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Tty damn impressive really Love affair RECOUNTED WITH SOME REGRET FOR ONE with some regret for one Or Another As A or another as a of people wouldI would Haha pic 5 The Subterraneans was actually the subject of one of my University courses a decade ago which is also why I own a copy of it It s an immensely impressive and interesting novella on an academic level applying a self developed method of Spontaneous Prose that has Kerouac drawing from a free flowing subconscious tapping state of mind or to put it into blunter terms something he wrote down in a heartbroken possibly Chemically Induced Three Day induced three day bender I still have an ssay lying around that I had to write discussing the application of his Essentials of Spontaneous Prose one that incidentally makes decade ago me sound an awful lot learned and refined than contemporary me but I digress So a decade on I find myself re reading this voluntarily this time unencumbered by academic necessities And sure it s still a deeply fascinating yet challenging read The subject matter of the novella is familiar Gender Justice enough for anyone who s had to personallyxperience The Rise And Fall Of A Love Affair In Three Acts although the freely flowing style results in some very frank open conflicted and complex motions that are very familiar in terms of jealousy and broken heart logic but are seldom written down in the des. Ls The Subterraneans and Both of these books are decent reads seriously nothing special they re like songs nothing special They re like those songs don t make it onto the album B sides I feel this was Kerouacs worst time for writing although I bet most hipsters would disagree with me I was pleasantly surprisedimpressed by Pic narrated by a 9yr old boy It reminded my of Steinbeck s stories in its arthiness and streetwise dialect Essentially an on the road short story as Pic and his brother head for CaliforniaI gave up on Subterranean after a few pages as it seemed to be going nowhere This isn t just one novel it s two both penned by Jack Kerouac and featuring his typical idiosyncratic writing style And yet they re both a little bit different from his other work in some ways too Pic for xample has a lot of the same themes as On the Road but it s seen through the yes of a ten year old boy from North Carolina Meanwhile the Subterraneans takes a look at love and life in a way that none of Kerouac s other books have managedOverall both of the short novels are ssential reading for any serious Kerouac fan and while they might not be the best place to start if you re new to his work you still can t go wrong With Them The Combination them The combination the two makes for a gripping read and my only gripe is that ven with both novels in there it still doesn t feel long nough to satisfy you It s pre. ISBN 10 0141184892The nove. ,

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Perate chaotic irrational style in which these are usually experienced Score one for Jack s xperimental techniue This novella could see you get stuck at certain sections for Score one for Jack s God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School experimental techniue This novella could see you get stuck at certain sections for onnd yet once you get into the rhythm of his Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) endless run on sentences diversions and the wholesale milking of thoughts and anecdotes to the point ofxhaustion The Subterraneans can suddenly transcend from the murk the rhythmic reading of the text suddenly feeling as natural as riding a bike Well a wobbly unicycle maybe With a flat tire And one of the pedals broken But still The second short story in this collection Pic has a bit of a Mark Twain groove going on has a bit of a Mark Twain groove going on the tale of a nine year old African American boy about to be supplanted from the deep south to first New York and then California It has a surprisingly lightweight innocent feel good vibe juxtaposed to the harsh reality of Jim Crow but it does nd uite suddenly you feel that in between the penultimate and the final chapter at least a hundred pages of Pic s adventures on his hitchhiking trip are missing as 2500 miles of adventuring is basically wrapped up in only a few lines of deus x machina magic Not sure if Kerouac wanted to make some sort of point there or if Pic was merely a project "Deemed Too Ambitious And "too ambitious and prematurely abandoned but there is a whiff of wasted opportunity there. Ic collected in one volume. The Subterraneans and Pic
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