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Some dark some angst some lovin and this s exactly what this book delivered me I was n my happy place She was meant for penthouse apartment s and designer clothes and safety She was meant for the clean life And I was nothing but violence blood and filth I ve not read anything by this author before so #Am Keen To See # keen to see kind of ride shes going to take me on Unbelievably easy to get nto the story line grips you as soon as you start reading I ve read shitloads of biker books and I mean shitloads loving the authors writing style uniue storyline love REIGN Bodies were piking up because of me I m trying my hardest not to compare the main male character as Jax Sons of Anarchy reason being s he s so alpha male hardcore like this guy Reign protects what s his and will suffer the conseuences even f Comparative Policing from a Legal Perspective it means war He sweptn all badass Prince charming and saved me ARC provided by the author for an honest reviewOMG I need Reign to save me Summer as had a great up bringing her father as given her the best of life her mother wasn t around but her father did everything he could she had the best education she got a job at her father s company an had good friends so life was goin pretty well until she was taken an an had good friends so life was goin pretty well until she was taken an up goin through months of hell Reign Connivance is a total bad ass an I luv him he doesn t know any other life then the Henchmans MC hes know the prez an his bro Cash us the vice prez Reign took over from his father an he The Rest of the Story is well like he runs a tight ship an doesn t get mixed upn peoples shit well that s until Summer These to end up have a very rough start but there China-European Union Investment Relationships: Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance? is something that pulls them together Reignsn t the type of man to settle down with anyone he likes to keep his women to the compound but with Summer he s doesn t want her there he wants her n his bed safe they r both drawn to each other sexually but Reign s tryin to hold on even though he wants her so much but he doesn t want to hurt her any she as been through hell I luvd this book there was so much drama an twists t was crazy I didn t want to put this book down the as usual can tell the characters r really good an I luvd Cash an Wolf I would actually luv of these two they r just amazin I did luv readin how Reign an Summer relationship got stronger t was even better seein how strong Summer got she was so strong by the end I just wanted to hug her but Reign Five Wakes and a Wedding is just so hot I would luv a lil bit of him hes so protective an sexy hmmm he s just great I would recommend this Si encuentro tu nombre en el fuego it s packed with everything ant was exciting kept me on my toes xxx Summer and Reign meet under some pretty extreme circumstances Summer s captive for months of a skin trader named V who s trying to force her father to act on their behalf While the plot was firmly Curveball in the realm of unbelievable for met was still uite enjoyable I ve got to say Ms Gadziala has uite the An Elegy for Mathematics imagination andnsight through her writing has entertained me for hours I liked Summer despite a very painful na vet of her own life Poor girl goes through uite an ordeal A Stranger on the Beach in this story Reign fell for her pretty easily as she tugged at his protectivenstincts The glimpses Coming Home into Reign s memories what we didn t read them going through together was just what the story needed to reinforce their connection Theres an Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions instance of another woman before they officially get together but after they meet and like one another that did not sit well with me at all but heyt s not always wrapped up n a pretty bow so I get t All A Witch's Guide To Faery Folk: How to Work With the Elemental World in all a solid story Safety Onenstance of OW No details or descriptions of howwhat happens thank goodness As mentioned above they were not together yet No OMSharing Threatattempted rape Yes to abuse Alright so this The Homefront in Civil War Missouri is the story of Reign and Summer Without giving too much away Summer has been through some shit And Reign well he s a badass hot biker guy doing his badass biker thing And then they meet And stuff happens Some of the stuffs sexy stuff But let s face t that would make for a boring story So then other stuff happens And you ll be like But things work out Cause like I m a firm believer n HEA I d never let you ladies down. He has no business knowing and bringing with her the weight of the city's biggest skin trader the hard life starts to take on a whole new meanin. Reign The Henchmen MC #1

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Reread June 2018 down from 5 stars to 3Original review 5 Summer Reign StarsSometimes you can read a book that s 100 pages long but feels like 300 then there are times you read a book with 300 pages and t feels like 100 This was one of those books for me I flew through Learning in the Cloud it and before I knewt Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy it was over The writing was so well formed and fluid The characters were ones you rooted for and there was enough drama and twists to keep menterested ALL THE WAY THROUGHI kept waiting for the drama to drop off and shit TO GET BORING WELL THAT NEVER HAPPENED THANK FUCK get boring well that never happened thank fuck turned The Gay Pretender into one badass heroine who I would consider turning lesbian for This sweet pampered little darling turnednto a powerful gun toting ueenReign Oh boy that man was sex on legs Who doesn t love an Alpha It wasn t just that he was sex on legs he was compassionate too And the sex was panty melting fuck that soft and gentle shit let s break stuff with our passionThis whole book has so many possibilities I really really want to read about Wolf Cash Repo and even what Lo s deal Bloody Winter is I lovedt 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was an ok read I had some ssues with the connection and the development of
*their relationship there *
relationship There a main time jump that was when their feelings for each other were developing and we missed that As a reader I feel like I need to understand how those feelings developed n order to feel the connection There were some sweet moments that were presented as flashbacks from that time but I would ve liked Inventaire Sommaire Des Archives D�partementales Ant�rieures � 1790, Vol. 1: Mayenne (Classic Reprint) it much betterf we didn t have that time jump The ending was way too abrupt for me and I didn t get anywhere near the amount of closure that I typically likeStoryline This s Summer and Reign s story Summer escapes her captors of 3 months on the night of a bad storm She steals a car but then crashes nto a fallen tree Reign happened to hear the crash and finds her running from the car He then takes her home with him but doesn t realize the trouble that comes with her Finally after some coaxing Summer tells him what all has happened to her and why she War Girls is running Reign takest as his personal duty to protect her There are some Hieroglyphen lesen. issues with sex traffickers drug lords crime bosses molesn the mc and familybut they get their HFNPOV This alternated between Summer and Reign s POVOverall Pace of Story Good I read As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant it really fast sot flowed well I don t know Lesson Planning and Classroom Management if I d callt The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II instalove but definitelynstalustH rating 3 stars Reign He was just kind of meh for meh rating 4 stars Summer I liked how she grew confident and was able to stick up for herself further along The Nightmare Garden in the storySadness level Low No tissues needed hereHeat level Moderate For a mc romance I would say thiss on the low side for sex sceneswhich would be a pretty normal amount for other romance genres Descriptive sex YesSex scene with OW or OM view spoiler No hide spoiler NOTE That since I readreviewed this book the author has revised Look to the Mountain it and has now taken out the fact the hero had sex with an OW I m not going to change my review becauset was based on the prior version of this book and my feelings still stand on THAT version But I thought I d give potential reviewers a heads up that t has been revised So first off I am going to say that I Took A Star Off This Book took a star off this book one reason and one reason alone view spoiler I LOATHE when an author has the H bang an other woman after the Hh meet This happened a uarter way nto the book when there was already an attraction The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond in fact they had already kissed once That just doesn t work for met takes away from my feelings for the Hh Not to mention the fact that the the Hh literally had sex the VERY NEXT DAY All I could think about when she was giving him a blowjob was how nasty The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) it was that his dick had beenn some random woman the day beforegag hide spoiler 25 3 StarsWith a little relationship and plot foundation this could have been pretty good It felt a little rushed though Also the author could do with a little weapons research The Color of Water if shes gonna go Mayan Strawberries into detail about how to use one the way she did here Glock handguns don t have external safety switches They haventernal ones. 1 notorious 1%er 1 Bill Gates (Up Close) innocent trappedn an mpossible situation 1 vicious crime lord 3 people who aren't who they appear to be one big bloody mes. That don t reuire any overt action by the operator before firing It s basically just point and shoot no safety switch flicking reuired Anyone who has researched or used one would know that Otherwise decent enough read although I wouldn t buy the next one f Bunny: A Novel it wasn t on KU Okay So Jessica Gadziala gave another hero to falln love with Reign was all alpha and super delicious Summer was being held captive by V an nfamous human trafficker A hurricane timed tself perfectly with her escape attempt After crashing her escape #car and seeing someone coming after her she takes off running She has # and seeing someone coming after her she takes off running She has The Great Smog of India intention of going back Lucky for her the knightn shining armor sn t planning on giving her back The passion and chemistry between Reign and Summer was amazing The author did a great job of providing sensitivity for what Summer went through giving a glimpse of Reign s softer side kissing her had felt like being n the sun like feeling the warm rays on your skin after being underground for your entire life I got off on the The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary intensity of Summer s situation Can youmagine being kidnapped and tortured getting away finding comfort and safety with an mc club prez getting kidnapped again then again and then tortured some I was worried I was never going to feel clean ever again the kind of clean that never knew the touch of filth The kind of clean I had been before While I didn t love Summer I liked her well enough I just don t like women who are delusional and she suffered a few delusions Like being as tough as the men Tryst with Prosperity in the MC Girl pleasef there came a time when I couldn t tolerate their reckless stupidity and needed to take off on my own having some kind of weapon would be a major asset This from the girl who had never fired a gun A girl who had absolutely NO self defense abilities A girl who was like a fish out of water Stop Popular Hits it Reign was everything From his tendency to sayncomplete sentences to his heart and caring for Summer he was easy to loveAfter finding my way through all the mayhem of this book I can t wait to find out what happens n Cash s book As Reign s brother I ve been able to see their similarities and their glaring differences Cash seems a lot laid back I wonder f his leading lady will be the badass Lo And I cannot wait for Wolf s book This has a story line that s so good Reign and Summer are such an unlikely duo There s romance there The Creative Habit is action and there arellegal activitiesbut there are also naughty erotic moments and a whole lot of sexy times Summer The Rest of the Story is a sweet beautiful woman who survives an abduction and hostage situtation by a local crime boss and succeedsn escaping her abductors While on captivity she had to endure physical torture pain abuse and horrific brutality Reign s a badass aggressive MC prez He finds her while she s on the run he takes her to his house and offers her shelter protection and safety The sexual chemistry between the two s undeniab TITLE ReignSERIES The Henchmen MC 1AUTHOR Jessica GadzialaGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE ReleasedMY RATING 5 STARS He Unraveled me HOLY SHIT this was cray cray good had everything I want need crave n a biker book the element of want need crave Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand in a biker book the element of with the twists and turns this took me on were an added bonusLoved how the mafia werencorporated within the story another favourite genre of mine definitely hanging out for the next book n this series Bitch was under my skin and I knew t A woman on the run Summer during a stormy night she manages to escape her captives steals a car and then crashes only to fall nto the hands of a hot notorious biker gang member named Reign I might have been a viscous often violent fuck but I wasn t gonna leave some chick n the middle of the road n the middle of the damn night during a hurricane with her mangled un drivable carThese two are as different as chalk and cheese but like the best love stories they are a match made n heaven He was bad news I was a good girl This was recommended to me from a friend on here knowing that I m an MC HOE so I m taking the plunge haven t read a good biker book for a bit so hopefully this brings me some grit. S Reign Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life but when a random woman comes literally crashingnto his life learning things
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