The Great Forgetting (EPUB)

Senile ather Jack has to deal with an ex girlfriend who married his best childhood riend Tony But Tony has gone missing and his wife wants Jack to help her get him declared deceased In his efforts to do this Jack meets a boy named Cole the last person Tony had any significant contact with before his disappearance Cole is a patient in a psychiatric ward suffering rom complex and paranoid delusions Or are they The Jack talks to him the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 further down the rabbit hole he goes And takes us with him Side note of interest James Renner is definitely an author to watch And while he has a noteworthy talent spinning wild and crazy tales of speculativeiction Renner is also a dedicated true crime writer He is currently researching the unsolved disappearance of Umass nursing student Maura Murray and will publish True Crime Addict in May 2016 about his experiences The Maura Murray case is a real life rabbit hole story and it is very easy to become lost in all the moving pieces and arm chair detective theories that exist I Love My Dad for this cold case Renner also maintains a blog of his ongoing investigations that makesor riveting reading if you Are Into That Sort into that sort thing Two young armchair detectives are also hosting a pretty decent podcast right now about the Maura Murray case in which Renner has been a guest The hosts are currently at work on a documentary In the immortal words of Jack Black The hosts are currently at work on a documentary In the immortal words of Jack Black Tenacious D this book is my Cream Dream Supreme I All about Us fell in love before I was done with theirst page The story is right up my alley with conspiracy theories and government cover ups and it is about as original a book as I have ever read The Library as original a book as I have ever read The Library Mount Char by Scott Hawkins and The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch come to mind in terms of just how uniue this one was and it will have a place among my avorite reads ever There was a part in the beginning where the main character is at a county air and notices a girl Noni Speaks Up for theirst time that is among the most beautiful things ever written it had such an impact I Handbags and Gladrags forgot I what I was readingor a minute and was An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) fine if it had morphed into a straight up love story But enough with the suishy stuff I sincerely had a ton ofun reading this and at times sat back and marveled at the scope of the author s imagination I mean where does he come up with this stuff The pacing was perfect the characters so real it hurt and I was praying he stuck the landing and I would not be stuck with an awesome 78 of a book only to be disappointed with the ending Happy to say the conclusion was satisfying appropriate and my only gripe was the damn book wasn t ive hundred pages longer This book spoke to me I dreamed about it while sleeping and it consumed my attention while awake Love is not a strong enough word or my experience reading this and I cannot recommend it enough I d give it 6 stars if I could shit probably even. Catskills and eventually to a Wish Upon a Wedding forgotten island in the Pacific theinal destination of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370When Jack learns the details about the program known as the Great Forgetting he's aced with the timeless uestion Is it better to orget our greatest mistake or to remember so it's never repeated. .
S sorta like an incline in a road I suppose but that s not exactly what I was getting at You see the truth about what s really going on out there is so inconceivable that your mind would never be able to accept it if I told you everything all at once So we ll use a gradient instead or a system of baby steps little truths if you will that ll help to ease your mind into realizing that ultimate truth What I ve developed is a seven step gradient comprised of seven impossible acts Each one progressively harder to accept than the one before Don t worry though the proof is out than the one before Don t worry though the proof is out and I ll show you where to look But you ve gotta BE PATIENT IT S GONNA TAKE SOME TIME TO patient it s gonna take some time to our way through all the steps And you ve gotta be willing to do your part meet me halfway Do a little research of your own evenIf you re ready let s beginImpossibility 1 The earliest anomaly can be traced back to a man known only as the Maestro who s radio cuts in SUAWK SUAWK SUAWK BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEMOh shit Nooooo Damn it not againview spoilerThis was well written imaginative and meticulously researched novel The irst part was interesting but it eventually became a bit too much Sorry I m just not a Richard Nixon: The Life fan of kitchen sink conspiracies I didn t careor the payoff and the 911 tie ins were off putting to say the least There also wasn t nearly as much action as one would expect I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! from a story like this So there you have it I like the author really enjoyed hisirst book The Man rom Primrose Lane but this one not so muchFinal Verdict Dan Brown s done better hide spoiler I m so remiss in my Verdict Dan Brown s done better hide spoiler I m so remiss in my of late but I really wanted to make sure I wrote something or this one to draw your attention to it A because it s a whole lot of wacky weird and wild Puppet Master fun something I ve come to expectrom this author and B said author was generous enough to send me a copy in the mail so the very least I can do is tell the reading world what I thought of it James Renner is the author of the mind bending genre mashing The Man Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners from Primrose Lane and you really must read that one if you are lookingor something that is wholly unlike anything else There was some buzz a Janae (Blacktop, few years back that Bradley Cooper had been tapped to star in ailm adaptation but no updates on that yet I didn t know what to expect in picking up The Great Forgetting but you can bet I approached it with keen anticipation Renner is a brave author who doesn t ever make safe choices He marches out into the badlands of crazy and bewildering sees what he inds there and then puts it into his story It doesn t always work but considering the kind of uniue crazy pants he s peddling it works amazingly unforgettably heh well most of the time This one starts as almost a uiet domestic drama an unassuming high school teacher returns to his hometown where his sister is looking after their. Has gone missingSoon Jack is pulled into the search or Tony but the only one who seems to know anything is Tony's last patient a paranoid boy named Cole Jack must team up with Cole to ollow Tony's trail and maybe save the world Their journey will lead them to Manhattan and secret acilities buried under the. ,
The thing is memory is about trust We have to trust that what we remember is act And we have to trust what other people remember or things we never saw It what we remember is act And we have to trust what other people remember or things we never saw It a disturbing and thrilling realization that our grasp of the truth is dependent on the honesty of older generations on the companies who write history booksonce again james renner has written a kickass novel that is impossible to review it s a little bit easier than The Man rom Primrose Lane because the book doesn t suddenly reinvent itself in the middle but it s definitely a book where caution is reuired in reviewin When Jack Felter returns a book where caution is reuired in reviewin When Jack Felter returns his home town to help care or his dementia stricken Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., father he winds up lookingor his missing childhood Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, friend Tony theriend that stole his high school girlfriend Jack meets Tony s last patient a kid named Cole with a very compelling delusion that everything we think we know about history is wrongAfter reading The Man Everyday life in medieval times from Primrose Lane and True Crime Addict How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray I just had to read James Renner The Great Forgetting made him rise even higher in my esteemThe Great Forgetting is a mind bender of Phillip K Dickian proportions How much do we trust the history books How much do we trust our own memories What if the conspiracy theories are true This book raises those uestions and It s best to go into this book unprepared so I m not going to spoil the particulars Once the truth behind Cole Tony and the rest of what was actually going on was revealed I had a hard time doing anything butinishing itIf I had to complain about something which I won t is that the characters were a little thin However I loved Jack and his North father The Captain Cole grew on me as well but I hated Tony and didn t trust Sam Hell even Scopes and the Maestro turned out to have hidden depthsThe tension toward the end was almost maddening I haven telt this engrossed with a book since the Dark Tower series That s as great a compliment as I can give any book Five out of ive stars Friday afternoon in the psych wardMan am I glad to see you again I was starting to go a little stir crazy in here Seriously these idiots are just impossible to talk to I ve tried you know really tried to get through to them but they think I m delusional They re too ar gone to realize that I m the only sane one in here You mind closing the door These walls have ears if you know what I mean and I don t wanna add any uel to their fire Pull up a chair time is of the essence The situation grows desperate by the day The Pull up a chair time is of the essence The situation grows desperate by the day The rate at which things are progressing is untenable man You have got to get me out of hereFirst things irst though have you started boiling your water Good Thanks Andrew Lost In the Kitchen for humoring me Your eyes do seem to be a little bit clearer today so let me ask you another uestion Do you know what a gradient isYeah it. Jack Felter a history teacher returns home to bucolic Franklin Mills Ohio to careor his Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism father a retired pilot who suffersrom dementia and is uickly losing his memory Jack would love to Nope forget about Franklin Mills and about Sam the girl heell in love with who ran off with his best riend Tony Except Tony. The Great Forgetting