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The Eightfold Path for the Householder eGes Vian has turned his starryyed teenagers into tragical heroes This book s painful beauty strikes like a revelation The reader caught in its coils is lost in a labyrinth of musical literary artistic references revolving around the simple core of the tale Then tragedy starts to leak through the flowery surface of this dreamscape and a sense of claustrophobia works its way through our heart Vian was only 26 when he wrote this short wonderful book and yet he already possessed the techniue and sensitivity of an old Master This bouuin is the ultimate accomplishment of the1920s literary Surrealism a bewildering preview of the 1960s Nouvelle Vague a perfect specimen of French Po mo not to mention Vian s incomparable writing style His language is made of neologisms puns anagrams semantic m langes A gun is an ualizer a lynx fur becomes a larynx fur but I could go on for hours listing the literary wonders of this novel Even Jacues Pr vert in my humble opinion the greatest poet of last century the Modern Poet par xcellence was a devoted admirer and friend of this young talented pioneer It s poetic prose and visual literature if such a thing has Plancton - Aux origines du vivant. everxisted It s a melancholic allegory that breaks your heart and makes you smile A tear rolls down you cheek as you close your How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed: The No Bs Guide for Men eyes and start humming a jazz tune Duke Ellington s Chloe a va sans dire He got passed her and started crying She was at least fifty nine years old He sat down on the curb and cried some It relieved him greatly and his tears froze with little crackling sounds and broke on the smooth granite sidewalkThe garden of children must make theirviction charges like a game of musical chairs Skies are clown shoes thundering the last laugh Colin reminded me of my usual answer if I like children or not Searches for an Two-Hour Party Cakes examplevery time Uh it depends on the kid like anyone He s not a kid but I never felt like he was anything Peter else Halos of luck blind what they are made of Maybe not uite because Colin and his back up dancers don t give me that bittersweet wistfulness an impulsive baby would What s residual is that I don t begrudge them ignorance of the difference between sun and no rise Michel Gondry made a film version Mood Indigo I switched off in the direction of the cloud mobile lover s trip Do youver feel like things are real when you can drag them off to drown Empty Your Cup: Why We Have Low Self-Esteem and How Mindfulness Can Help (Self-Compassion Book 1) em see which fishies make it to the next world Sometimes it feels like the things I don t want to do that with are the blurred days holding me back It felt like I was doing this rescuing translation in my mental visual Vian s prose is fantastic for this Suggestions in literal like anxaggerated serious Bids, Tenders and Proposals: Winning Business Through Best Practice (Bids, Tenders Proposals: Winning Business Through Best) expression on an innocent face Nick s taken for granted does a leap frog Suishy toes my some are unluckier than others wading A smile is losing it s colder like you saw a picture of the cold In the film I was livid when Colin must go to the party so his buddy Chick will not get the girlfriend first Some friend he is Film is watching someone being waited on feet and hands kissed like asses When did Colin become their leader Is it the blonde hair the money It must be the money he was first When Colin gets in love when Chloe s his wife Burning happiness in bed like a fed cat Chick and Alise aren t the Someone is telling you about that wonderful dream they had but they are asleep They start falling before Colin does but maybe they are not necessary for him after all Nick falls down with him too he s catching up with the aged His niece follows her lover Chick down the hungry pockets of philosopher Partre Let me reach for my belief in my coat They ll be there for the doomsday doublets for today Colin is losing his money behind Chick A flower in Chloe s lung conuers her life Maybe it was retribution forvery bloom that lost its life so a lover could believe in theirs She goes and Colin goes with her I knew that you couldn t be a kid again Wow this book destroyed me Beautiful oneiric sexy deadpan linguistically inventive and then in the nd remorselessly tragicYou know what reading this book is like It s like you re sitting there having fun the sun s shining and who do you see bouncing towards you but the most adorable who do you see bouncing towards you but the most adorable little character you can imagine The Andrex puppy say Aw look It s the Andrex puppy C mere little fella And he bounds over to you his little tail wagging away birds tweeting in the background ah the warm sun on your faceAnd then just as you open your arms to give him a big hug suddenly you realise that there s a slightly rabid look in his ye And just as you start to press his cuddly little body into 910 Only two things really matter there s love very kind of love with very kind of pretty girl and there s the music of Duke Ellington or traditional jazz Everything lse can go because all the rest is ugly and the few pages which follow as an illustration of this draw their ntire strength from the fact that the story is completely true since I made it up from beginning to Die Neurobiologie des Glücks: Wie die Positive Psychologie die Medizin verändert (German Edition) end Here s the promise and the warning that Boris Vian gives us in the introduction to his 1947 novel The promise of beauty and the warning of ugliness both of them to be found within the pages of his modern fairytale Call it if you want anxistentialist love story or a horrible surreal comedy a continuation of the principle that started in antiuity carpe diem passed through the pen of Robert Herrick gather ye rosebuds while ye may and landed in France there to be reconciled with the negation of God the leftist sympathies and the passion for jazz among the intellectuals freuenting the cafes down Boulevard Saint Germain des PresFor me the Meditieren mit Musik und Klngen: Inspiration Nada Yoga experience of my first novel by Boris Vian is best described in terms of jazz It isxperimental it has a definite theme romantic love meets cruel reality and within this frame it leaves room for improvization and for instrumental solos The text MasterCases in Spine Surgery experiments with reality we live in a magical futuristic world a skewed frame of reference with which the author confounds and distorts thexpectations of the reader The game is xpanded to all senses scenes are described in terms of ither pastel or primary clashing colours tastes are tied up to sounds in the preparation of cocktails cooking is done by mixing Keepers Compendium exotic and sometimes incompatible ingredients Dialogues areither whimsical or absurdist sending me back to memories of Lewis Carroll or Eugene Ionesco Words are broken into pieces and then re assembled into new shapes and roles Hyperbole is ver present in declared sentiments in atitudes or in set pieces an ice rink a dance hall a wedding an auditorium at The Sorbonne A Factory Floor Etc Vian Sorbonne a factory floor tc Vian not go as far out field as the later generation that mbraced be bop but what he does here can be considered revolutionary and uniue for the times the novel was published His love for Duke Ellington is I believe reflected in the compact motional and in the nd carefully orchestrated final productLet s meet THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND ON CLAVICOCKTAIL WE HAVE members of the band on clavicocktail we have a young and well heeled socialite living in a posh apartment in the metropolis we don t have a name it s a fable remember on clarinet we have Chick his less rich friend who has to work as an ngineer in order to buy the books he loves so much on drums cymbals and assorted cooking pans we have Nicholas a talented servant cook driver and confident for Colin on piccolo we have the blonde Allysu. Locuras y Psychologische Homöopathie. extravagancias creencias y proyectos diversiones y pesares alegrías y frustraciones Un día sinmbargo todo cambia un nenúfar. After watching the new movie last week I had to reread the book Well the text version is better but the movie is reasonably faithful to it and does sometimes manage to supply a charming or witty illustration For The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you exampleLe pianocktail chaue note dit Colin je fais correspondre un alcool une liueur ou un aromate La p dale forte correspond l uf battut la p dale faible la glace Pour l Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain eau de Seltz il faut un trille dans le registre aigu Les uantit s sontn raison directe de la dur R High Performance Programming e la uadruple croche uivaut le seizi me d unit la noire l unit la ronde la uadruple unit Lorsue l on joue un air lent un syst me de registrest mis n action de fa on ue la dose ne soit pas augment ce ui donnerait un cocktail trop abondant mais la teneur Scala for Java Developers en alcool Et suivant la dur de l air on peut si l on veut faire varier la valeur de l unit la r duisant par The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur exemple au centi me pour pouvoir obtenir une boisson tenant compte de toutes les harmonies au moyen d un r glage lat ralLe biglemoi Le principe du biglemoi dit Nicolas ue Monsieur conna t sans doute repose sur la production d interf rences par deux sources anims d un mouvement oscillatoire rigoureusement synchrone J ignorais dit Colin ue cela m t Vermeer to Eternity en uvre des l ments de physiue aussi avanc sLe nuageIls marchaient suivant le premier trottoir venu Un petit nuage rose descendait de l airt s approchait d Heaven to Betsy eux J y vais proposa t il Vas y dit ColinEt le nuage lesnveloppa l int rieur il faisait chaud So B. It et a sentait le sucre la cannelleJean Sol Partre Le fond de lstrade tait garni d une tenture de velours Cabaret enkyst dans lauelle Chick avait perc des trous pour voir Ils s assirent sur des coussinst attendirent un m tre d ux peine Partre se pr parait lire sa conf rence Il manait de son corps souple t asc tiue une radiance xtraordinaire t le public captiv par le charme redoutable ui parait ses moindres gestes attendait anxieux le signal du d partLe sourisLa souris grise moustaches noires grimpa le long de l chelle Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice et vint les avertir ue Nicolas attendait Ils se rappel rent le voyaget bondirent hors du lit La souris profitait de leur inattention pour puiser largement dans une grosse bo te de chocolats la sapote ui se trouvait au chevet du litAll uite good En plein coeur except for the mouse who was terrible There has been three translations of Lcme des jours Brian Harper s translation Foam of the Daze my press TamTam Books Mood Indigo American trans and this British The Bookshop on the Shore edition translated by Stanley Chapman Froth on the Daydream Translations are a fascinating subject matter because basically it is how one looks at a book and how they tell the tale in a lanugage that is suibtable for that book or culture Since I am the publisher I of course nod towards Brian s translation one because he s American who lives in Paris L cume Des Jours Foam of the Daze Mood Indigo If what I like to call the romantic side of me was to write a book it wouldn t be thatxactly but something very close to it Boris Vian builds an Dance Real Slow enchanting world of pink clouds and cotton candy made of rays of sunshine just to tear it apart with a dashing blow He plants little blue flowers in your mind just to unleash a herd of omnivorous sheep that will voraciously feed on them along with all that s beautiful and sweet He knew that the prettier the atmosphere the devastating the destruction would be It s like painting the most beautiful picture using the brightest colors just to set it on fire before you canven admire it Apart from all that this is a novel that s full of witty allegories about pretty much verything and which I M SURE THAT I DIDN m sure that I didn uite get ven half of Not that it matters anyway You can just open this book and let it guide you through a world of fluffy surrealism to the steepest downhill The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life ever imaginable without bothering about too much Boy loves girl and girl loves boy in a world where no hell can break loose for it was never restrained in the first place On the contrary hell is present invery pink fucking cloud and very singing flower that blooms under the shards of sunshine which illuminate and are illuminated by the beautiful girl in love Not recommended to optimists and teddy bears I only discovered this recipe a couple of years ago but it has already become one of my favorites It s hard to believe that the different ingredients go together In fact they complement ach other perfectlyFrench manga with fatal love stories and roasted Sartre 1 medium manga2 fatal love storieswhole arly Sartre including authorLewis Ca Oh absolute Joy Oh absolute annihilating cathartic Beauty of the WordIt s the third time I surrender to its magic and yet the ineffable all pervading delight hasn t vanished so I d better write something coherent before letting the secret pleasures of the Stendhal syndrome overwhelm me It starts like La Boum and nds like Love StoryIt s a poem by Pr vert Illustrated By Salvador Dal by Salvador Dal s a white feather caressing your skin and leaving a bleeding sore that will never heal Only free association gives me the means to describe this amazing kaleidoscope of genres Vian s writing style is an PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition explosion of colours sounds tactile feelings sort of Neo baroue literature displaying all hisclectic talent and playful genius L cume des Jours literally Foam of the Days translated as Foam of the Daze in the English Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography edition is pure Baroue indeed a work in which the simplicity of the tale is shrouded by thextreme complexity and ornamentation like a tiny flower hidden in a Faberg The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eggncrusted with diamonds In a semi dystopian vaguely disuieting Paris Dal s imagery Roussel s surreal machines Huxley s social ngineering a latent violence reminding of Orwell Colin Isis Chick and his girlfriend Alise spend their time listening to jazz records skating and njoying their friendship and youth The adult world is little than a distant blur so indistinct and remote that it just disappears beyond the horizon of their leightheartedness Their passion for American jazz and in Chick s case the xistentialist writer Jean Sol Partre a hilarious caricature of Jean Paul Sartre is a reflection of the

author s own 
s own an all consuming love for Duke Ellington s music and a great knowledge of contemporary literatureOne day Colin meets Chlo a name he can t help but adore since it is also the title of his favourite Ellington tune the delicate romance soon leads to marriage and adult life can finally begin Delicate playful a charming fantasy in pink and blue thus the writer lures the reader deeper and deeper inside before springing his trap And we realise that the succulent juicy fruit we ve been ating so far is poisonous Death grows as a water lily in Chlo s chest possibly the most beautiful metaphor for cancer in the history of literatureHer illness affects the whole world around the young couple taking the visible shape of their shrinking decaying flat reminding of the Expressionist film techniue intimate feelings are reflected by the mutability of the outside world I m thinking of Murnau or LangAdult life takes the protagonists youth away like a deadly undertow leaving layer upon layer of disenchantment Chick s obsession for Partre another subtle metaphor Is Vian or less unconsciously describing drug addiction Colin s desperate attempt to work Vian s tragicomic vignettes are unforgettable Alise devastating sense of impotence Chlo s illness seem to drag The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl everybody down with her In a few pa. Inmersosn su universo peculiar donde cualuier cosa s posible Colin y Chloé Chick y Alise son dos jóvenes parejas de amigos ue comparten. M a niece of Nicholas and the love interest of Chick on violin he have the dreamy fragile Chloe a dark haired beauty and the love interest of Colin on backing vocals he have Iris another young and rich socialite that ties up the different themes together the brass section is fronted by Jean Pulse Heartre Jean Sol Partre in other translations and the Marchiness de Mauvoir the xistentialist idols who are lionized by an admiring population first among them our friend Chick on pipsueak we have a small grey mouse with soft black whiskers you never know when you might need one finally on upright bass blind FATE plays on to a different tune than verybody lse dropping hint after hint that the Hannah Montana: The Movie end is nighsince I gave you the names of the band members main characters I should also include here the program for thevening mainly Duke Ellington s arrangements all mentioned in the text and all dating from what Boris Vian considers his best period the arly 1940 s Black and Tan Fantasy Loveless Love Chloe In the Mood to be Wooed Blues of the Vagabond Misty Morning Prelude to a Kiss Mood Indigo Blue Bubbles To continue with my analogy I will present my favorite passages from the novel as musical numbers from the concert to the tune of Prelude to a Kiss You wouldn t like to give me some clues about the way in which you ntered into a relationship with her Colin went on Well said Chick I asked her if she liked Jean Pulse Heartre and she told me that she collected all his works Then I said to her So do I And very time I said something to her she answered So do I and vice versa Then finally just as an xistentialist xperiment I said to her I love you very much But that time she just said Oh So the xperiment was a flop said Colin I suppose so said Chick But all the same she didn t go So then I said I m going that way and she said I m not But she went on I m going this way Extraordinary nodded Colin So I said So am I said Chick And after that I went Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts everywhere that she did It sounds much better in French to me Et moi aussi I wish my French was goodnough to read this book in its original not anglicized form but I am afraid I will miss too many of Vian s puns and invented words Even the title is a bit better in French L cume des jours a frothy daydream although I also like the jazzy connotations of Mood Indigo to the tune of Let s Suint Twist Again Colin takes instructions about the new dance craze that is sweeping the metropolis The principle of the Suint sir relies on the simultaneous setting up of interferences obtained via the rigorously synchronized oscillatory movements of two loosely connected centres of animation I didn t realize said Colin that it was concerned with such advanced developments in physics In this case said Nicholas the dancer and his partner should attempt to maintain minimum perceptible distance between themselves Then their ntire bodies begin to vibrate following the rhythm of the music You don t say said Colin looking slightly worried A series of static undulations is then set up said Nicholas presenting as in the laws of acoustics various diaphragmatic vibrations and frictions which make a large contribution to the creation of the right atmosphere on a dance floor or like on of my mechanical trainers used to say Dancing is the vertical A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli expression of a horizontal desire to the tune of Let s Do It Let s Fall in Love Colin complains thatverybody is amoureuse The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) except him I wish I were in love said Colin The butcher boy wishes he were in love And the baker boy wishesxactly ditto ie that he were in love The candle stick maker s boy and verybody in the street wishes and wishes that I were in love and they were and you were and we were and that the whole wide world were too And ven those that are left wish that they could fall in love as well alternative suggestion Tous les garcons t les filles with Francoise Hardy to the tune of Georgia on my Mind let s listen to Colin daydreaming about the girl he just met I wish he went on I were lying deep in lightly toasted grass with sunshine and warm arth all around the grass crisp and yellow as straw in lightly toasted grass with sunshine and warm arth all around the grass crisp and yellow as straw know what I mean with hundreds of little buzzing Insects And Clumps Of and clumps of dry moss too One lies flat on one s tummy and stares A hedge some pebbles a few gnarled trees and half a dozen leaves complete the scene They re a great help And Chloe said Chick And Chloe of course said Colin Chloe on my mind I guess you can tell from my uotes so far that this is a boy meets girl kind of story whimsical and sweet and mostly pink and light blue in tone with fluffy white clouds scateerred artistically in the sky A perfect April in Paris kind of mood Which is true if the reader is willing to ignore the occasional jarring notes that leave a trail of bloody dismembered tranmpled by lephants crushed by falling roofs tc bodies scattered around the dges of the main plot Colin is happy he has found the girl of his dreams there is music in his life and he feels generous towards his friends Existentialism can be fun right He was running and he was scared Why can t we always be together Things were always happening to alarm us Wrong This is still the real world that we see distorted under the artistic lens of Boris Vian This is stil written under the influence of Sartre and Beauvoir and Camus on a side note is it possible that the grotesue portrait of Jean Pulse Heartre in the novel has anything to do with Vian s wife having an affair with the philosopher People get sick and need to see a doctor People need to work for money before they can relax with a drink listening to a hot jazz number Governments still spend the better part of their budget on military adventures And some people are concerned about books than about the real person waiting right by their side But he loves his books than me wails one of the band players I don t have a fast tempo dark and wild number to suggest right now but I m sure there are a few to be found listening to from Duke Ellington Or you can picture the famous scene from Charlie Chaplin s Hard Times Down below in front of ach mammoth machine a man was struggling struggling as not to be slashed and torn apart by the voracious cogs facing him Every man s right foot was held down by a heavy iron ring They were only let off twice a day at night and at noon I was both nchanted and disturbed by the story of Colin and Chloe Chick and Allysum thrilled by the xperimental nature of Boris Vian s prose and by his imagery I would use some Salvador Dali images to illustrate my review if I were not sort of lazy right now and rushing to go back to another novel I would like to watch the Michel Gondry film version since I believe Audrey Tatou is perfect for the role of Chloe Finally after a first succesful foray I will probably continue to read Vian s books starting with his commercial pulp stories next A novel challenging classification in which verbal fireworks are in the driver s seatNevermind Boris Vian looking like Emmanuel Macron they are not made from the same dough Musicscape Brutal Swing Igorrr Roman plut t inclassable dans leuel la fantaisie verbale tient le haut du pav Lu sur l invite de mon p reFonds Musical Brutal Swing Igorrr One might like this book for many reasons because it s a love story because it s unconventional uite bohemian amelie poulain like and maybe ven because it s surrealistic and sf. Empieza a crecer Another Way Home enl interior de Chloé y tras los primeros instantes de sorpresa un manto de melancolía parece cubrir la viveza de todos. .

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