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Fall In Love sweet Christmas story Reid Lucy little Zeke amazing charactersLoved the story This book is my new favorite holiday read Susan Fisher Davis has long been one of my favorite cowboy romance authors You can feel the absolute heart and soul she puts into each of her books and A Cowboy for Christmas is no exceptionChampion bull rider Reid Callahan HAS BEEN FOLLOWING THE CIRCUIT FOR THE PAST THREE been following the circuit for the past three avoiding a return to his hometown ever since his best friend Zeke was illed riding Firecracker a seemingly unbeatable bull well Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor known on the circuit Reid has decided that this year he needs to go home and spend the holidays with his family On his way into town he stops at the cemetery to visit Zeke s grave and runs into the one person he hoped he would not run into during his visit homeLucy Albright is Zeke s widow and the mother of the three year old son Zeke never had the chance to meet After the accident she too blamed Reid for Zeke s death and let himnow it in no uncertain terms at Zeke s funeral Over the past three years she has had plenty of time to think about the circumstances surrounding Zeke s last ride and has realized that Reid could not have changed Zeke s mind about that ride any than she could haveReid and Lucy have always been attracted to each other but because of Zeke neither has ever expressed their feelings to the other Lucy wants Reid to Mr. Jelly's Business know she no longer blames him for Zeke s death and wants him to get tonow Zeke s son Reid wants nothing than to be with Lucy and watch over little Z man but he s sure that Lucy can never forgive himTheir story is one of deep love trust and hopefulness for a future together Watching the Reid and Lacy. Reid Callahan misses his best friend and blames himself for not doing to save him from the bull that illed him He also carries the guilt of being in love with his best friend’s wife who blames him too or did Now she says she’s always been attracted to him Is he just a repl. View 4550New book boyfriend alert Reid is a hot sexy cowboy that will leave one with heart palpatations Read full review in the 2017 March issue of InD tale Magazine new to me authorAn enjoyable uick read about an Ex Bull Rider Reid Callahan And His Bull Rider Reid Callahan and his best friend s widow lucy albright the best friend s widow Lucy Albright The of Reid Callahan Zeke Albright and Lucy will pull at your heart strings Reid and Zeke were bull riders and good at what they did They grew up together and were best friends Zeke met Lucy and married and they all did the rodeo together Lucy went to watch while they rode the bulls Reid had asked him to ride with him one time That one time cost him his life Lucy blamed Reid for Zeke s death and Reid blamed himself Three years pass and Reid comes back home for the Christmas Holidays The sparks that fly are well worth the read This is a book that looks at the loss of a loved one and how it can be moved past The person doesn t have to be forgotten and new love can bloomThis is the first of Susan Fisher Davis s books I have read and I am impressed I will definitely read by this authorI was given this book for an honest review A Cowboy for Christmas by Susan Fisher Davis is an enjoyable story about second chances It s about taking a chance and following the path that might lead you to happily ever after Lucy Albright lost her husband and Reid Callahan lost his best friend when Zeke Callahan got gorged and illed by a bucking bull on the rodeo circuit Shortly afterwards Lucy became a mom to her son Zeke When the holidays bring Lucy and Reid together after three years apart what ind of relationship will they have This Callahan novella can easily be read in one sitting 151 page. Ndsome cowboy for her own Can she give her heart to a man so like her husband yet so different Or worse is she just his holiday fling When Reid decides he needs to do one last thing to honor his best friend will Lucy understand or say goodbye to the cowboy she got for Christmas. ,

Learn to trust and forgive each other and Reid s interactions with little Zeke will melt the coldest heart and make you cheer with joy This is a definite must read for any time of the year Susan nows how to write sexy Cowboys Wow Reid Callahan is one fine looking cowboy he s got the six pack abs the dimples and the wink that make every women swoon and Lucy is no different Lucy and Reid have a long time connection both had feelings for each other A Long Time Ago long time ago Lucy had married Reid s best friend Zeke Now that Zeke is gone for many years and Reid is back in town things heat up I mean light sheets on fire Love these two together and their love that blossomed even brighter Love Z man he makes the story loving and sweet Great story can t wait to read in this series 5 stars Heart warming story This is the perfect Christmas story Read in two sittings Very good Dreading his return to his hometown for Christmas Reid finds himself face to face with the woman who hates him and blames him for the death of his best friend However in The Three Years That Have three years that have both Reid and Lucy have changed The attraction for one another that both denied out of loyalty to his friend and her husband flares into life as they carefully rebuild their friendship Reid thinks he has blown his last chance with Lucy when he fulfills a promise to honour Zeke and it is up to Lucy to decide whether or not the promise of love and a new family is enough to overcome the horrors of the past The story is well written and heartwarming bringing with it healing and the joy of Christmas I received a copy of this book as part of A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe boxset and this is my honest and voluntary re. Acement a fill in for her late husband Lucy Albright has forged out a life for herself and the son her husband never met after widowed at a young age When the man she’s always secretly lusted after returns to town for the holidays she finds herself wishing to have the sexy ha.

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