(Having Justin's Baby) [E–book] æ Pamela Bauer

Ine so likeable disappeared after the one night rebound with her friend that left her pregnant I left the story feeling like the couple settled for each other because of the baby When her fiancee jilts her the heroine falls into bed with her long time friend and winds up pregnant It s interesting to see how the sex and then pregnancy affects the delicate web of their friendship and other relationships as they work their way to parenthood and love Would have been better had the heroine been a touch likable and I would have also liked to see her dad s reaction to the pregnancy which was not mentioned in the book At all Even though the relationship between the heroine and her father was Even though the relationship between the heroine and her father was big deal even fraught in the rest of the book WTF I didn t love this book although I liked it The writing was a bit childish as were the characters but after a bit I warmed to them The characters were 28 and were written like they were still in high school I ve never read any other books by this author so I don t know if it s just the author s style of writing or just the characters themselves Just a cute Harleuine romance Progressed as expected and ended as expecte. But now she's pregnant and Paige can't turn back the clock and things couldn't et any complicated Because this innocent little baby puts a whole new spin on the term just friend. Having Justin's BabyY selfish maybe she s insecure but from the start she seems vapid and that makes me dislike her very much J This book was just OKI mean it was a ood story but sometimes I felt like there s a whole scene that s missing Like something would happen and it would be like I told you yesterday And we ad readers didn t et to see what happened and frankly I felt like that happened with we ad readers didn t et to see what happened and frankly I felt like that happened with most important scenesAlso sometimes It felt like there really isn t any chemistry between the H and h And I couldn t really believe they loved each other I don t know But it ended HEA So that pushed an extra star I didn t find this book super dramatic or very ood this book super dramatic or very ood certain points were okay There were sweet times bad times funny times and so on The one character I felt horribly for was Kyle He had been the heroines best friend stuck by her side and He had been the heroines best friend stuck by her side and in love with her only for the heroine to hook up with his best friend the hero I enjoyed this book and the author s laid back fast paced style It was a ood enjoyable read My only ripe is that the story is lacking is the true love aspect In fact the romance was a bit tepid All of the ualities that made the young hero. Pend one passionate night together If only her fiancé hadn't run off with another woman And if only Justin hadn't been there to comfort her when she'd been so utterly vulnerable. ,
The heroine Paige is uite a selfish person and not a very ood listener especially to her two best Riding Hard guy friends Justin and Kyle She was also very negative and kept blaming Justin about the whole thing that happened between them and he was trying so hard to make things right but she just kept pushing him awayAlso I am really curious about what happened to Kyle I know he became Justin and Paige sodfather but did he ever find his true love Overall there were very few parts in the book that I did like There was just so many things that I wish the author have one into detail about It s Romance Novel So romance novel so I t o into it expecting IT TO BE PHENOMENAL BUT IT to be phenomenal but it a decent book I enjoyed that it was set in Minnesota so I felt like I could really understand the characters being that I am from that area If you re looking for an easy uick read I would recommend this Of course I secretly or not so secretly now P actually enjoy reading romance novels so it may not be for you Really a 35 It s a best friends to lovers theme and I thought the author did a reat job of showing the uncertainty the hurt etc between friends The heroine Paige comes across as ver. There's no turning back once Paige makes a colossal mistake that could cost her the best friend she's ever had How can life possibly stay the same for her and Justin after they .

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