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Fragments PI Johnson Carmichael #2Ne They decide to meet without her parents knowledge She tells them that she s going to her friends house her parents knowledge She tells them that she s going to her friends house study They get into an argument and Freya storms out of the house Her friend Steph doesn t have a good feeling about her meeting this guy So Freya ies to her friend and takes a taxi to the bowling alley That was the ast time she was seenOne year A Constellation of Vital Phenomena later a dog walker comes across a girls body he calls the police she s still alivebarely Freya has been beaten tortured burned and sexually abused Her parents Lisa and Jason tried to get the police involved in trying to find their daughter when she was first missingDI Tony White and DC Beth Taylor are on the case unfortunately Freya cannot speak as she s in a medically induced coma Lisa Coleman doesn t trust that the police will find who did this to her daughterJohnson Carmichael is a Private Investigator his girlfriend DC Beth Taylor is pregnant Johnson doesn t know how he actually feels about it he will do the right thing and marry her Later that day he goes to the mall and sees a woman he recognizes it s his old girlfriend Jocelyn she s with her husband Arthur and daughter Anita The two talk for a while he wants to know why sheeft him so abruptly Jocelyn doesn t want to have his conversation so she eaves Johnson doesn t know what to thinkLisa Coleman goes to Johnson s office she wants to hire him to find out who did this to her daughter He initially tells her he can t take the case because it s an active investigation and he can t interfere She pleads with him and he agrees to take the case So Johnson begins his own investigation of Freya s abductionWhat happens next is disturbing and such a tragedy Stephen Edger has weaved an exceptional story ine the subplots connect to each other Johnson Carmichael is a straight forward kind of guy He s trying to do the right thing for Beth and Jocelyn He is a person that seeks truth and justice no matter the cost to him The subject matter is at times hard to readbut it s necessary to the story as a whole The abuse Freya and Vicky endured is raw and emotional the abuser breaks their mind heart and spiritThis is Book 2 of the PI Johnson Carmichael series Stephen has created characters you continue to care about Each character has their own story and they work together within the main plot As a fan of Stephen s books I ve already bought Book 3 Downfall This is one of the best stories I ve read so far this year GrippingI wasn t disappointed with this book yet another page turner by Stephen and yes another twist that I didn t expect and yes I have to read the next book as I have to see what happens with Carmichael Well done once again Stephen Edger riveting read Fragments is the third novel in the PIJohnson Carmichael series it is also the first novel I have read by this authorI personally do think it would be beneficial to have read the previous books first only because I don t think there was enough of the characters background or a description of them so felt Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights like I was missing out slightly The over use of the word man andike gave me the indication that the main character was a geordie but this wasn t confirmed until uite far on into the story also the image I had in my head of him didn t fit when I realised where he had been born Saying that though it didn t really affect my overall reading experience as the storyline was really goodFrom the first chapter I was well and truly gripped The whole storyline of missing Freya suddenly turning up a year after she had been abducted was one that had my interest straight away Only problem is due to the trauma that Freya has suffered she is unable to help the police with there enuiries which after another girl goes missing it is very much a race against time to try and find her and catch the monster before he inflicts any horrendous crimes on another young innocentOne thing I had gathered uite uickly about Johnson is his commitment phobia As a couple of the characters describe him in the novel he is very much a Still Life with Chickens lone ranger He does uite well at pretending to be a good partner but his work will always come first prior to anything else in hisifeFragments without a doubt will have the reader hooked straight away The story makes for a fast paced and tense reading experience Due to the storyline it does make for an uncomfortable read in parts but the author skill fully gives the reader enough information without going into to much detail of the horrors that Freya had to faceThe perfect read for fans of crime thrillers and I for one will certainly be making a point of reading the first two in the seriesMany thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Ger Freya's parents hire PI Johnson Carmichael to find the person who abducted their daughter The family has a secret they can't tell the police and it might just ead Carmichael to 'Robbie'Mystery suspense abduction and terror FRAGMENTS is a gripping mystery thriller and follow up to TRESPAS. ,

Nish the reader s enjoyment of the StoryThe Book Highlights The Dangers book highlights the dangers online stalking by paedophiles Freya Coleman a teenager goes out to meet Robbie a man she met online She s never seen again and attempts to Paradox Bound locate her are fruitless Where is Freya Who is this Robbie The following year another teenage girl goes missing after meeting an online friend DI Tony White of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team is certain this is the deed of the same perpetrator and together with DC Beth Taylor he finds himself on a race against time to find out the the girl s whereabouts before it s tooate but this won t be easy The kidnapper knows what he s doing Who is this online stalker How will White trace him down And will he find him in timeIn the meantime not trusting the police force Freya s mother appoints Private Investigator Johnson Carmichael to ocate the person who kidnapped her daughter She knows something she can t divulge to the policeSomething I iked about this bookseries is the fact that we have two main characters DI White and PI Carmichael These are two interesting individuals and each carries out his own investigation so the reader can ook at the story from two different anglesHowever I would have been happier if the author spent words on the characters physical characteristics Here I m referring to both the main and the secondary characters I think this is a drawback for the reader As far as I m concerned as a reader I want to have a clear image of each character in my head as I read So it was rather of an OH moment for me when at 65% in the book I earnt that Carmichael is actually a big black man This may not be such a big deal but up till that point I had a completely different image of this man in my head The same with the other characters I knew nothing on their physical appearanceagain I m talking from the pov of someone who hasn t read the previous books so this may not be an issue for those who have read the other ones Having said that this is a very engaging read full of twists turns and red herrings and that keeps you guessing The perp s identity is not revealed till the very end and I must say that I ike the way the author ays out the final part Finally I have no problem in recommending this thriller and am Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays looking forward to read books by this authorWith thanks to the author for an advanced reviewer copy in exchange of an honest review Not a brilliant readI don t think Il bother with any in this series I got really fed up reading the word Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All like after every sentence I would not recommend Over the Christmas period of 2014 Freya has an argument with her parents and storms out of her house She goes to see online friend Robbie who she feels is the only person who understands her A yearater a young girl is found badly injured in the park and is rushed to hospital She is identified as Freya She only has a fragmented memory with no guarantee that she will recover her full memory Another girl goes missing and police face a race against time to find the missing girl the perpetrator Freya s family hire PI Johnson Carmichael to find the person who kidnapped herThis book can be read as a standalone book but I honestly think that it would be better to read the series from the beginning and in seuence There are references to past cases past events which although not vitally important add another strand to the story and helps fleshes out the characters This book is certainly topical as it illustrates the dangers of meeting people off the internet internet grooming and predatory paedophiles Parts of the book were uite graphic but this added to the story As regards the exact details of what happened to the victims are not mentioned but implied which works really wellFragments is well written and structured There are various sub plots as well as the main plot but this works seamlessly as the sub plots feed into the main plot seamlessly The author writes in a confident and mature style He certainly knows how to ramp up the sense of drama how to create a tense atmosphereThe characters were well written well defined and well formed The villain is suitably creepy and is enough to make your skin crawl I What a Lass Wants liked the PI Johnson Carmichael as this book shows that he is only human and to me he was instantlyikeable Johnson is also a commitment phobeIn short I really did enjoy reading this book and would recommend it to others I ook forward to reading any further books in this series I WISH I COULD GIVE IT 10 I don t know what to say about Fragments It s a story that has all the elements of a good thriller suspense mystery tragedy and murderFreya Coleman is a 15 year old girl who has been chatting with a boy onli. Hed to hospital but has been so badly abused that doctors fear her fragmented memory may never recover When another girl is reported missing a day ater DI White of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team fears Freya's attacker has struck againWith HMIT focused on finding the new missing teena. .
My ReviewI was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review I actually rated this book by the author in exchange for an honest review I actually rated this book s Stephen Edger is one of those authors I randomly came across a year or two ago on facebook After reading his book Snatched I instantly became a fan I have enjoyed every book and series of this author and was not disappointed by Fragments I heard about Fragments from a few of my blogging friends and the way they raved about it I knew I had to read it The story surrounds the investigation into two teens who were abducted in very similar ways One is found half alive in a park the other is taken the very next day a parent s nightmare made worse as the other is taken the very next day a parent s nightmare made worse as is in the days running up to Christmas DI Tony White is under pressure to find the missing girl and the monster who is causing this Johnson Carmichael A Private Investigator Is Hired By One Of The a private investigator is hired by one of the to do the samethe race is onI haven t read any of Stephen Edger s books before I must admit I hadn t heard of him but I will definitely be reading of his books I Mexican Hooker loved Carmichael he s a man with baggage both past and present I could hear White s Geordie twang coming through in the writing I had read someone had disliked this but I personally think that it made White a Geordie rather than just a Northerner in SouthamptonThe whole story was a rollercoaster gradually building to a climax It kept me guessing to the end and what an end it was I mooking forward to reading from Stephen EdgerI d The League for the Suppression of Celery like to say a big thank you to Stephen Edger and the Crimebookjunkie for my ecopy of this book Excellent follow onOnce again a well written story with great plot twists and well developed characters Would highly recommend can t wait to start the next one Having not read anything of this series before I dove into page one with no expectations at all often the best way with a book Very uickly I was gripped by the plot characters and tension that kicks off very early in this novel and sensed I was in for a good ride I was not wrong I read aot of crime fiction some of it is very mediocre and some of it is very good this for me falls into the very good category Edger writes clearly and engages the reader uickly with plenty of tension and twists it has everything a good crime book should I enjoyed the darker chapters highlighting the fate of the abducted women weird I know A fabulous read all round CHRISTMAS 2014 Following an argument with her parents 15 year old Freya Coleman storms out of the house In tears she goes to meet the only person who understands her Robbie the nice guy she s been chatting to online She doesn t return homeONE YEAR LATERA teenager s body is found in a Southampton park She is gaunt bruised and barely breathing She is rushed to hospital but has been so badly abused that doctors fear her fragmented memory may never recover When another girl is reported missing a day The Thirteen-Gun Salute later DI White of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team fears Freya s attacker has struck again Sometimes a theme is done to death pun intended and abduction torture abuse rape are not strangers to the crime fiction genre What is hard is making it not readike other books and Edger as a writer has succeeded in doing this very well I really Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery liked the plot aot in this book it had some dark twists that just worked really well for meI kept wanting to come back to the book and pick it up always a good sign and there is no sense of trudging through the words the pages flew as I flicked madly with my magic Kindle fingers I was eager to get to the ending and get some answers It did not et me down Very goodI would happily now read the previous two books in this series and did not feel I had missed much by joining the reading at book three there were no huge gaps I felt needed filling If you ike your crime fiction with a darker edge to the plot you will enjoy Fragments I fluctuated between 4 5 stars on this one really sitting at 45 but I feel overall it deserves to be pushed up to a 5 from that not dropped to a 4 star rating So 5 stars it is Happy readingFor of my reviews books to win and author features follow me on Twitter I had never read any of Stephen Edger s books so when I heard from my fellow blogger friend Noelle Holten of crimebookjunkie that the author was ooking for reviewers I immediately jumped at the opportunity Fragments is a fast paced tension packed thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish Though this book is the third in a series it can be read as a standalone however IMHO it s always better to start a series from book 1 In this book there are some references to past cases that most probably have been dealt with in previous books but these do not dimi. Following an argument with her parents 15 year old Freya Coleman storms out of the house In tears she goes to meet the only person who understands her Robbie the nice guy she's been chatting to online She doesn't return homeA year ater Freya’s body is found in a Southampton park She is rus. ,