EBOOK/EPUB (Wrong Turn The Shenandoah Pack #1) by Taylor Law

Wrong Turn The Shenandoah Pack #1


T is going nowhere His riend is a wilderness guide and game hunter so he sets off into the mountains to join him He swerves TO AVOID A BEAUTIFUL WOLF IN avoid a beautiful wolf in road which leads him to get injured Jessie wakes up with none of his memories in the home and protection of the attractive Xander Xan seems to blow hot and cold with Jessie The two men soon become close but Xan will not act on the passion they share and even turns away rom Jessie particularly when they are in public Will Xan be able to overcome his Heroes Adrift (Hero, fear of what everyone will think and hisear that his human will leave him when Jessie regains his memories Will he want a life with Xander when he learns that he is a shifterAgain it was a nice sweet satisfying short story that I recommend to those who enjoy mm shifter romance I had occasion to meet Taylor Law at GRL 2013 in Atlanta This is the expansion of the story that came Chuck and Danielle from my promptor the MM Romance Group s 2011 writing event Hot Summer DaysI was so honored to have my prompt selected and very pleased with the story that Ms Law gave to the group It was really great After two years and two events I was understandably confused about some of the details of the story I took that as an opportunity to re read the story especially given that that it was expanded Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old from about 26 pages to about 49 pages and still offered as aree read through I remember enjoying the story in 2011 and definitely enjoyed the story this time around JesseRo was a strong character but I really love Xan I love how he defends his mate Love that growl y possessiveness Always haveThe only thing that confused me was that Xan blurted out that the man was his mate but later worried over outing himself even though he d stated that a man was his mate Still I really liked the story and am most impressed with the irst time published author s talent Thank you Ms Law I look Forward To From This Series And From You It Was to Gray Bishop from this series androm you It was to meet you I love that instantaneous mate recognition and desire to claim I m glad that Xan didn t put up too much of a ight against the inevitable and glad that Jesse was strong enought to ight or what was right I love a hot sexy shifter story and you certainly delivered Taylor Awesome thank you. Take a chance on a man who may have a life waiting or him somewhere else – a life that doesn’t include XanderThis is the extended release version of Wrong Turn which has been lengthened to than triple its original size GenresTags Gay MM Shape Shifter Wolf Shifter Coming Out First Time Marking Mating Approx Word Count 34263.
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E doing so to Jesse instead of a summary paragraph saying they explained the shifter word period hide spoiler Definitely a one star had this not been Liar free This read like theirst draft of stuff I wrote when I was in high school and thought I had what it took to be the next Francine Pascal except with butt sex This one I mean not the Sweet Valley High esue drivel I Still Have Stuffed At The Back Of My ClosetThis Was have stuffed at the back of my closetThis was most nauseating combination of insta love and pet names and telling rather than showing packed with shallow MCs names and telling rather than showing all packed shallow MCs have no personality beyond one of them being all growly ala all other shifter caricatures in romance and the other a perfect chick with a dick that kept on repeating how the other guy looked like a Greek god ad nauseam The blurb talks of issues like one MC being in the closet and worried about revealing his true nature to his mate and all that but lemme tell you the blurb has angst in it The book breezed through the conflicts blink and you d miss themWhich is also my advice re this book Miss it There are better ways to waste your time I Noir found this book when I was hunting through thereebies Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are for a new read I love shifter stories and this one had the added twist of the human having temporary amnesia leading to the tension of not knowing when the memory would return For a shorter story it was very satisfyingXander is a wolf shifter and the beta wolf in his pack He has resisted all the broad hints about mating with any of the eligibleemales in his pack because he has kept secret his real inclinations Same sex relations are unheard of He s doing Gaffer fine with his secret until his wolf self is almost hit by a car and the human occupant of the vehicle is injured and needs his rescueXan knows immediately that the human male who is hurt badly is hisated mate His mate has no memories of who he is Xan Circumstantial Evidence feels the pull of attraction even while he pulls awayrom that attraction His mate is male human and has none of his memories and probably has a Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers fulfilling liferom whereever he comes rom which means that Ro as the human styles himself is a threat to both Xan s secret and his heartBefore the accident Jessie is headed out to join his riend as break rom his empty life tha. D Second of his pack He saves Jessie’s life only to realize Jess is his mate Xander has been in the closet his whole life Coming out may be harder than ever because not only does he have to tell everyone he’s gay and risk exile but he has to tell his mate he’s part wolf Since Jessie can’t remember who he is Xander has to. Uick reviewCover Nice Rating NC 17 Thumbs Up 25Overall A lot of potentialCharacters OkayPlot I probably should have read the blurb on this one before I readPage Turner Yes Series Cont Maybe Recommend MaybeBook Boyfriend XanderSUMMARY 50 words or lessThis was a novelette Someone recommended this to me I tend not to read blurbs but in this case that did bode well or my reading There is a lot of potential and I hope that case that did bode well Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) for my reading There is a lot of potential and I hope that author takes this story and expands before moving to a next bookTo see myull review and yummy pic check out belowFull ReviewGenerally I don t like to read or remember blurbs that I ve read before reading a story Some blurbs just give too much away and leave nothing Summer Meditations for the reader to discover on their own In this case that worked against this bookor me Had I read that or looked at a God Said, Ha!: A Memoir few reviews I might have known the why this story was writtenI think this story was part of a writing contest or something like that Therefore there may have been constraints on length or something of that nature Still I have a major problem with this story that hurt my enjoyment World buildingTo explain I have to give spoilers So open the spoiler at your own choiceview spoiler Let me start with the easiest I didn t reallyeel like I knew Xander at all like I had some idea about Jessie We got tidbits here and there World building was the biggest issue I think if the author explained what mating meant in this world it might have gone a long way with all the other problems I had with this story There was some things inferred But I need to know or sure Like is mating something that happens out of your control Is it normal or a shifter to mate with a human Once it normal On the Right Side of a Dream for a shifter to mate with a human Onceind your mate are you in love What I thought was that it was normal to mate with a human It s out of your control who you mate it was normal to mate with a human It s out of your control who you mate But opposing that we give the human the option about mating Does that mean if the human says no you can mate with someone later Insta love hate it Two weeks it s hard to believe you are in love with someone you don t know But then again the world building can explain that If the author didn t have word number constraints It would have been nice or the author to explain their shifter world to us as they wer. After a long hard year illed with stress and heartache Jessie Rohen decides to take a vacation to visit his Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II friend and get awayrom real life or a little while hoping it will help him heal On the way he has an accident and is injured He wakes up with no memories of his past not even of his nameXander Dane is a wolf shifter an. .