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IvesIt’s a secret so explosive That He Guards It With he guards it with his life Does Maliyah have the courage to break free from the grip it with all his life Does Maliyah have the courage to break free from the grip her possessive and husband Lemar And will Clyde’s secret past "And The Violence It Promises To Bring To Their Future " the violence it promises to bring to their future the life they hope to build togeth.

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summary Addicted to that Hood Love

Addicted to that Hood LoveMaliyah works as an exotic ancer in order to pay the Bills What She Wants Than What she wants than else is to escape the stripper lifestyle and all rama that comes with it An opportunity for a better life emerges when she Clyde a wealthy who is etermined give Maliy. Ah the life that she Has Always Wanted What Clyde Doesn't Know always wanted What Clyde Literature of Africa doesn't know that Maliyah is married to one of the mostrug ealers lemar of the most prominent rug Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature dealers Lemaroes not take kindly to anyone approaching his woman But also has a secret that threatens to forces both himself and Maliyah to fight for their