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AnywayThere s a reason I usually avoid romances I m can t handle the complete ack of ogic Now down t get me wrong I can handle all types of fantasy and science fiction so If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song long as the world and characters follow some kind ofogicThe book was completely historically in It started well but after about half way it got rather annoying and the ending was rubbish 35 rounding
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35 rounding up to four Is there a name for the waking up naked in bed with someone and no recollection of how you got there trope Because this is one of them It s always struck me as a rather unbelievable premise for a book but given that I do think it was well executed here I never did understand how he got drugged I Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford liked both the hero and the heroine though and importantly Iiked them together They re going to have to Ready for Summer learn how to deal with each other and that is realistic and not something often portrayed in romance novels It s too often seen as trueove erases all the coping mechanisms and Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech learned behaviors you ve accumulated over yourife but that isn t real and that s shown here And a very nice and sweet ending To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed Sidney PoitierTwo unlikely A coerência textual lovers a soldier s daughter and a disheveled traveler find themselves in bed together at a posting inn not remembering how they came to be naked with the other Mayhem breaks out and Prudence s aunt abandons her at the inn Yet the stranger from her bed carries her away from the scene Thus starts a journey of the heart for Prudence and GregoryIN THE BED WITH A DUKE starts off with madcap comedy of Prudence and Gregory unexpectedly finding themselves dazed and confused as a series of guests rubber neck their way through the hall outside their room The tone turns slightly dark as Prudence realizes she is helpless until her mystery man turned white knight comes shining through to give her a newease on Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller life I appreciated Burrows details in bringing Regency England toife in the opening scene spotlighting the prejudices against fallen women and the chivalry of the nobility Burrows gives our hero and heroine an adventure that allows the to discover the identity of the other while understanding their own nature Burrows offered witty banter and authentic characters to create a sweet and satisfying romanceRecommended read for fans of Regency romance and class conflictsI received a print copy from the author for an honest review It started off promising in fact it remained interesting till they arrive at the dukes residence from then in the story doesn t gel well To much is improbable and unnecessarily drawn out Ms Burrows writes her romances with tongue in cheek and a definite sense of humor This novel starts where most romances end with the Dogs Behaving Badly leadingord and First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There lady in bed together So how did that happenThereinies a tale and uite a saucy and funny tale it is too Having both been drugged for unknown and nefarious reasons Prudence and Gregory embark on a road trip that involves a foul tempered nag a conniving aunt a greedy uncle suspicious tavern keepers echerous fops an angry gun toting bickering farmer and his wife theft secret identities and so much If it sounds improbable the two are well aware of it But that makes it a truly ripping yarnAnother aspect of Ms Burrows s novels are the inherent misunderstandings that arise from mistaken impressions silences and misinterpretation of other people s moods Just because you ve got the hots for someone doesn t mean you know what s going on in your significant other s mind and Ms Burrows is well aware of this Because Prudence gets unnerved by the revelation of Gregory s real social status marriage gets proposed withdrawn awkwardly handled and refused in such dizzying succession you wonder if these two will actually make it to the altarThe novel manages to amuse and titillate in eual measure as the unlikely bedfellows argue and battle their way to understanding and into marriage It s good stuff and shows that there s to romance than automatic sexual heat. Awakens But as these strangers begin to unravel the plot behind the scandalous circumstances she discovers the delicious conseuences of finding herself in bed witha duke. His reasons for travelling incognito until the April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers last uarter of the story I can t help feeling the book as a whole would have worked better had I not been aware of his identity either because then I might have been able to feel sympathy for Prudence when she finds out As it stands her feels forced and contrived simply to introduce some uncertainty into theast portion of The StoryIn Bed With A Duke T The Best storyIn Bed With a Duke isn t the best Ms Burrows books and while I ve certainly read worse I m afraid I can t recommend it It s a pleasant undemanding read but there s nothing especially memorable about it and the romance moves too uickly to be really convincing Loved the beginning and the set up oved the cross country runloved the final outcome a great story worth the read and a ittle Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome light reading if you need a break from the stress ofife to escape into the problems of someone else with a happy ending and a twist xx Sparkling witty and absolutely delightful In Bed with the Duke is the atest captivating tale from the ueen of Regency romantic comedy Annie BurrowsWhen Gregory Duke of Halstead bedded down for the night in a grimy inn he never expected to wake up naked in bed with a virginal beauty and end up being accused as a seducer of innocents by her scheming aunt Gregory is damned if he is going to have his integrity compromised by a hysterical woman and he oses no time in throwing everyone including the seductive girl in his bed whose body is now imprinted on his mind out of his room and hopefully out of his ife for good However it seems that fate has got other plans in store for him and his unexpected bedfellowEver since her Aunt Charity remarried Prudence Carstairs ife has gone from bed to worse Constantly punished for the smallest of misdemeanors Prudence feels her spirit and joie de vivre being eroded every single wretched day she spends in their company When she awakens one day in bed with a naked stranger Prudence is flabbergasted and alarmed however even she cannot resist sneaking a peek at Gregory s gorgeous naked physiue She may never have met a man as handsome as Gregory but Prudence is not willing to trap him into marriage but Space Kid little does she realise that she s about to be thrust into very close proximity with the man whom she simply cannot stop thinking aboutAfter rescuing her from an ostler sascivious hands Gregory realises that if he Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town leaves Prudence alone there is no telling what kind of scrapes she will get herself into Taking her under his wing Gregory is determined to get Prudence as far away from her wily aunt and crafty husband as he possibly can However the one thing he hadn t counted on was on falling head over heels inove with his seductive chargeAs mutual attraction gives way to a passion that simply cannot be denied Gregory and Prudence uickly find themselves giving into temptation and succumbing to pleasure but with dangerous secrets and shocking scandals standing in their way does their burgeoning ove stand a chance of surviving Or are they destined to spend the rest of their ife condemned to a Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water lifetime of regretAnnie Burrows effortlessly blends wit heart passion and pathos in irresistible stories which historical romance readers find absolutely impossible to resist and In Bed with the Duke is theatest in a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus longine of fantastic Regency romances readers will find themselves unable to put down Deftly juggling Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse laugh out humour and hilarious repartee with searing emotional drama and red hot romance In Bed with the Duke is a stellar tale of hope second chances courage and the healing power ofove that has got keeper written all over itWonderfully written uplifting and outstanding from start to finish In Bed with the Duke is another must read by Annie Burrows A witty and funny story Loved the primary characters and very much the storyline as well A good all round read So this one was a Troubled Waters little out of my usual reading range but I was shelving it and couldn t get the premise out of my head Thatl teach me for reading book blurbs when shelving. S just woken naked in bed with no memory of the night before next to a beautiful stranger perhaps it's time to reevaluate Innocent Prudence is just as shocked when she.

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The premise of In Bed With the Duke two complete strangers wake up in bed together and have no idea how they got there is one I iked the sound of and I was ooking forward to finding is one I iked the sound of and I was ooking forward to finding what happened and what they were going to do next There s a mystery to be solved the hero is a duke in disguise the heroine is the victim of a plot to steal her inheritance but even though the book is well written and the central characters are engaging there s something missing I can t uite put my finger on and the story as a whole just doesn t gelGregory Willingale has spent almost his entire ife being dutiful and responsible A widower of some years he was married at seventeen to a young woman who didn t ove him and wasted no time in cuckolding him so he is wary of emotional entanglements and suspicious of women and their motivations When he awakens next to a rather ovely very naked young woman with no memory of how either of them got there while another woman harangues him and either of them got there while another woman harangues him and him of being a vile seducer of women he is furious and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he is the victim of a plot to entrap him into marriageWanting nothing than to be on his way Gregory hastens the young woman from his room but when he ater discovers that she has been abandoned by her relatives his protective instincts won t allow him to eave her to fend for herself He tells her that he will take her somewhere safe to the house where his aunt ives and then work out what house where his aunt ives and then work out what do next She has no alternative and agrees to go with him realising that in spite of his earlier anger and his brusue manner he is a gentleman and will not harm herMiss Prudence Carstairs has ived much of her Bon Bon Voyage life with her aunt because her mother died when she was young and her father an army officer uite rightly thought that aife following the drum was no ife for a young girl Aunt Charity who isn t at all charitable took her in begrudgingly and has always belittled her and insisted on suashing Prudence s vivacity and spirit Lately remarried to a man Prudence dislikes her aunt has been trying to marry her off against her will in order Prudence suspects to get her hands on her inheritanceAs Gregory and Prudence travel together they begin to piece together the events of the previous day and night At first Gregory suspects that someone called Hugo must be behind the prank as a way of causing him Gregory to ose a wager but they gradually work out that they had both been drugged and that Prudence was deliberately placed in Gregory s bed most probably by Aunt Charity and her new husband but for what purposeEven though their journey only takes a few days it s not a particularly comfortable one after they are robbed and have to make their way on foot They end up having to sleep in a barn Gregory has to do some manual abour to pay their way and they have a ong day and night s walk in order to reach their destination which Prudence is astonished to discover is much grander than the simple country cottage she had been imagining And when they do reach safety Gregory is faced with the prospect of having to confess his true identity to Prudence that he is in fact the Duke of Halstead and not plain Mr Willingale at allGregory is a rather sweet beta hero whose backstory provides strong reasons for his actions during the course of the book He is unfailingly solicitous of Prudence s welfare and protective of her even when she accuses him of trying to control her or of being after her inheritance She is uick to judge him it s true but is just as uick to admit when she s wrong about him and to realise he s trying to do what s best for her They work well as a couple her vivacity oosens him up a bit and I enjoyed their interactions but their relationship evolves at ightning speed and I didn t really feel a strong connection between themThe biggest problem I have with the book is that the title gives away Gregory s identity immediately whereas he doesn t reveal it to Prudence make her aware of his motivations for not telling her or. Vile seducer of women Of all the accusations Gregory Duke of Halstead has ever had A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency leveled at him this is perhaps the most offensive and theeast accurate But as he ha. ,
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