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Clara They have never been lovers but they are good friends Both are not dreading this impending betrothal but both are not rushing towards the alter ither My first thought was how am I going to feel about Clevedon on such good terms with Clara falling for another woman And while he doesn t necessarily hide the fact that he met and spent time with Marcelline he never comes clean with the actual Humanism emotional attachment he has with her at first Of course when they allnd up in London together Clara catches on uick And I love that she doesn t hide She confronts Marcelline She may be a little na ve but I give her credit for not sitting in the shadows Is Clara hurt Sure But I don t think she is Smokin' Hot ever betrayed And I like that we get to see the journey Clara goes on and she is better off for itThe Clevedon we come to know is such a sweet good guy There are a few parts towards thend where Marcelline needs help and what he does for her made me smile so big and I might Placing Memory even have wiped away a tear We not only get these lovely warm moments but the banter between Clevedon and Marcelline is sontertaining and well doneAnd before I go I must mention the smexy parts while there is wonderful tension in this book the love scenes are intense and filled with as much passion as these two characters And there is carriage smex does it get better It was as stormy a kiss as the last time but different He was angry with her she was angry with him But far than anger was at work between them This time she wasn t in control She was drowning in feeling in the taste of him and the scent of his skin and the feel of his hard body under hers and his hand so tight in her hair possessiveA lifetime had passed since a man had held her like thisShe knew a part of her mind knew she needed to break away from him But firstoh a little Most importantly this book is so romantic The looks between the Clevedon and Marcelline The witty banter The tension The heartbreak and angst The warmth and humor Oh all done so well One of the best books I have read this yearRating A Marceline Noirot the self proclaimed greatest modiste in all the world has her ye on the future duchess of Clevedon one of the worst dressed young ladies of the season Technically speaking the duke of Clevedon has yet to propose to anyone but it s clear to veryone the duke included that Lady Clara Fairfaix is the destined oneMarceline sets out to Paris to woo the oh so charming duke of Clevedon or rather his money And don t you dare imagine that she s doing all this covertly Oh no she s making things clear from the get go As xpected the duke and Marceline both lose their heads in the process ironically creating a scandal that may well alienate the future duchess of ClevedonThis must ve been the first book that I have found simultaneously njoyable and hugely disappointing On the one hand it made me laugh and had me glued to it from start to finish just waiting to see what ll happen next The sex scenes on the other hand were just plain boring They d all start out promising Wanton Nights enough but as they progressed on to the risue details I just lost interest Heck Iven skipped a few of them While My Soldier Serves entirely because they bored me so muchTo be fair it sntirely possible that Ms Chase s writing style is fine and it s just me who lost interest in the genre After all I have loved her Scoundrels series for all its heart fluttering moments Score 285 stars because it her Scoundrels series for all its heart fluttering moments Score 285 stars because it couldn t get me in the proper mood Otherwise a good book well written full of hilarious scenes presenting an interesting look into the cut throat world of Victorian ra fashion A 5 star book as perceived by yours truly should meet the following reuirements1 It should ither make my A stomach ache from laughing B cheeks hurt from grinning andor C ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe eyes fill with tears since that s the closest Iver come to bawling2 The writing should be The Fiend Next Door expressivenough to make me genuinely feel the characters and their motions 3 The story should at least be intriguing nough that I never பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் ever have to force myself to read on4 The plot should be so thoroughlyngrossing that I only put the book aside out of necessity 5 Even before reading the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 ending I should be recommending the book to all my friends and calculating how soon I should reread it so that thexperience will still be as absorbing as it was the first time around Seeing as this book is recommended by one of my all time favorite authors Ilona Andrews to say my A Meditation on Murder expectations were high would be a major understatement I triedxtremely hard to suelch my anticipation with the fear that it would ruin this book as it has so many others but I needn t have worried Chase had me so utterly nthralled in her world all apprehensive and skeptical thoughts vanished ven before I finished the first chapter Truthfully I m a little shocked myself at how deeply I fell in love with this story Marcelline is unlike any other heroine I ve ver come across in all the historicals I ve read For one thing she isn t an aristocrat or a desperate spinster For another she s a rare blend of ambitious sassy collected passionate and mysterious that I found myself constantly in awe of This Is One Woman I Wouldn T Even Dream Of Messing one woman I wouldn t ven dream of messing with Clevedon while not being the most original character out there still had an incomparable charm that made me fall in love with him regardless While reading Silk Is for Seduction the only thing I was afraid Chase wouldn t be able to pull off convincingly was Celevedon and Marcelline s relationship It s unheard of for a working woman of the Regency Era to be anything but the mistress of a duke and I was anxious about how Chase would describe it without it coming across as far fetched or implausible Again I really shouldn t have worried Without giving away the nding I ll simply say that it s believable realistic and absolutely perfect Chase tackles the xpected issues that arise with Marcelline and Clevedon being a couple head on instead of brushing them off and I believe this is what made me add her to my favorite authors list I read this book in two sittings I loved reading it I loved the writing I loved Marcelline and Clevedon and above all I loved their romance The banter between the two was witty natural and delightfully charming I adore how their relationship was built on so "MUCH THAN JUST PASSION THERE WAS ALSO TRUST FRIENDSHIP "than just passion there was also trust friendship and of course love between them Silk Is for Seduction is one of the best books I ve AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 ever read and I strongly recommend it to anyone whonjoys a beautiful and unforgettable story For reviews visit my blo. Din Londra ambii maestri in arta seductiei declanseaza un adevarat infern si un scandal incendiarLoretta Chase a absolvit Clark University dupa care s a dedicat pasiunii de a scrie romane de dragoste istorice ceea ce i a adus recunoasterea in randul cititorilorDin intreaga lume Bestsellerul Seductie a fost nominalizat ca finalist la Premiul RITA al Asociatiei Scriitorilor de Romane de Dragoste din America. .

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Silk Is for seductionThis tool toting fishing rod slinging maintenance man is going 45 on his first historical romance novel recommended by Dija about a dress maker and a Duke Although I m not sure how much historical romance I will be delving into in the future I don t think I could have had a better introduction to the Genre After some discussions on what to The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? expect in this Genre I found myself pleasantly sucked into this story from the start I started under the radar in case I didn t like it When I put it down I was already at 20% in what seemed like a blink of theye Chase is an amazing author that wove just about very motion into this novelMarcelline is one of three sisters and the mother of one very spunky going to rule the world one day little girl The sisters run a dress shop with the goal to be the best in London They already make a superior uality of product now they just need to get the high nosed ladies of London to look down to see it The sisters are a well oiled machine The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online each specializing in dress making and human manipulation The human manipulation part is usually done as a team withach of them complementing Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet each other Marcelline devises a plan to create the wedding dress for Lady Clara who has been destined to marry Duke Clevedon from birth This should put them on the map and seal there futureThere s the triangle and my friends know what I think about them Somehow this story unravels and not only never bothers me but thensuing romance catches me off guard Clevedon is a slut so I usually wouldn t be pulling for him but I did almost immediately Marcelline is a hard working smart ambitious family first beauty but found myself irritated by her business first attitude I believe the writer meant it to be that way I only mention it because I am usually pulling for my girl from the start and concede defeat to the Hero later It was the other way around and caught me off guard The story cruises along at a very nice pace There are not many peaks but I can say there were no valley s for me The story itself was simple compared to the PNR UF and Fantasy that is my normal Genre That said I was into the story very uickly and once into it I never lost interest The lack of the 5th star has to do with the Genre than the story and I m writing this at 230 on a break and might just toss that 5th star on after further consideration Either way it was definitely a 45 which completely 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) exceeded myxpectations for this GenreI probably won t be filling my shelves with historical romance but if the next book is a continuation of this story I WILL be reading it Loretta Chase s historicals never disappoint Silk Is For Seduction is the first in a new series and features a heroine who is a refreshingly hard headed businesswoman and the hero who simply can t resist her amoral charms This improved as it went along but we did not start out friends this book and I And I ve thought on it and I cannot give it than 3 stars It s Chase so it s nicely written and feels sort of historically appropriate a Duke marrying a dressmaker is far fetched and there s no way the heroines rep wouldn t be ruined by the way she behaves in this book There are some lovely descriptions of clothes which frankly there should be if you re going to take on dress making as a subject Sex was good too I liked the characterization of the hero It was nice to have his idleness and his apathy highlighted by the heroine who is very far from ither of those things and nice to see him grow as a result of his feelings for her That said there were too many lements to him really Dead mother in a tragic accident nothing too much came of that And a prior Your Everyday Art World engagement to a girl he plainly only loved as a sister which lingered for way too long The heroine was inconsistent All about the business and her family but then she risksverything absolutely Why Photography Matters everything in her affair with the hero And that s where we come on to my big gripe plot and motivationThe heroine wants to snare the hero s fianc as a client So she absolutely cannot be seen to be a romantic rival for her What well bred woman is going to have her clothes made by the vixen Doreen Valiente Witch ensnaring the husbandsfiancsbeaux of her clientele None of them So what does she do She flirts with him She takes his cravat pin and Duty Free Murder exchanges it for one of her pins She kisses him in the middle of an argument this was a particularly irritating moment for me She goes with him unaccompanied to a massive society ball She lets him into her shop and sleeps with him She stays with him in his house and she accepts a bunch of money from himven if it is a loanThis was a bit too much for me Badly plotted given what Chase wants us to believe about the heroine s motivations and her character Particularly bad in Paris which is the start of the book hence my visceral dislike of it in those Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag early stages And it soured me on the relationship It got better as it went on and their behaviour made a bit sense in the context of how his fianc reacted But still brings the rating down I will pick up the rest in the series though because Chase has some stellar writing chops and she s ntertaining I finally got around to this oneI m going to sound like a complete snob but I can t help but agree that the classes shouldn t mixin my historical romance reads I LOVE Loretta Chase and have njoyed reading some of her previous stories When I read the blurb for this one I wasn t sure she would be able to convince me that a Duke could happily marry a Dressmaker and keep his place in society Well I guess it comes down to love because love breaks all the rulesIn the Venous Catheters end Injoyed Silk Is for Seduction It wasn t my favourite by Loretta Chase but it was still bloody good I guess the main problem for me is that Clevedon is a bit of a douchewaffle He s out galivanting in France while his intended Not The Heroine Waits Patiently Back In England As He the heroine waits patiently back in England as he his wild oats Nice view spoilerI loved that Clara tells him to stick it where the sun don t shine when he finally gets around to proposing to his like a sister intended hide spoiler Silk Is For Seduction was supposed to be the historical romance book that will make me forget all the crap I ve gotten from this genre in the past and make me see that there are still good stories belonging to this genre out there Oh I m sorry Mrs Chase was there supposed to be a plot there I seem to have Missed It With All it with all growing rections popping up like mushrooms in a forest after heavy rainWhat was this book all about Making dresses for stuck up aristocrats Or likely about the duke wanting to bang. O rochie perfecta trebuie sa aiba doua caracteristici doamnele ar muri ca s o poarte iar domnii ar ucide ca s o dea josMarcelline Noirot o creatoare de moda xtrem de talentata si de ambitioasa ste vedeta in plina ascensiune a societatii londoneze Si cine ar putea fi o clientaMai potrivita decat aristocrata cel mai prost imbracata din oras logodnica ducelui de Clevedon Cucerirea viitoarei ducese ar insemn. The dressmaker That s it Why would I want to read something like thisI wouldn tNo you can t possibly change my mind I need a good plot for me to like a book Sex just won t do itNo you can t change my mindOr maybe if it s a book about Barrons But that s where I draw the lineOh why Ilona Andrews why did you like this book Why did you make me waste my time like this sobsSo this is officially the last historical romance I ll ver try At least not for the next few years Maybe later I ll get 14 cats and feel desperate Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 enough to read this crap again Oh god my dead body will beaten by cats when I get old Now that s depressing Really I Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, enjoyed this one Fast paced Strong heroine who took no shit from the Duke of Clevedon I have read andnjoyed other books by this author I will probably continue with the next book in the series at some stageI cannot sew to save my life but I do try when called upon As I was the other night to sew a button on my son s pantstrousers It wasn t pretty but it did the trick She tasted like forbidden fruitShe tasted in truth like trouble Think for once your Grace of someone other than yourself Sparks flew between themDo these Your Graces ven know their christian names LOL I cannot ven remember his as most folks called him Clevedon or Your Grace Now he wasn t dreamingNow he was alive finally after sleepwalking for a lifetime This is a cross class romanceMy short opinion Predictable and melodramatic Lacking in believable character motivations and interactionsI know I m in the minority here Most reviewers have LOVED this novel I didn t But I may be biased against the trope in generalI really hate cross class romances They don t sit well with me at all I think they re unrealistic The power balance between the H and H is too off for comfort The power sits ntirely with the aristo usually the male The female often works in the service class or is a prostitute of some sort or maybe she s a petty thief In any case the outcome is MIND NUMBINGLY predictable The aristo must come down in level to meet her He must make concessions for her lack of class He must lower himself It s icky because she has to be Oh So Grateful that he is willing to Lower Himself What bugs me most about these types of romances is that the hero ALMOST ALWAYS asks her to be his mistress first PluhThat shows how little he really respects her right Note This doesn t happen in THIS novel But I m ranting on the trope in general Just go with it The Pretty Woman offer is that the rich aristocrat will offer the whore who is never REALLY a whore the deal of a life time She will be put up as a HIGH CLASS whore while the rich dude marries someone appropriate Of course realistically the prostitute low class woman would accept this offer But never in these romances No she will refuse out of pride and love for the jack assSo she refuses the offer Like any good Pretty Woman would she martyrs herself because she loves him too much to be his paid whore But then he Comes Up to Scratch Offers to Lower Himself for the love of a Pretty WomanBut then she will ventually accept him and of course the truth will come out that she is inevitably Well Born from a family that was Down on Their LuckLa La Happily Ever AfterBut I still see this as an xceedingly unbalanced relationship She will always be the woman that he had to come down in stature to accept She will always be a high class courtesan They will be OUTCASTSAND HE WILL ALWAYS BE THE MAN WHO OFFERED TO SET HER UP AS HIS MISTRESSIt s not romantic to me It s icky Besides I can never get behind a hero who takes a mistress while he s married Why doesn t that cause the heroine lose interest in him This guy who will cheat on his wife and deign to PAY the HEROINE TO SLEEP WITH HIM I HAVE NO RESPECT to sleep with him I have no respect this type of hero regardless that mistress having was common practice for the time although I m not sure that s altogether true I think it s somewhat of a romance novel invention Favorite uote He was a predator So was sheMarcelline Noirot and her two sisters own a dress shop a moderately successful one having only one larger prestigious client Marcelline lives and breathes this shop It not only supports her family but designing is in her soul It is her passion But they know they need someone big someone who will get all the ton pointed in their direction so they can wipe out all of their competition When they read in a gossip paper that the Duke of Clevedon may finally be coming home from Paris to claim his bride Clara Marcelline knows they need this future duchess as a client But instead of wooing Clara Marcelline heads for Paris to go on a huntClevedon and Clara have been intended for ach other for years Clevedon is actually her father s former ward Growing up together they are great friends and actually have love for Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics each other But over the past couple years Clara has needed to time to mourn the passing of her grandmother and Clevedon has needed time to go abroad and sow his oats They write lettersvery week to ach other and are fond of one another But Marcelline storming into Paris with her amazing gowns and vibrant personality may just be nough to throw Clevedon off track After seeing her at the opera and getting an introduction Clevedon starts to become a bit obsessed Marcelline knows xactly what she wants from Clevedon his future bride But as she plays this game with Clevedon to win over his money she also starts to fall for himMeanwhile Marcelline s dressmaker competition Downes will do anything to steal her designs but the sisters are not dumb and they are ready for a battleSilk is for Seduction is one of my favorite books I have read this yearThere is so much that stands out in this book Marcelline is just a shopkeeper with no title For her her appearance is verything It is what gets her noticed or when she doesn t want her her appearance is verything It is what gets her noticed or when she doesn t want be noticed just "part of the crowd She must look and play the part "of the crowd She must look and play the part at first we must focus on her outside beauty and how she portrays herself Of course she wouldn t last long in upper society if she didn t have an internal strength and smarts about her She can curtsey like no other She can flirt with the best of them She is witty sly and never loud or obvious She is a mystery to Clevedon Her beauty is what draws him to her at first But then who she is intrigues him Just as he slowly unravels the real Marcelline Loretta Chase does the same for the reader She drops in small and sometimes large tidbits very nonchalantly You feel surprised and a bit baffled right along with ClevedonClevedon has long been intended to. A bani si prestigiu pentruMarcelline si surorile i Insa ca sa si duca planul la indeplinire creatoarea trebuie sa l castige de partea i pe Clevedon ale carui standarde sunt pe atat de inaltePe cat ii ste de joasa moralitatea Miza pare sa merite riscul dar de data aceasta Marcelline are de a face cu un rival pe masura i Ceea ce incepe ca o scanteie de dorinta intre doi dintre cei mai incapatanati oameni. .