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How to Manage a MaruessIt still left me unmoved I wasn t sure if it was the romance the characters or the idea itself but I had a hard time keeping my mind focused on this book whilst I was readingMaybe part of the problem was that I wasn t a massive fan of the main characters Anne was okay but she was scheming behind her friends back so that she could get she wanted which fortunately did coincide with her friend s happiness But it still felt underhanded But she was in a difficult position and on a serious note options were extremely limited for oung women at that point in time Then there was Nate and it wasn t that I disliked anything about him it s just that I didn t particularly like anything about him either it was all just a bit lacklustre Which unfortunately extended to the romance as wellI m not going to say too much as ou can see I wasn t a massive fan but there was also nothing inherently wrong with this book I just didn t connect with it I m not sure if I will read on with this series as I had the same problem with the first book but I wouldn t

it out if the blurb me enough Oh well ou can t like them all right Mistress of the House Spinster House series offers a situation romantic comedy in Regency clothing and with the specter of tragedy floating around the castle I found the language a little modern especially the use of the word Hey as a way of calling to someone or as an exclamation But according to the first online site that came up when I googled it it has its origins in Middle English It s all in the spirit of silly romantic fun It reminds me of a cozy mystery but without a murderBut of course there is the specter of tragedy in the past and potentially in the future The potential tragedy causes the obstructions between Anne and Nate The revelation of older tragedies Also Help Them Learn help them learn each other and one in particular helps Anne to accept her present family situation The tragedies of the past facilitate because they grow with them and those potential in the future prevent their union And ou know what they say about worry about future events over which one has no controlBeverly Crick is not my favorite narrator her voice is lovely but her modulation has a sing song rhythm I dislike I also dislike the way she voices sex scenes But her accent is plummy and authenticThere was great continuity coming off the first book as eually silly and fun including the preternatural cat Poppy Seriously how could I resist This felt like a rinse and repeat of book one I have little patience for naive selfish heroines Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyA very fluffy sexy Regency romp features three beginnings establishing a curse over the Dukes of Hart before we re introduced to the Maruess of Haywood who has dedicated his life to keepin. About the pair's secret tryst might speed the course of true love But the duke's stubborn cousin poses an obstacle A ridiculously handsome very persuasive obstacleNate Maruess of Haywood has spent his life looking out for the duke hoping to stave off a family curse The only way to keep his.

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G his friend the Duke of Hart from marrying and therefore dying according to the curseWhich may not be a curse after all Meanwhile Miss Anne Davenport is competing with her besties to live in the Spinster House so she can escape her family while trying to keep her father from remarrying Why the friends can t live together isn t clear because the main focus of the story is the maruess s pretty much constant state of arousal for Anne and of course Anne s responseThe Regency era is presented in the thinnest veneer the narrative voice trying for hu Sally Mackenzie is a great writer she knows how too draw her readers in and she sure did with this book what with a dynamic story line and lots of adventure and true love what can You Want Or Need In A Book want or need in a book enjoyed this The humor was good and I liked how both characters are set on their paths but their paths keep intersecting The Spinster House cat Poppy is uite the matchmaker Haywood was so protective of Anne and I liked that I wish he didn t think it was okay to go to prostitutes although I understand his options were limited because of the vow he made to his mother Looking forward to Lord Alex and Jane s storyReviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis is book two in the Spinster House series by Sally MacKenzie I have read the previous book but I feel ou would be okay with making this a standalone bookbut I will say Ms Mackenzie writing is so good that I would hate for ou to miss out on any of her books There is a Spinster House that was set up by the previous owner to only have the house used for one Spinster until she married or died then the house would go to another chosen Spinster and so forth It is actually a type of curse that is set forth for the Hart Family Miss Anne Davenport has her eye on that house At this time her good friend Cat is staying in the house but Anne knows that her friend is having feeling for the overseer of the houseDuke of Hart So Anne makes a plan to is having feeling for the overseer of the houseDuke of Hart So Anne makes a plan to in motion some light gossip that might hurry their love affair on so that she can move in Nate Maruess of Haywood is best friends with the Duke of Hart and tries to look after him and this so called curse that will kill the Duke of Hart if he marries So when Nate starts to learn that Ann is trying to move Cat and the Duke of Hart relationship toward marriage he knows he must stop her This book was a little silly for my tastes educated men believing in curses I think the author needed to choose an earlier time period than this one early nineteenth century to pull that off Still MacKenzie is a good writer and worthy of a 3 star rating A really solid follow up to book 1 I approve I wanted to hate Anne but I found it impossible Cousin alive is to keep him single That means convincing the intriguing Miss Davenport that her lovely lips could be put to far better use than gossiping Kissing for instance In fact Nate is beginning to hope that Miss Davenport's destiny lies not in the Spinster House at all but with him. ,
Our hero has so many sexist thoughts Women needing to be subservient and other bullshit like that Oh and did I mention that he has conversation with his dick Yup You heard me right Plural As in at least 10 It was uncomfortable He always telling it to shut up and behave And the pacing was not good at all It would be really slow and then bam Something would happen that if practically miss There were several scenes that were not very long and then when the characters were thinking or talking about it in retrospect they describe them as at least 2 or 3 times longer than they actually were It completely threw Me Out Of The Story out of the story ve never had this problem with MacKenzie s writing before so I dunno what was up with that It definitely needed some work though It s only the 2nd book that has ever driven me to turning my audiobook up to 3x speed and it was mostly from the wacky pacing Also her dad is a major dickwad There is this big deal made about him being such a selfish jackass to his daughter but Ann never faces him about it and he just gets away with it Both him and his bride to be Shame on them for being selfish cowards and not having the guts to talk to Ann And I m so disappointed that it s not brought up again Ann just decided to be a complacent and spineless person and it made it feel so unsatisfying She s all like YEAH I ll let them walk all over me No problemo Here let me lie down to make it easier for ou Maybe a slight exaggeration Also the children Children are the literal worst in adult books 99100 times it s done badly The children are either wise beyond their Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) years or act far toooung Somehow this author manages both in one book how does that even happen The 5 ear old in particular really grated on my nerves Which definitely wasn t helped by the high PITCHED AND FAST SPEECH THAT THE NARRATOR GAVE HIM and fast speech that the narrator gave him I do believe he would have been really abnoxious either way 25 Stars The saga with the Spinster House continues with Anne Davenport another oung lady who wants a chance to move in and leave the worries of her home behind her Namely that her father is planning to marry a woman ounger than she is However it doesn t uite pan out as expected when one of her closest friends gets the house the subseuently falls in love with the Duke of Hart All she needs is a little push from her friend to commit and marryand then move out of the Spinster House leaving it vacant for Anne Her plan falls in complete opposition to what the Duke s best friend and cousin Nate Maruess of Haywood has in Mind And As They Battle and as they battle out their passion flares as well as their tempersI wasn t a massive fan of the first book in this series but it left me curious enough to want to read the next book to see what happens And although I did like this book slightly. Two possible futures loom before Miss Anne Davenport The first option sharing an unhappy home with her father and soon to be stepmother The second a life of independence at the Spinster House if only her friend Cat would vacate the premises and marry the Duke of Hart A well placed whisper. ,