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At the eight of Lettres persanes his Fake Steve Jobs fame Dan Lyons gave a talk at Google s Mountain View campus I was unable to go due to travel or likely some stupid meeting but several friends went One of them was excited to report that Mr Lyons was just like me even down to the acne scars all over our necksWhile I m a fan of Mr Lyons and I really enjoyed the book I m not sureow I feel about Histoire d'une mouette et du chat qui lui apprit voler (avec deux CD) him taking the job at Hubspot in the first place If you are taking a job with a purposely vague title like marketing fellow and ohow the tech industry loves to lift titles from other industries like that then it s reasonable to assume that flexibility will be reuired in the responsibilities of that roleSo this was not a culture fit and not in the age discrimination way though there was plenty of that if someone takes a vaguely defined role and then essentially complains about the lack of structure while asking permission to do stuff Perhaps this came from working in structured newsrooms I Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs have no idea because my idea of what newsrooms are like comes from Mencken s Newspaper Days and the Daily Bugle in Spiderman comicsHaving gotten that unpleasantness out of the way I still greatly admire the little tech carpetbagger foris determination to leave no bridge unburned and for Les sentiments du prince Charles his sharp observational skills I was so captivated by the book that I read it straight through in one sitting I started a list of all the things that I felt Mr Lyons got right about startup culture along with my own thoughts Being managed out I ve only seen itappen to other people natch but the part with Trotsky is about as good of a description of being managed out as you are going to read Early employeeFriend of CEO effect The book perfectly captures the way that early employees and they are loaded up with stock so when the company goes public they will make oh so much than you will can Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems hunker in to the company and make life miserable for everyone else Boiler room approach to tech Basically anything that can t be automated outbound calling approving ads or websites turning pages in a book at tech companies are done with rooms full of recent grads The bottom 5 10% are culled every so often and replacements are brought in There are buildings full of these people in and around Mountain View BS creation myths for start ups Itas always annoyed me Art Forms in Nature The Prints of Ernst Haeckel how most startups need a creation myth YouTubeas this story about the founders being at a dinner party and wanting to share videos that they made blah blah blah But you can go on archiveorg and see very clearly that it was set up to be a dating site sort of a video Hot Or Not I am certainly guilty of repeating these false narratives at countless sales calls though Age discrimination I was being called old man and similar even back when I joined Google at 35 I even remember in my early 30s the son of the CEO where I worked scrunched up The Vesper Service Murders his face and asked me What are you Like 40 I m still not sure whate meant by that I still get a comment every few weeks or so that I m not crazy about so I close my laptop and stop working for the day in response I don t think my age affects my ability to get A Promise of Fireflies hired because I ve always felt smarter and employable then just about everyone around me I went to a conference a few weeks ago andalf a dozen companies were interested in Muscovy Russia through foreign eyes 1553 1900 hiring me though I m veryappy where I am now thankyouverymuch Can t step in the same river twice Mr Lyons paints this as a bad thing but e captures the CHAOS AND CHANGE AT A FAST GROWING START UP and change at a fast growing start up means there will be wasted effort which isn t great but it also creates great opportunities And when I feel like uitting a start up job I remind myself or someone else does that everything will change in about 3 months anyway so I put a tickler in my calendar to reconsider until then The weird linking of personal and work life This as only gotten worse over the past decade

Or So I Have Noticed 
so I Tea with T: Let's Talk About Age Management, Eyes, Part 1 have noticed waye almost gets fired for a FB joke is worse than anything I ve seen but I don t doubt it It was really common for co workers to date early in my career but now I know of apartment buildings where the majority of the apartments are taken by people from one company The norm today seems to be for co workers to live and play together in a Forever Young huddle like puppies This is something obviously not possible for middle aged workers except maybe as the premise of a sitcom Discrimination against funny people In Silicon Valley genuineumor is always frowned upon and turned against you mainly because Camille a rendu son soumis prcoce: Note N 9 (Mon journal intime) humor alwaysas an element of truth to it and shows a clarity of perception two things that are never tolerated in tech In alm I get it I m an old guy working in Mit Quietscheente auf Weltreise: und warum Kokosnüsse gefährlicher sind als Haie (German Edition) high tech but I ve always beenere and in Canada we re at a slight remove from the unicorn madness infecting some other tech centres I can understand Dan s snark and I ve seen evidence of ruthless backstabbing The Pillars of Hercules A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean hi tech mean girlingare brained revelations from egotistical narcissists Kool aid slurping wage slaves frat boy brogrammers and A Very British Coup his just goes to eleven But calling out the bro coders out for their frat boy antics then gleefully recounting the dick fart and shit jokes you live on in the writers room seems disingenuous I understand you calling out the 20 somethings for their lack of experience but can you please not mention you were kind of a big deal at Newsweek againI m not sure what I wanted from this story Maybe snark or some sort of narrative so that it didn t just feel like a book length bitch session Dan manages to be at a complete remove from everyone involved in the story so that it feels likee s just lobbing spitballs at the tech industry now that Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (and What the Neighbors Thought) he s safelyidden behind the protective apron of Hollywood Maybe if you work in The Whistling Bird Women Writers of the Caribbean Three Continents Press hi tech and still can t explain what it is you do to your folks you can send them this so they get a feel forow far removed from reality the crazy farm can get Wow I Virtualization, A Beginner's Guide hated this book First of all let s get something out of the way this book is not funny It s I dunno petty And a bit vindictiveBut what s the most disappointing is the author makes some good points aboutow tech companies are de valuing labor about Le Cycle Mythologique Irlandais Et La Mythologie Celtique how the funding and IPO model is broken Bute wraps it in such self aggrandizing ageist bullshit that it s impossible to take seri. For twenty five years Dan Lyons was a magazine writer at the top of Borderland Borderland his profession until one Friday morning whene received a phone call Poof His job no longer existed I think they just want to Women of Gion The Legendary Age hire younger peopleis boss at Newsweek told World in Peril The OriginMission Scientific Findings of the 46th72nd Reconnaissance Suadron him Fifty years old and with a wife and two young kids Dan was in a word screwed Then an ideait Dan ad long reported on Silicon Valley and the tech explosion Why not join it HubSpot a Boston start up was flush with 100 million in venture capital They offered Dan a pile of stock options for the vague role of marketing fellow What could go wrong HubSpotters were true believers They were making the world Disrupted My Misadventure in the Start Up BubbleTure Absurd and Fondamentaux de la Natation (les) Technique et Entrainement Initiation Perfect humorous anecdotes aside the book is at its best when Lyons steps back fromis own situation to reflect on the broader dynamics of the start up bubble nonsensical business culture and practices exploitation of naive workers rampant inexperience discrimination particularly ageism the substitution of marketing for uality the grow or die mentality and incoherent business strategies that succeed only in enriching a Capitalism Without Capital handful of founders and investors Whatever one thinks of Lyons style Iope the book ignites a much needed conversation about the start up bubble And if the bubble does burst I suspect many will look back on Lyons as a prophet The author is so deeply unlikeable and the narrative so unreliable that it s Code Name Princess SEAL and Code Name hard to get any wisdom out of it like trying to understand the ravings of a resentful teenager More to this point He sounds like a nightmare to work with He calls people bozos graspers and self promoters shameless resume padders for nothing than setting up a personal website working in tech joining Toastmasters clubs to improve public speaking skills and organizing kayaking outingsHe doesn t likeow Hitler's Army Soldiers Nazis and War in the Third Reich his coworkers over use exclamation points soe sends out sarcastic company wide emails roasting people Jan is the best Her can do attitude and big smile cheer me up every morning Jan is the grumpy woman who runs the blog she scowls a lot Poor Jan He Yoshikawa Eiji Hito to sekai has no problem with running a scam as long ase gets uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking his Even if I stay only one year I will get five thousand options and if the IPO goes well those options could be worth some money He expounds on this crashingly boring and uease inducing point multiple times making it seem likee s a complete toolHe characterizes everyone at Apple as brainwashed corporate zombies who all truly believe they are doing incredibly important work If you re the average decent L'Estampe Japonaise hard working person trying to do nice things and not scam anyone Lyons response to this isaha sucker His greatest admiration is saved for people who sold worthless startups like Netscape at the Samantha An American Girl The American Girls CollectionBoxed Set high point of a boom or joined months before an IPO and got rewarded out of proportion to their work I generally think that reading books is preferable to not reading books but in this case you probably don t want to spend any time in the author s mind This was a fun read that anyone in the tech industry can relate toOne reason I knocked my rating down is the aw shucks tone the author takes He makes it sound likee found the job worked there a few months and then realized Letters of Rennyo he would write a book about it I call bullshite went in to the job knowing full well e was going to write about it I mean e was a tech writer for Newsweek beforehand so it s not exactly a stretchI also felt that the auth I read Dan Lyon s LinkedIn post about Neophytes of the Stone his book two years back andave been curious to read The Essential Neurosurgery Companion his book especially since some people in Hubspot actually tried to obtain a copy and indulged in coercion to stop the book I also read co founder Dharmesh Shah s mature response on behalf ofim as well as Brian Halligan also on LinkedIn though Pour les nerveux : Le traitement simple et efficace du docteur Vittoz he does not address all the issues in Dan s bookSomehow got to reading it only now This is an especially interesting read on Tech Startups and does offer lessons such companies would be better off considering And yet some of Dan s criticism does also come across as whining and bitterness as a result ofis personal experienceAt over 50 years of age Dan decides to enter the world of Tech Startup by joining Hubspot a Boston based company with a product for Inbound marketing He as been in the media industry for long and "realizes it will take some effort to fit in to a new industry He as kids and "it will take some effort to fit in to a new industry He Im Westen nichts Neues has kids and wife recently lefter job which adds to the pressure to get back to work as uickly as possible His initial days and weeks are frustrating with no direction on what is expected of 7 Secrets to Get your Prayers Answered him very little dialogue with seniors and a fratouse culture gone berserk His work assignments are mostly around writing lame blogs Most of the Hubspot employees are fresh out of college and ave little or no real coaching
In Order To Keep Them 
order to keep them they are offered a fun place to work bright colors bean bags beer on the job etc At times such as Halloween and Freaky Fridays employees can come in wearing costumes of their choice Employees are told that they are actually making the world a better place Employees who leave or are fired which appens uite often are announced as graduating with an informally worded mail doing the rounds The culture code presentation with the HEART acronym comes across as full of fluff Dan sticks out as an odd person struggling to fit in and also makes detractors with Nikola Tesla for Kids: His Life, Ideas, and Inventions, with 21 Activities (For Kids series) his frankness Here Dan s criticism is on solid ground and this is certainly a culture where older employees as also many personality types and those who value authenticity would struggle to fit in As part ofis narrative Dan also suggests that Hubspot Pustahan Tayo Mahal Kita has a poor product andas to spend a lot on marketing to sell it as also to retain customers While it is difficult to know if that is case Hubspot as seen very strong growth and indicates that this cannot be entirely true He also takes aim at startups in general and the trends they back Eg e takes aim at Software as a Service companies which is completely off the mark Even going by wild card Der Traum der ewigen Jugend in Zeiten der Post Apokalypse his own account there is an indication that Dan did not try veryard to fit in either nor did Enqute sur la noblesse he offer suggestions constructively Brian Halligan was once uoted as saying that experience was largely overvalued prompting a bitter Facebook post by Dan whiche acknowledges might not Les Nombrils - Tome 5 - Un couple d'enfer (French Edition) have been the best approachWhilee uses pseudo names for a few people in the book Tuntematon Kimi Räikkönen he names Chief Marketing Officer Mike Volpe and Head of Content Joe Chernovis supervisor for part of the duration in the Epilogue who Handbook of Primary Care Procedures (Orthopaedic Surgery Essentials) had to leave as a result of the FBI investigation though no charges were pressed Aftere gets another job Dan resigns giving a 6 week notice but is asked to leave the very next day There are good lessons from the book on the need for diversity valuing experience promoting time tested values of respect openness trust transparency authenticity fairness rather than a cult like behavior and make believe A book I certainly recommend readingMy rating 35 Le of is behavior and make believe A book I certainly recommend readingMy rating 35 Le of is and fall at Hubspot is a trenchant analysis of the start up world a de facto conspiracy between those who start companies and those who fund them a world where bad ideas are rewarded with The Fiddler in the Subway hefty investments where companies blow money lavishing perks on their post collegiate workforces and where everybody is trying toang on just long enough to reach an IPO and cash out With a cast of characters that includes devilish angel investors fad chasing venture capitalists entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs bloggers and brogrammers social climbers and sociopaths Disrupted is a gripping and definitive account of life in the second tech bubb. Ously In the first 15 pages Trumbull Park (Northeastern Library of Black Literature) he talks aboutow astounded e is that Hubspot as Rve, cl de l'identit hiredim for a marketing position when Exercices de style he s got no marketing experience Thene loses Cemetery Planet I his mind thatis boss is only 5 years out of college Um Elämän ja kuoleman kentältä – Sotarunoilija Aarni Suursalon vaikutelmia vapaussodasta how are you surprised This guyas 5 years experience then you do of course you report to The Reluctant Heiress Lone Star Legacy himFrom that point on you neverear about someone without also Les Osismes Peuple de l'Occident Gaulois hearing aboutow old they are He complains that everyone makes L'Europe et le mythe de l'Occident him feel old whilee s busy writing a book about Calvinists Incorporated Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier University of Chicago Geography Research Papers how young and dumb they all are Pot Meet kettleHe also seems pretty out of touch for a guy who was a Newsweek tech reporter If you reported on these companies so muchow did you not know what you were getting intoHe complains that there s no diversity in tech but then gets excited when The Kitchen Linens Book Using Sharing and Cherishing the Fabrics of Our Daily Lives he s in an LA writers room with all dudes wheree can make jokes about uge cocks and dry vaginas He openly mocks is company on Facebook and wonders why Thank You God For Everything he gets in troubleNow do I thinke Dirla tutta sul mercato globale. Idee per un'economia mondiale assennata had some legitimate gripes about Hubspot Sure But I expected an experienced journalist to be able to frame it in a way that didn t make meate Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing him Insteade came across like a grumpy old man who Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Victorian Naturalist Mycologist Teacher and Eccentric had an axe to grind If you re looking for insight into the current state of the tech industry this isn t your book You want toear a guy talk about The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia how greate is and complain about The Origin of Feces his coworkers for 250 pages This is your book I was torn between a 1 star and a 5 star review The 5 stars because I can t remember the last time I read a book that made me so angry I was initially really excited to read this like the author I am a 50 guy who jumped into the much younger world of start ups I was curious aboutis thoughts and experiences both good and bad Given Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution his journalism background Iad really Guide to the Contemporary Harp high expectations I was completely let down This book was really just a polemic about the evils of start ups and their culture both in general and aigh level of specificity the company Plato and Parmenides: Parmenides' Way of Truth and Plato's Parmenides he worked at HubSpot Is there a culture of ageism sexism racism etc at some start ups Absolutely And at established companies Of course These issues are not start up issues but societal issues Is HubSpot a weird place to work First up HubSpot garners zero sympathy from this girl for being exposed in this fashion I know these places exist because I worked for a lite version of them in a differen Ugh The cluelessness The lack of awareness and growth on the part of the author was aoot And Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante horrifying to read It s a fish out of water tale A journalist inis 50 s gets fired and needs new employment fast His wife is unemployed He With Krishna's Eyes has two young children He begrudgingly takes a job at a tech startup called Hubspotoping to stick it out for a year or so in the Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique hopes of striking it rich in their upcoming IPO It s all naked greed forim Although Yoga in the Workplace heas covered the tech beat for decades L'ORTHOGRAPHE FACILE - ORTHOGRAPHE D'USAGE, REGLES GRAMMATICALES, HOMONYMES, DICTIONNAIRE ORTHOGRAPHIQUE he is shocked SHOCKED to discover that ageism racism and sexism are real phenomena in the tech industry How could this beappening To other people sure but to Dictionnaire Le Robert de poche 2020 him He s white And a male Whatappened to The Mark of Cain his privilege Why is life so suddenly unfairAs a journaliste says Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : St Seiya, tome 27 he never earned much money bute got to party on the Forbes yacht with celebrities He ob nobbed with the wealthy He jet sets all over the world Why aren t all is young new colleagues at Hubspot fawning all over Folktales from the Moose of Burkina Faso him He s important He s somebody At Hubspote is the old guy He Jeou p'ou t'ouan ou la chair comme tapis de prire has never worked in technology before He knows nothing He repeats throughout the book that thate is naive And yet Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus he cannot fathom whye isn t running is department The author instantly feels umiliated when Do No Harm he learnsis boss is young The author actually says in a meeting that The Poseidon Adventure he would like to kill someone He doesn t understand why this makesis colleagues uncomfortable He s edgy He s cynical Why don t they respect thatHe chats with a white male colleague within earshot of a young woman colleague about firing a 19 year old woman Why did How to Stop Drinking Alcohol and End Drug Addiction he fireer Although nothing untoward Le tour du monde en uatre vingts jours happened between them working closely with a young woman was uncomfortable Foris wife Yes this really The Iron Raven (The Iron Fey: Evenfall, happened Yete can t understand why The Kindest Lie he is being forced to apologize tois colleague He s not creepy and sexist She s an over sensitive passive aggressive bitch who ratted Uncivil Rites him out to HR What s wrong witherAlso freuently writing yes this really Ethnic Minorities and the Media Issues in Cultural and Media Studies happened and this literallyappened after describing an event is something that literally Kraken: An Anatomy happens in this book It literallyappens a few times ever chapter It really The Best I Can Be happens Really And literally This literallyappens A journalist literally does this as a stock device In the end the author cashes out on an IPO and leaves He now works as a writer on an HBO series Silicon Valley Because Killers of the Flower Moon : Oil, Money, Murder and the Birth of the FBI he s a writer andas experience working at a startup So you see series Silicon Valley Because Daughter of the Alien Warrior Treasured by the Alien he s a writer andas experience working at a startup So you see Fire on the Water has special insight Alsoe can sit in the writer s room and make big dick and dry vagina jokes and no bitch will rat Once Upon an Eid him out to HR He likes this This is actually and literally whate took out of Ten Doors Down his startup experience Other than good pay travel insurance and stock optionse learned something What did e learnAgeism and lack of diversity at a startup is bad but at the old boy s club in
California IT S AWESOMEMake No 
IT S AWESOMEMake no Hubspot is a shitty company with a crappy product Startup culture is indeed toxic Ageism sexism racism yes they are real and ongoing issues at tech companies The author owever continually expresses My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel his disappointment for all the crassest and clueless reasons He was only in it for the money bute still felt that somehow Moving Targets (Spider Shepherd: SAS Book 2) he just wasn t getting the respecte so richly deserved just for showing up And being a white male Yes This literally ROMANCE happens This book gets five stars for its sheer importance It is a long overdue takedown of the worst aspects of Silicon Valley culture employing time tested weapons for challengingegemonic wisdom sarcasm ridicule and satire No sacred cow goes unslaughtered and the result is one of the funniest books I Chosen for Greatness have ever read The book is not perfect Lyonsas an obvious axe to Grind His Vulgarity Is Off Putting And His Mean Spirited his vulgarity is off putting and Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 his mean spirited of specific colleagues made me suirm Nonetheless this is a book the world needs and Lyons acerbicumor is what allows Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, him to take on the juggernaut of Silicon Valley startup cul. Better place by selling email spam The office vibe was fratouse meets cult compound The party began at four thirty on Friday and lasted well into the night; shower pods became ook up dens; a push up club met at noon in the lobby while nearby in the content factory Nerf gun fights raged Groups went on walking meetings and Dan's absentee boss sent cryptic emails about employees who ad graduated read been fired In the middle of all this was Dan exactly twice the age of the average HubSpot employee and literally old enough to be the father of most of Shell Beak Tusk his co workers sitting atis desk on is bouncy ball chairMixed in with Lyons's uproarious ta.

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