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Sorprendentemente bien escrito Very well written SPOILERS AHEAD The story is credible and the characters very well depicted Still one star less because there is not enough grovel Come on He has cheated on her and he is forgiven in a minute after he speaks of love A very rushed end 3 4 stars Dark story very good writing The hero is too unlikable even at the end when the reason for his behavior was revealed It did not excuse him unlikable even at the end when the reason for his behavior was revealed It did not excuse him my opinion for all the bruising harsh words and despicable treatment his wife received from him When you read this book the hero of this piece has absolutely no redeeming ualitiesheroine seems emotionally unbalanced you know you re in trouble 4 to 35 and even lower with that ending but still I will give it 3 for keeping me so engrossed An incredibly cruel boorish and abusive H with a scandalous past a strong determined h who gives back pretty good an interesting moc with a MU soon adding to the distance many a head on clashing the H s daughter and her story and all this in an HR gelled into what promised to be a story right up my alley And it is for most part but for certain icky thus spoilerfic things and that uick let down of an ending view spoiler The moc came about as the h answers an advt for a bride Her father has ust died and the heirnew incumbent and his ealous wife want her gone The H we learn is also an aristocrat and needs a wife to launch his daughter into society It seems he cannot we learn is also an aristocrat and needs a wife to launch his daughter into society It seems he cannot a to launch his daughter into society It seems he cannot a the right way as he has a bad reputation a really bad one Apparently he married very young 18 19 and then dumped his wife and daughter to run off with another man s wife and whom he deserts soon after in India from. GENTLEMAN OFFERS SECURITY AND SOCIAL POSITION IN RETURN FOR MARRIAGE WITH AN UNUESTIONABLE LADYToo proud to apply to relatives or friends for help Miss Claudia Talton was desperate enough to answer the advertisement But why would an affluent and well positioned gentleman need to go to such lengths to find a wife Then she learned his name Giles Verylan Now she knew why he needed to advertise; no lady would dream of. Where he has ust returned with a new Mistress In Tow The Prodigal in tow The prodigal shunned by his family has ust come into his title as his two older brothers are dead So the very cruel very rude H very much up my alley kinda H soon takes things to an obnoxious crass and bullyish levels And does not stop Okay dude give us a break Poor h tries hard very hard to take all those unjustified insults and insinuations and tried to keep her pride His insensitivity and distance includes the daughter The h and daughter become friends and the h plays a role in getting her married to a man she loves a younger son of a suire and so not approved of by the HAnyways coming back to the hH their problems exacerbate from their wedding night when the H on finding her a non virgin starts calling her some very ugly names and does not stop The h loved her fiance who went off to war years ago and died there The h is neither sorry nor apologetic about it The incidence of her giving away her old sapphire ring to match her eyes given to her by her dead fianc to two disabled soldierbeggars who are wearing her beloved s regiment s uniform is intensely poignant And then the H s deliberately giving her a ruby ring rather than a stone to match her eyes a deed best suited to besotted lovers according to him also comes into play laterSuper SpoilersThe story despite his cruelty is very strong and well fleshed out and highly engrossing Only if the author had not added the icky part I mentioned earlier So we know he has a mistress who he does a give a conge of sorts on the wedding day and sends her off to Paris a place he visits at least twice later after their big fight His celibacycheating Allying herself with such a rake But the touch of his hand the knowing smile and the challenging gleam in his appraising eyes made her wonder if perhaps she was not a lady after all at least in certain circumstancesA SATISFACTORY ARRANGEMENTVerylan looked over his prospective bride with clinical dispassion Yes she would do Obviously a lady and attractive damned attractive into the bargain as well as sensible enou. ,

An Unuestionable Lady

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S not mentioned but I feel he did cheat on the first visit But the problem is another woman A plain unattractive woman for whom he feels no attraction at all but who is deranged and obsessed I think The h s lady s maid Why why why I would like to ask the author I realized I much s maid Why why why I would like to ask the author I realized I much the glamorous mistresses the widows and the actresses as the trouble making owFirstly why doesn t the h fire her when the maid s obviously crazy inappropriate behavior began Like her ordering the h to do things her way and often touching the h s pregnant tummy like she did It was gross and uncomfortable to read It was apparent to the reader what was coming but not to the level the author allowed WhyAnd on the night of the h s birthday Which the H ruins first with his careless remarks hurting her then getting drunk and then this Then he leaves to let her be We can see he cares for her but his actions are always off Why cannot he ever man up I liked that he helped her take care of their preterm baby But he never gathers the courage to confess or admit his feelings in these months The story ends in a non climactic and dissatisfactory way especially in way of groveling and explaining hide spoiler uesta uarta rilettura a distanza di tre anni mi stava piacendo molto I personaggi sono ben assortiti e ci si divertiva Finch lei trattata come una pezza da piedi non ha esordito con sono innamorata povera me soffrir o ualcosa del genere Ma davvero possibile che ci si possa innamorare di un deficiente che ti tratta da Schifo Ma Davvero Va Ma davvero Va che siamo ai primi dell 800 ma la tizia in uestione pare pure un tipino moderno Niente da fare anche uesto non supera la prova del tempo. Gh to appreciate the advantages of what he was offering A marriage of convenience his convenience no and no less After providing him with an heir she would be free to live a life of luxury unencumbered by his attentions which he would satisfy elsewhere Miss Tallon was hardly in a position to expect a love match and neither was he The two of them were thus eminently suited to one another if only Verylan knew how we.