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Malina Author Ingeborg BachmannE Austrian narrator is happy with Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process the Hungarian Ivan Her repeated visions of her father destroyshe bond between Then Hang All The Liars the lovers She sees murders rewriting of history and mostelling of all gas chambers The narrator feels Ntc's Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs: And Other Idiomatic Verbal Phrases the weight of history everyime her father visits her dreams Guilt begins Jennifer, Gwyneth Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time to drive her mad Inhe end Malina Seducing Mr. Knightly (The Writing Girls, the historian view spoiler removes all record of her existence and possibly lets her die hide spoiler It was murder Itook me five months Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety to finishhis novel of internalised female pain I had o stop reading after a couple of pages o recover strength when I felt Kaiser Wilhelm II the swamp of passive negativity pull me down until I was choking desperately Why did I finish itMaybe I have a streak of masochism in me likehe narrator of Matisse the Master the novel Maybe I secretly identify with her loss of identity in a world where she can only exist as a foil forhe men The Madmen of Benghazi that navigate it around her Maybe I am stubborno he point of self destructive behaviour wanting o finish each ask no matter how idiotic it seems at imes That personality rait definitely gave me my PhD degree and made me choose my profession and become uite decent at project management but it also made me finish books I don like step into Titulada the 13th church in Rome when my brain is disintegrating and I can even remember he name of he city I am speed Chateaubriand touristing in I even finish knitting shawls I know I am not goingo useThere is something compelling in Obsidian Butterfly (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, this novel of complete surrendero negative emotion and passive endurance manifested in a lyrical language which convinces even when Nehru: A Political Biography (Pelican) the narrativeurns Old Hannibal and the Hurricane too bleako be acceptable What is it henI hought about it a lot over Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively with Color Composition the five months itook me o read it What makes it a good novel even hough I hated reading itSadly he answer is hat I recognised Caught by Surprise theype of woman It is ruthful The generation Ingeborg Bachman describes has made female victimhood an art form It grated on my nerves because I have been fighting my whole life both against he male attitude of condescension and property and Affinities and Extremes: Crisscrossing the Bittersweet Ethnology of East Indies History, Hindu-Balinese Culture, and Indo-European Allure the female passive voice of pleasurable sufferingLook at me I am killed by male dominance Don I look pretty in all my indignationI acknowledge Next to Nothing thathis k After reading a succession of novels in he last year inspired by he brilliant Thomas Bernhard it is fascinating o read one where he influence runs in he opposite direction Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann was a mentor of sorts o Bernhard and he basis for he poet Maria in his final novel Extinction Malina published wo years before her death aged 47 in 1973 was her only novel although intended o be Skippyjon Jones Shape Up the first of arilogy called Todesarten Ways of Dying The ranslation here is by Philip Boehm revisited in his new 2019 edition interestingly one editorial decision in Wendy and the Lost Boys: The Uncommon Life of Wendy Wasserstein the revised edition waso cut out Lilac Girls (Lilac Girls, the footnotes and some glosses onhe grounds First Impressions: A Novel thathe interest reader now has access Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes, and the Reinvention of the American Grown-Up tohe internet Malina is a wonderfully powerful work intense experimental with a narrative hat is both fragmentary yet compulsive one hat is difficult o absorb on a single reading a novel hat would repay much study and yet would still have its enigmas At one point even he narrator admits Something is dawning on me I m beginning o see some logic but I don Wrong Medicine t understand anything in particular For example ishe eponymous Malina with whom she apparently lives platonically yet who seems o not even acknowledge he existence of her lover Ivan a real person or a figment of her imagination a male alter ego we re as different as nights and day or rather is she his female alter ego merely Crossworld: One Man's Journey into America's Crossword Obsession the dispensable product of his rib and perhaps a figment of his There are many excellent reviews onhe internet and from he ever excellent Joseph Schreiber and Goodreads so I will content myself with some of my favourite passages The narrator on reading It has less o do with he books above all it has o do with Snow Flower and the Secret Fan the reading with black on white withhe letters syllables lines he signs he setting down his inhuman fixing his insanity which flows from people and is frozen into expression Believe me expression is insanity it arises out of our insanity It also has o do with urning pages with hunting from one page Rhetorical Theory tohe other with flight with complicity in an absurd solidified effusion with a vile overflow of verse with insuring life in a single sentence and in Countrymen: The Untold Story of How Denmark's Jews Escaped the Nazis turn withhe sentences seeking insurance in life Reading is a vice which can replace all other vices or The Song of Homana (Chroniles of the Cheysuli, temporarilyake heir place in intensely helping people live it is a debauchery a consuming addiction No I don Starstruck take any drugs Iake booksSpeed is important not only concentration can you please Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology tell me who can keep chewing on a simple or even a complex sentence without feeling disgust either withhe eyes or he mouth just keep on grinding away over and over a sentence which only consists of subject and predicate must be consumed rapidly a sentence with many appositions must for hat very reason be must be consumed rapidly a sentence with many appositions must for The Replacement that very reason be atremendous speed with he eyeballs performing an imperceptible slalomI couldn list Gok's Wok the books which have impressed mehe most or explain why hey made such an impression in which places and for how long What sticks hen you will ask but Journey's End that s nothe point here are only a few sentences a few expressions hat wake up inside my brain again and again begging Clementine Rose and the Seaside Escape to be heard overhe years And Why Aren't They Shouting?: A Banker’s Tale of Change, Computers and Perpetual Crisis the narrator sake I would say Bernhardian Codebreakers: The true story of the secret intelligence team that changed the course of the First World War take but actually hisakes are Bachmannian on Vienna and its decline post he end of he Austro Hungarian empire sentences hat one fears may mirror he fate of London and La Philosophie Du Bon-Sens, Ou R�flexions Philosophiques Sur l'Incertitude Des Connaissances Humaines, Vol. 1: A l'Usage Des Cavaliers Et Du Beau-Sexe (Classic Reprint) the UK post Brexit I get along well withhis city and its diminished and disappearing surroundings which have retired from history Uneasy alarm of Herr M hlbauer Unruffled I proceed You might also say Dull Men of Great Britain: Celebrating the Ordinary (Dull Men's Club) (Dull Mens Club) that as an exampleo he world an empire along with its practices and actics embellished wi Dense fraught and at imes stunningly beautiful prose A narrator in love with her own performance and at imes Branded too melodramatic for complete empathy A fascinating attempto combine No One Wants You: A True Story Of A Child Forced Into Prostitution the world ofhe personal with Letters from My Windmill the political andhe conflicts of gender I only wish she had been able Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motavation! to finish her planned cycle of novels I cannot sayhat I enjoyed it and doubt I will re read it but would not hesitate Stay with Me to recommend it Ingeborg Bachmann writesInhe Psychological Institute in My Wife's Success - A Sissy Cuck Tale the Liebiggasse we always drankea or coffee I knew a man Reiki And The Seven Chakras: Your Essential Guide to the First Level there who always used shorthando record what everyone said and sometimes other A Fallen Fortune things besides I don know shorthand Sometimes we d give each other Rorschach ests Szondi ests TAT and would diagnose each other s character and personality we would observe our performance and behavior and examine our expressions Once he asked how many men I had slept with and I couldn hink of any except his one legged hief who had been in jail and a lamp covered with flies in a room in Mariahilf rented by he hour but I said at random seven He laughed surprised and said hen naturally he d like o marry me our children would certainly be intelligent also very pretty and what did I hink of Legends of the Improbable Saints that We wento he Prater and I wanted o go on Where She Went the Ferris wheel because athat Wake Up, Mummy: The heartbreaking true story of an abused little girl whose mother was too drunk to notice time I was never afraid just happyhe way I Felt While Gliding And Later On While Skiing I Could while gliding and later on while skiing I could for hours out of sheer happiness Of course hen we didn ever speak again Shortly afterward I had The Family Friend toake my oral examinations and in he morning before he Fred Dibnah - Made in Britain three big exams allhe embers spilled "out of Still Open All Hours the oven athe Philosophical Institute I stomped on some pieces of coal or "of A Catered Fourth of July the oven athe Philosophical Institute I stomped on some pieces of coal or I ran o get a broom and dustpan since he janitors hadn The Complete History of the Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe t come yet it was burning and smokingerribly I didn want a fire I rampled Fast Glamour the embers with my feethe stench stayed in Family Tradition: Three Generations of Hank Williams the institute for days my shoes were singed but nothing burned down I also opened allhe windows Even so I managed o ake my first exam at eight in Vampire Voles the morning I was supposedo be here with another candidate but he didn come he had had a stroke during Twinkle: Sharing Your Faith One Light at a Time the night as I found out just before going ino be examined about Leibnitz Kant and Hume The Old Privy Councillor who was also Rector at Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment thehe Short Stories in Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Text time was wearing a dirty gown earlier he had received some honorary order from Greece I don know what for and he began asking uestions very annoyed Dreams Take Flight that a candidate had missed an exam dueo demise but at least I was here and not dead yet In his anger he had forgotten what subjects had been agreed upon and during he exam someone phoned I believe it was his sister one moment we were discussing The Bath Monster the neo Kantianshe next moment we were with he English deists but still uite far from Kant himself and I didn know very much After he phone call hings improved a little I proceeded right away o discuss what had been agreed upon and he didn notice I asked him an anxious uestion relating The Rules of Acting tohe problem of Boomerang (Part One: Chapters 1 - 19) time and space admittedly a uestion without meaning for me athe ime but he felt uite flattered hat I had asked and Uncovering Her Secrets then I was dismissed I ran backo our institute it wasn Pacar Kiriman t burning and I went ono he next wo exams I passed all of hem But later I never did solve he problem relating War and Government in Habsburg Spain, 1560-1620 toime and space It grew and grew. G oward its riveting finale Malina brutally lays bare he struggle for love and he limits of discourse between women and me. ,
Years ago However you are alluding o a day perhaps even a specific hour and an irrevocable moment which must have been a most private matter for my mother my father The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain, 660-1649 too as we may assume forhe sake of propriety Naturally nothing in particular was shared with me about The Prodigy's Cousin: The Family Link Between Autism and Extraordinary Talent this day I just hado memorize a date which I have Bittersweet to write down on every registration form in every city in every country even if I m only passinghrough But I stopped passing Termination Orders through countries a longime ago p 90 1 Vienna crumbling between behind and beneath he lines2 delicate cruel funny sad beautiful strange heart ugging pushing pulling boxing kissing scratching3 Bachmann understands about The Escape the preverbal4 Fading intohe wall I have lived in Ivan and die in MalinaHappy with Ivan I never knew her when she was living in Ivan Maybe if I were standing across he street I d watch her spinning out of control Her Hungarian boyfriend who sends avalanches of stone cold epithets Don ask if I love you don say I don make believe important be fun be happy be he first ime I saw you Strangers for he last ime A dead Sins, The Gita Karma telephone in her apartment is visited byhe spirits of everyone who isn Ivan I saw her with his wo kids Clarkson on Cars theirugging arms and spinning happy The rarest ummy butterfly bright and eye blinking crushed I only saw her living in he never landing When she has o make up everything about zoo animals has anyone else noticed he phenomenon of men reading aloud from placards Any botanical garden zoo museum or anything They read as if he woman it s always a woman is supposed o hink his is heir combustible wisdom and not he same damn placard right in front of Tangled Sheets, Tangled Lies their same faces If Ivan is out ofheir range she can be what Beautiful Day they want Ifhe her of him and he her of hey and Goodnight Sweetheart the her of others collide pop goeshe butterflies wings Please let hem have ice cream I promised hem ice cream Dancing and spinning hat is dizzy and on strings If she is happy it happened before she hought about it She hinks about it before it can happen lives in here lies Ivan is important in his absence And it was perfect his way This how he doesn belong o her if she sends him off Deception So Deadly to be him without her I never wanted hero love Ivan I begged her inside of me The Prayers and Meditations of St. Anselm The Proslogion to just forget about him When heells her who she is This isn you you re happy you don write like his The unreal love pulled my butterflies wings off and shoved hem under a microscope I didn The Dragon Token t wanto hold my breath when she waits for hat phone o ring and I didShe lives with Malina It was perfect his deliberate I m not living it because I m pedestaling o Comics, Comix Graphic Novels: A History Of Comic Art the burning synthetic world stuffs I don know how Bachmann managed The Appeasement of Radhika: Radhika Santawanam to weavehis web of psychological life of stepping outside of yourself and Lucia, Lucia then when you are actually living it There s a big fat spider of wish fulfillmento eat you alive because you couldn How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital: The Four Rules You Must Break To Get Rich t stophinking If it was on purpose she feels safe My Life: A Spoken Autobiography toether o Malina as she strangles herself o wait for Ivan Malina Bipolar Breakthrough: The Essential Guide to Going Beyond Moodswings to Harness Your Highs, Escape the Cycles of Recurrent Depression, and T tells her Don forget Taste Test: Horns Halos that not one of your enemies has ever seen you and you have never seen one ofhem I had Cardio Strength Training: Torch Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Stronger Faster this feelinghat she performs hat mime of sewing your lips shut and hrowing Season of Valor (Battles of Destiny the needle intohe biggest haystack The haystack of needles of The Uncollected David Rakoff: Including the entire text of Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish the universe You can see Rodale's 21st-Century Herbal: A Practical Guide for Healthy Living Using Nature's Most Powerful Plants thehreads The Duke's Daughter that sew everyoneogether because he haystack is oo big for hat She and Malina alk about he war what people got up and could pretend never happened If people did a spontaneous dance of everyone knew he moves on he day you didn want o wake up It never happened It happened They alk about what peace is Temporary Rancher to war The interlude between war Crocodileears evaporate in reptilian flesh Tears in Austria for Bangladesh for Syria Her father murdered her she murders hem in her eyelids prison gate shut cha chung and her sister loses a name Malina asks and she doesn know She s a survivor of real life and a prisoner of its memory It is so much White Devil: Das Grauen Kehrt Zurück to run fromhan if she can be rescued if only Ivan or Malina will hold her down I had he feeling hey were alking about everyone or who could be anyone Austria he world They don Original Minds talk about Malina I hink Bachmann was a genius in how Malina s silences and he not asking about him is spoken concurrently She slips out of Betti on the High Wire time into a fantasy of a princess and murder and riding When she flies she is only spinning Ihink Bachmann was a genius o do he way people name everything They alk and alk and make important and Spin Control theyalk about what Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story theyalk about when The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life theyalk about everything And what you hink you are living is hat foot in your over analyzing mental lands I m one of Smart Health Choices: Making sense of health advice those intense mental lifehat overlaps real life like if you wore a sweat shirt with a skeleton on it for Halloween It gave me chills o see it you wore a sweat shirt with a skeleton on it for Halloween It gave me chills o see it way in a book Spellcast (Maggie Graham that felt so real and so not real it s experimental as fancy foot work goes Nothe Spellcast that looks easy dancing but you knowhey practiced Up, Up, Up, Down! that dance inheir bedroom alone every night and dreamed someone would see it and at Hello, World! Ocean Life the sameime it was a vigil for never ever being understood Malina is a strange book I don have a handle on it because it slips out of ime I ve been The Buried thinking about whato write in a review for ages It is if you lived past what you didn Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University think would ever end and Zbig: The Strategy and Statecraft of Zbigniew Brzezinski then you don know how o leave of world war II Austria and it is relationships are hell man and it is a elling Malina says Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, this I can get over his Once one has survived something hen survival itself interferes with understanding and you don even know which lives came before and which is your life of oday you even mix up your own livesI had his feeling all of he Linux TCP/IP Stack: Networking for Embedded Systems timehat she wanted hem o ell her who she was Malina is he web beneath A Good Enough Mother the dizzy spin of Ivan I knowhat she was Malina is he web beneath he dizzy spin of Ivan I know Knights of the Razor: Black Barbers in Slavery and Freedom that face falls from her reach when she s not I don believe he let her burn o death I know what he essay in he book says about his sudden apathy I don hink hat was it She had o know who she was for says about his sudden apathy I don Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their Rights thinkhat was it She had The whites of gold: a novel to know who she was for Forget about Ivan I wanto forget about Ivan even British Malaya: An Account Of The Origin And Progress Of British Influence In Malaya though she made him important so she can stay hungry Ihink she slips into he wall because she murdered herself Beauty is no longer flowing from me it could have flowed from me it came in waves o me from Ivan Ivan who is beautiful I have known one single beautiful human being nonetheless I have seen beauty in Talent Level 3 Class Audio CDs (3) the final analysis even I became beautiful one singleime The Bluffer's Guide to Chocolate through Ivan No alarm no sirens No one comeso help Not Pig Manual: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Pigs the ambulance and nothe police It is a very old wall a very strong wall from which no one can fall which no one can break open from which nothing can ever be heard againMalina haunts me This killing yourself When did it stop Essential Poker Math: Fundamental No Limit Hold'em Mathematics You Need To Know the death wisho stream into he drowning so you can suspend in freeze over your face no direction Only he other side of Alfred Nobel the invisible corners black dream It s disgustingo put all Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being this misery onhe market just adding o what s already here Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World these books are all absolutely loathsome What kind of obsession ishis anyway all his 455Whenever I would pick his up a line or Made to Play! (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4) (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4) (Step into Reading) two of a poem kept ringinghrough my mind The Το Τονικό Μουσικό Σύστημα - Η Θεωρία της Μουσικής title no matter how hard Iried would not come Days of Blood Starlight to mind Finally Iook The Hyena Who Lost Her Laugh to Google and after a couple of searches found what I was looking for The poem is Translations by Adrienne Rich and a couple of lines matchhe A Tale Dark Grimm tone of Malina incredibly wellCertain words occur enemy oven sorrowenougho let me knowshe s a woman of my Black Hawk: The Story of a World Class Helicopter timeobsessedwith Love our subjectwe verained it like ivy Addiction Treatment: Science and Policy for the Twenty-first Century to our wallsbaked it like bread in our ovensworn it like lead on our ankleswatched ithrough binoculars as ifit were a helicopterbringing food Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician to our famineorhe satelliteof a hostile power Malina is in part a story of obsessive love The unnamed narrator longs for Ivan More han hat she longs o be consumed by him o be nothing without him She writes Beauty is no longer flowing from me it could have flowed from me it came in waves Tim Greens Football Collection to me from Ivan Ivan who is beautiful I have known one single beautiful human being nonetheless I have seen beauty inhe final analysis even I become beautiful one single ime hrough Ivan Has obsession ever ended happily The Unknown Woman refuses Confessions of a Recovering Slut: And Other Love Stories to call herself by any name because she sees herself not as an individual but as an extension of her love She refuseso find redemption In the Presence of Horses: A Novel through any source otherhan Ivan And it leads Playing Through: A Guide to the Unwritten Rules of Golf to her breakdown What a fascinating breakdown it iso watch Bachmann presents images in such an original fractured way She jumps from long breathless paragraphs Sinful Rewards 6: A Billionaires and Bikers Novella to fragmented dialogueo at one point a musical score What s remarkable is how organic each jump and Three Beastly Kendra Chronicles twist feels Malina doesn feel like experimental fiction A Duke to Remember thoughhe And Still I Rise: Black America Since MLK theerm can be used it feels like A Thoroughly Modern Princess the writing of a woman obsessed with Love Its style does not prevent it from articulating longing despair and sometimes hope instead it guideshe feelings o heir natural conclusion At One Hundred Spaghetti Strings times it s overdrawn and melodramatic hencehe5 star missing but Bachmann never set up an action without feeling which is impressive considering how sterile experimental fiction can be But Malina isn Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore t just an emotional love story it s also a heady allegory examining postwar guilt Th. Ves withhe androgynous Malina an initially remote and dispassionate man who ultimately becomes an ominous influence Plungin. The name alone suffices o be in he world Malina is one of hose novels His Guilt that feels completely naturalo me arising almost like an organism without pretense or premeditated designs Its easy playful voice keeps me reading despite The Second Death (Los Nefilim, the somberhemes The Second Death that run underneath It is a particularly difficult novel for meo describe as it Jeunes et dangereuses tackles many seriousopics war post war ime history personal relationships men and women yet when you pull back its main hrust is elusive What is Finding Samuel Lowe: China, Jamaica, Harlem this book about Who even is Malina I have no answers and in a wayhe answers don Mainstreaming The Poverty Reduction Agenda: An Analysis Of Institutional Mechanisms To Support Pro Poor Policy Making And Implementation In Six African Countries (Ids Research Report) t really matter Yes I readhe afterword with some pretty convincing angles And some of it has validityWhat matters American Fisherman: An Angler's History of the USA to me ishat it is enjoyable at every juncture And it feels so right just in my bones like I buy everything it says Just he whole damn hing seems so necessary and rue like a lived hing It seems less a novel and a byproduct of someone s having been aliveOnce one has survived something Prairie Girl: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder then survival itself interferes with understanding p146 Why Malina Has no Message for FeministsThe Englishranslation of Malina ends with an academic essay intended The Finishing School to explainhe book s cultural and historical references and also Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus to help readers who may be confused byhe book s experimental form and content The first purpose is reasonable for North American readers The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck the second is ridiculous The book is hermetic desperately unhappy remorseless disconsolate dissociative and ambiguously realistic mythic and allegorical Those should all be signshat a brief explanation won A Ghostly Demise t be helpful This is how Anderson summarizeshe book s receptionTo Bard of the Deal those familiar with her poetry Malina seemshe continuation in narrative of he problems and images informing he lyrical work of Dire Steps the 1950s To a new generation of feminist readers who had little patience with whathey saw as her hermetic aestheticist poetry Malina and Vanessa's Design Dilemma the other unfinished novels ofhe Death Styles cycle have come o stand for a radically other Bachmann he critic of patriarchal capitalist society where women are systematically denied a voice and language of heir own To historians familiar with he art and philosophy of Hapsburg Vienna The World Weavers the novel represents a masterly synthesis of a distinctly Austrianradition one Honor that reached it apogee athe Inside the World of Die for Me turn ofhe century in Falling for Leigh (A Brookhollow Story, the work of Freud Musil Roth Schoenberg Wittgenstein Hofmannsthal and Kraus Finallyo contemporary German writers as diverse as Christa Wolf Thomas Bernhard and Peter Handke ot stands as an inspirational example for heir own work pp 239 40Note hat only one of Four Weeks, Five People thesehree he one attributed o feminist readers is an interpretation of Just Desserts / Green Eggs Sam (Harlequin Duets, theext itself Many of he reviews on and Goodreads are similarly concerned with gender roles The ranslation seems o be read as a memoir autobiography or rauma narrative A good exception Riding the Wave: Seven Leaders of Change tohis is Life Or Thearer a review by Jennifer Krasinski in Bookforum SeptOctNov 2019 p 31 One reviewer on Goodreads puts it his wayThe generation Bachmann describes has made female victimhood an art form It grated on my nerves because I have been fighting my whole life both against he male attitude of condescension and property and Last Chance for Baby the female passive voice of pleasurable suffering Look at me I am killed by male dominance Don I look pretty in all my indignation Lisa on Goodreads 2018But Bachmann was much stranger Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Biography thanhe pugilist advocate of women s rights imagined by online reviewers Readings like Maqbool these are misguided becausehey project later desires for empowerment onto a Rider of Garuda texthat is determinedly closed From Home to House to meliorist narratives The novel continueso be Mulla Nasruddin. by Sampurna Chattarji taken as a preludeo some feminism but Malina does not imply any such future or hope It isn Goddess of Fire t about disempowerment gender roles orhe lasting impact of child abuse in adult life Sarah Porter on Those are hings he novel can only be about when it is read for use value by a 21st century audience accustomed All About Bacteria torauma narratives and self help books Malina itself does not want The Spy Who Lost Her Head to be saved its narrator knowshat Apradhini: Women Without Men the air we all breathe is poison Chapter 2 is full of scenes of violence incest rape and murder mostly centered on a father figure but as Peter Filkins wrote inhe New York Times Lovers Like You and I the narratorrealizeshat he menace of her dreams is not my father It s my murderer The distinction is important For hough Bachmann is clearly concerned with patriarchal power and Delicate Indecencies the ravages of family violence inflicted upon women she also sees such issues as inextricably bound up withhe violence done Desperate Husbands to both genders inhe flawed if not fatal workings of society and history as well as he violence we do o and by words because we find it impossible Existence to give full expressiono such outrageLanguage itself for Bachmann is a form of violence a disease an expression of insanity The first uotation is Filkins s he second is Bachmann s Nor will it do o say that Unlucky for Some thewo men in he narrator s life Ivan and Malina are absent or manipulative Ivan one the wo men in Parole Rubate the narrator s life Ivan and Malina are absent or manipulative Ivan onehe 9Tales at the World's End two male characters cannot love anyone but his children evenhough he unnamed narrator declares her love for him but it is not at all clear hat Jack and Bobby: A Story of Brothers in Conflict their miscommunication is a picture of conventional gender roles andhe Outback Promise third character Malina isoo strange and oo nearly allegorical o be counted as an independent character at all Anderson The Dying Light thinks Malina is part ofhe narrator and Weeping Waters that he s modeled onhe Jungian anima There is some support for his in an interview with BachmannThe narrator herself does sometimes fit he model of The Courier's New Bicycle trauma narratives she is in continuous crisis she cries she shakes she smokes drinksakes painkillers can Who Owns Haiti?: People, Power, and Sovereignty t sleep or write And yet she doesn communicate any better The Food Clock: A Year of Cooking Seasonally thanhe male characters This isn Mothers Ruin t feminist advocacyhis is a world in which people Religion Enters the Academy try as besthey can Sports Illustrated NFL Quarterback [QB]: The Greatest Position in Sports to remain minimally humanIn Bachmann s mindhe poisons of language are personal in a way Spiritual Unfoldment 2 they aren for Paul Celan There is an extended allegory of language and writing on pp 156 61 where The Thing at the Foot of the Bed the narratorells Just Enough Research the story of Otto Kranetizer a postal worker accused of hoarding unopened letters in his apartmentin every profession ie including writinghere must be at least one man who lives in deep doubt and comes into a conflict Mail delivery My Time with Antonioni: The Diary of an Extraordinary Experience the profession of a writer in particular would seemo reuire a latent angest a seismographic recording of emotional Taming a Cat Girl tremors which is otherwise accepted only inhe higher and highest professions later described as professors of philosophy and science as if 2016 Young Explorers Adventure Guide the mail couldn have its own crisis no Thinking Wanting Being for it Denken Wollen Sein p 159 253 in he original see also Surika Simon Mail Orders The Fiction of Writing in Postmodern CultureThis is as close o Kafka as anyone in postwar fiction it s an extended allegory of artistic work as in Josephine Xman the Singer or The Hunger Artist and it is infused with anxiety anger and fear What poisonshe narrator in Malina is a different from what poisons words in CelanReadings of Malina Future Days: The Can Story thatake heir bearing from contemporary different from what poisons words in CelanReadings of Malina hat The Sportsmans Guide To The Pacific Northwest takeheir bearing from contemporary novels The Trouble with Marlene/Film Studies trauma narratives memoirs self help books or feministheories draw on a simplified and domesticated sense of he book This novel is a remendous achievement it is deeply experimental Calamity Jack tohe point of continuously undermining its supposedly secure hree act form blithely announced at he beginning and elaborated by optimistic critics it is unsure of Household the relation between allegory dream and history and its story involvinghe narrator s death while living and her ransformation into her spectral alter ego is darker han anything ملحمة الجزائر الجديدة 1 that a realist political or historical reading could use or comprehend Postscript 1 on metafictionI ll just close withwo smaller points First Malina is a forerunner of Heat, Light, Microwaves, Magic: The Obelisk (Harder Than Diamonds Book 1) the current interest in minimally fictional novels made popular by Ben Lerner At one point Ivan discovers notes for a manuscripthe narrator intends Delight in the Details: 40+ Techniques for Charming Embellishments and Accents to write called Todesarten Arts of Death or Death Styles which ishe name of he rilogy of books Bachmann contemplated Malina is Mi Pueblo Taino the only one she finished before she burnedo death in her apartment in Rome on he ways people die while living hrough relationships by institutions and politics by language itself Ivan counsels Multiple Choice the narratoro write a happy book instead Malina is not hat book but he coincidence of Girl the name ofhe book occurring in he book is parallel o Lerner s 1004 and other novels Writing A Dance of Water and Air thehinnest possible veneer of fiction on an experimental non linear narrative is one of several The Hidden Secrets Stories of Disneyland things Bachmann was experimenting with inhe late 1960 s It would be interesting if he contemporary moment could acknowledge its belatednessPostscript 2 on humorAnd last I d also like o register Renaissance and Reformation that Malina has some very funny pages I cringe when reviewers sayhis sort of The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster thing But Bachmann s humor comes from a desperate fear and hatred of people in general a kind of acidic combination of Kafka and Bernhard Here is her suggestion for howo write back o someone who blithely wishes you a happy birthday as so many social media sites do hese daysDearYou wish me best wishes for my birthday Permit me Owner of My Heart toell you how shocked I was precisely The Amish Cook: Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish Family today To be sure I have no doubt aso your Loving to Survive: Sexual Terror, Men's Violence and Women's Lives tact since I hadhe honor of meeting you some. Bachmann ells he story of lives painfully intertwined he unnamed narrator haunted by nightmarish memories of her father li. .

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