[E–pub] (Up Close and Personal) by Magda Alexander

Up Close and Personal

Magda Alexander ç 7 READ

I eceived this book from the author in exchange for an honest eviewHoly hotness was Close and Personal a great ead The storyline blew me away Once I started eading I couldn t put it down and I love a great ending The characters were great Caitlyn was an awesome lead I loved her innocence and great ending The characters were great Caitlyn was an awesome lead I loved her innocence and She had a great personality and was uite humorous Sterling was definitely a no nonsense man but he also had a softer side Moseley was awesome His dedication and being so trustworthy were ualities that made him irreplaceable The hot and steamy scenes were just that hot and steamy I had to fan myself a couple times This uick ead is a great add to your tbr list I look forward to eading of Magda Alexander s work Definitely a ecommended ead One of my favorite uotes was from Sterling You are the best thing that s happened to me You brought light into my darkness and laughter and love good story uick ead Up Close and Personal by Magda Alexander is a sweet and touching story about Caitlyn Bennett a young woman who earns a position as a personal assistant to Sterling MacKay a eclusive billionaire who is losing his sight and wants someone who will treat him as he demands and follows orders to do things his way Caitlyn sees there is to Sterling then just a boss and ealizes that to give him what he needs most she just may have to go against what he thinks he needs The book is a uick ead because it is so well written you loose yourself in the story and it is over before you are eady for it to be over You can ead the synopsis Magda posts to learn about the story but what I want you to know is you will uickly fall for both Sterling and Caitlyn and see everything from both of their points of view and you will won t be disappointed in how the story esolves I only wish the story was longer I loved the characters that much 4 Stars What a sweet uick ead Loved it I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK Genre Romance ContemporarySteamy YesCliffhanger NoCan be ead as Standalone YesRating 2 out of 5 StarsCOMPLIMENTARY COPY PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWOh man This was painful At the 50% mark I had accepted defeat and was going to throw in the towel But because of my espect for the author and how short the book was I decid. A Sweet Naive Assistant Desperate to pay her mother’s medical bills Caitlyn Bennett applies for the personal assistant position to eclusive billionaire Sterling MacKay To her surprise she’s hired even though she barely meets the ualifications for the job Following her heart she throws herself ,
Ed to press on and finish the Book I Enjoyed Storm Series So I enjoyed Storm series so had high hopes going into this story but it was a HUGE disappointment I couldn t connect with the characters at all Everything felt contrived and the build up was nonexistent I couldn t for the life of me feel their love for each other It kind of just came from nowhere And his blindness felt like a gimmick At a few points in the story he did things that made me forget he was supposed to be blind until we were later eminded But I will say things did pick up a little when the eye doctor came into the story but not enough to edeem the storyline And the ending was idiculously stereotypically fairy tale Swoon I did not In summary the uality of this book was far below that of Magda s previous works It did not work for me unfortunately Stopped at 50%I was looking for a short angst free and light ead Someone said this book had it all LolThe lightness I must say comes from the heroine s air head I dislike when the author tries to sell the heroine as a smart hardworking down to earth person and when you buy it you ealize you were scammed She was hired to be a personal assistant but could not finish her tasks because she got distracted by other things And who knows me here in GR knows a little of my eading taste I don t like whoring from both mcs I don t like cheating I don t like triangle I don t like op causing drama etc And there s something else I don t like a tease And this heroine was one There was this scene where mcs were getting frisky and he gave her plenty opportunities for her to leave he asked her many times if she was sure about She says she wants it she locks the door and they start getting down and dirty Then she just does this 180 change of thoughts pushes the hero away and flees the oom This is also not good in my book Don t be a Tease Because It S Not Cute And This Book Is because it s not cute And this book is So I stopped at the fleeing scene I got this book for an honest eview and I loved itFrom the time they meet they are amazing togetherHe is such a wounded soul in need of someone who can bring some light into his life and there she comes with that captivating smell and her excitement about almost everythingThe fact that he is her boss should be taboo but since she clearly wa. Nto her work vowing to do the very best she can But she soon finds out her definition of best is not what her boss has in mind A Damaged Jaded Billionaire Having lost most of his vision to a car accident Sterling MacKay demands perfection from everyone employed by him When his latest hire a ecent