Shalvis love story that made me laugh sniffle snort and blush She really is my go to author for contemporary romanceThe Heartbreaker Bay series is turning out to be one of my favourite series by this author The characters we are introduced to are not perfect by any means They ve experienced life seen the good and the bad side of it and lived to tell the tale All of them now what it s like to struggle but the gang from Pacific Pier also now that they have each other s backs They re friends that act like family and love each other accordingly In The Trouble with Mistletoe we are looking into the life of Willa Davis the owner of South Bark Mutt Shop Her love for animals and finding the right product niche has made her little business uite a success Willa takes her job very seriously She loves her work but she also appreciates the security it offers her As a child she d lived and survived the foster system South Bark also gives her a chance to help out other survivors of the foster system giving them jobs and a helping hand One day her past walks up to her door with a bright pink bedazzled carrier in his handKeane Winters Is Not Having A is not having a day His great aunt Sally is sick and needs him to cat sit Pita pain in the ass also nown as Petunia As soon as Sally left the cat went gonzo and left destruction in her wake Keane needs to get to work so is hoping to leave Pita with a cat minder He s absolutely stoked that the very hot owner of South Bark took pity on him and gave in to his begging Besides the last minute inconvenience the owner doesn t seem very happy with him for some reasonWilla and Keane have a history but unfortunately what was a big deal to her is not even a memory for him At first it seemed they wouldn t be able to get past their history There is a very strong physical attraction between them and eventually they decide to give in to their feelings Neither of them want need or expect anything than to scratch their itch but those pesky feeling pop up and they must decide whether to take things furtherI really enjoyed The Trouble with Mistletoe The series is great I love catching up with the whole gang and seeing what they re all up to It cracks me up that they assume it s their right to now what s going on in each other s lives but on the flipside they re always there to lend a hand There were times when the story took a serious turn with both Willa and Keane dealing with the feelings brought about by their upbringings They both had different childhoods one seemingly perfect the other definitely not What they both come to realise is that their decisions and thoughts now are a result of the lessons they learned growing up Love "Is Not Easy But You Will Never "not easy but you will never love or experience love if you don t open your heart to accept it A penny in the love fountain will only pay out if you take a riskI will definitely be back for especially considering it s finally time to find out all about Elle and ArcherTo buy The Trouble with Mistletoe from Jill Shalvis does it again with this sweet adorable heartwarming story She s one of my go to authors when I m in the mood for a good contemporary romance her stories always making me smile swoon and fall in love not only with the main characte 4 Best present ever StarsThere is always one thing that you can guarantee when you pick up a Jill Shalvis book and that is you will be entertained from start to finish Its LIVE US wwwTrouble Mistletoe Hear UK wwwcoukTrouble Mistletoe HeBN met Willa Davis as a secondary character in the first book from the Heartbreaker Bay series Sweet Little Lies and it was apparent from her interactions with the rest of the characters that she was a woman interested in her furry clients at the South Bark Mutt Shop as well as her close friends over any type of relationship with a member of the opposite sexI don t get attached There s no place for it in my worldThat is until she meets Keane Winters thing is this is a guy who let her down before he just doesn t remember it so when she comes across at their initial meeting as a little frosty Keane doesn t understand whyJust because I don t plan on finding The One doesn t mean I m not interested in The One For NowB. If she has her way Willa Davis is wrangling puppies when Keane Winters stalks into her pet shop with frustration in his chocolate brown eyes and a pink bedazzled cat carrier in his hand He needs a itty sitter stat But the last thing Willa needs is to rescue a guy who doesn’t even remember her. ,

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