The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution (EPUB)

N of the arts and the sciences 4 Electronsprotons AndOr gates with diodes and resistors are the basic building blocs of all of our digital devices To this very moment that is the way every single digital device on the planet works at its most basic level steve wozniakonce you ve made something with Steve WozniakOnce you ve made something with and nails when someone says a chip or circuit has a relay you eel confident using it because you know you could make one Now kids get a MacBook and regard it as an appliance They treat it like a refrigerator and expect it to be If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song filled with good things but they don t know how it works They don tully understand what I knew and my parents knew which was what you could do with a computer was limited only by your imagination Tim Berners Lee5 Social and collaboration is the under riding theme of the internet and personal computer Starting with The Well through to Medium today6 The internet could ve been radically different if it would ve been established with two way links Look at pages 418 4197 The most productive teams are those that brought together teams with a wide array of expertise both theoretical and applied8 Physical proximity is always best people should have to bump into each other and rub off on each other9 If you want to make money it s all about execution Pretty good ideas are a dime a dozen and even brilliant ideas are not worth much if you can t get your team to build it rightThings I d like to rememberMan Vannevar Bush is cool Read his As We May Think article Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford from 1945 It s kind of like the manualor everything that happened over the next sixty years and I bet there are still dozens of his predictions still waiting to be executed on When I got a copy of Vannevar Bush s As We May Thing I said to myself Yep there it is He Ready for Summer figured it out Bush envisioned the Internet asully as you could given that you didn t have digital computers Marc AndreessenThe science behind a diode and a semiconductor is super tricky I spent six hours last Saturday reading and watching Youtube videos about silicon germanium boron arsenic pnp npn diodes electricity and a triodesemiconductor I still would like to see a big one in action and get a walk through of a real life example of how it stores a charge and how that charge can be used Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech for Boolean logic processing because I don tully understand it yet My kids should learn about electronics by playing with radios and transistorsMy kids should get to play with safe chemicalsMy kids should learn to code with an Arduino or whatever the euivalent is when they are old enoughMy kids should be around other kids that are making things robots programs etcSend kids to a Montessori school both Sergey Brin and Larry Page attribute their early growth to Montessori schooling than their parents styleKids should learn physics Kids should get exposure to the arts and should be encouraged to embrace the intersection not one particular street All of the above things that my kids should learn should be things I know about and can do with them This book is going to be huge since it A coerência textual functions not only as a history of the computer and the internet but as a treatise on innovation and collaboration I can imagine that it will be reuired readingor all kinds of people working in all varieties of business Unlike his bio of Steve Jobs which "was important as immediate history but was also understandably rushed Isaacson "important as immediate history but was also understandably rushed Isaacson new book reads like a labor of love and is much better written Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller focused than Jobs and is thought provoking on a lot of different levels I have already told a half dozen people I work with at a Fortune 500inancial services company that this book should be reuired reading when it comes out in OctoberRarely have a I read an ARC and Dogs Behaving Badly felt sorustrated because I have to wait or the book to come out so there are other readers with whom I can discuss дни иновациите креативността и съвместната работа са ключът към успеха във всяко начинание а „Иноваторите” показва какъв път е и съвместната работа са ключът към успеха във всяко начинание а „Иноваторите” показва какъв път е за да се стигне до тази истина Потопил се за няколко години в житейските истории на тези гениални изобретатели Айзъксън майсторски разкрива как в екип където приоритет са познанията творческият размах и споделянето на идеи се раждат великите откриватели и артистите на бъдещето Уолтър Айзъксън е автор на биографиите на Стив Джобс Айнщайн Кисинджър и Бенджамин Франклин а в съавторство с Еван Томас е написал „Мъдрите хора Шестима приятели и създаденият от тях свят” Има дългогодишен опит като председател на CNN и отговорен редактор на списание Time а понастоящем е изпълнителен директор на „Аспен”Живее със съпругата си във Вашингтон. Oftentimes overlooked history There were several things I appreciated about Isaacson s approach Echoing the uote above "there is a consistent theme in this book about how nerdy "is a consistent theme in this book about how nerdy was gathered there is a consistent theme in this book about how nerdy talent was gathered generate ideas and power innovation Hearing about the eccentricities of this nerdy talent was sometimes as interesting as the innovations themselves I also liked that Isaacson began with Ada Lovelace the daughter of Lord Byron and didn t just drop her in the irst chapter but ound ways to show how her contributions are still relevant Finally there was nearly a whole chapter on Pong No way anybody could come up with a better game than that 375 stars A masterful tour of the creative people behind the development of computers and the digital revolution using a rame that probes the relative contributions of teamwork vs individual genius As I continually benefitted the ever increasing capabilities of computers April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers from the 70s onwardor my ormer science career and I enjoyed Isaacson s biography of Ben Franklin I igured I couldn t lose Plus Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome friends praise his skills in the history of science as revealed in his books on Einstein and Steve Jobs I wasn t disappointed 2nd read 1082016 10132016Rereading this book was just slightly less entertaining than theirst time through I loved hearing the stories of collaboration outright copying business machinations and cool combinations of art and technology I really like the whole Shockley Noyce transistor microchip era And then the section on the early homebrew groups contending ideologically with Gates and Jobs is good too Isaacson s overt theses are that collaboration not isolated geniuses account or progress and innovation Secondly he makes a case or why artificial intelligencecomputing combined with human intelligence is much powerful than just computers1st read 10162014 10262014What a pleasure An absolute pleasure of a readThis book is all about the history of computing and the people behind it all There was a time when kids grew up taking apart and putting together HAM radios and getting chemistry sets with cubes of germanium inside "This Book Made Me A Bit Jealous Of That Basic "book made me a bit jealous of that basic of technology and I have to admit that after the reading the portion on diodes semiconductors and microchips I spent an entire Saturday online learning about the basic physics and chemistry involved in that process Then I went back and reread the sections and I elt better about my understanding of the history and the scienceIsaacson is great at bringing these hackers and geeks to life Alan Turin Grace Hopper Vannevar Bush John Mauchly Ev Williams A lot of new heroes were brought to life or me reading this book I d recommend this to anyone who has ever Space Kid felt that gnawingeeling about not uite understanding the basics about the digital world that surrounds us For me this was a great tour that inspired me to dig deeper into some of the science and appreciate of the historySome ket takeaways1 One theme present in most of the breakthroughs was a Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town form of collaboration or batting around of ideas Sparks comerom ideas rubbing against each other rather than as bolts right out of the blue That is the way that good ideas often blossom a bumblebee brings half an idea rom one realm and pollinates another ertile realm Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water filled with halformed innovations 2 As Vannevar Bush points out there is strength in the triangle of military industrial and academic research The government should Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus fund and help enhance hybrid research centers that emulate Bell Labs RAND Stanford Research Institute and Xerox PARC Basic research is a necessityor continued breakthrough innovation On top of all this the crowd open source is a necessary competitor with private tech This is a healthy rivalry and moves us orward3 The best innovators are the ones that stand at the intersectio. започва с графиня Ада Лъвлейс дъщерята на лорд Байрон която става първият програмист още през ХIХ век и продължава с впечатляващите личности Ванивър Буш Алан Тюринг Джон фон Нойман Джон Ликлайдър Дъг Енгелбърт Джон Атанасов Робърт Нойс Бил Гейтс Стив Возняк Стив Джобс Тим Бърнърс Лий Лари ПейджКак работи умът на гениитеАвторът увлекателно рисува идейния свят на тези изключителни новатори сменя умело гледната точка а дълбокият му личен интерес към темата калейдоскопично разкрива постепенното развитие на 10 те най съществени иновации на цифровата ера Книгата надниква в мислите на иноваторите разкрива защо са толкова изобретателни и показва как способността им да си сътрудничат ги прави още по успешниИновациите се раждат там където изкуството докосва наукатаВ наши. I eel bad that I joked about this book in my review of Ninth House and made it Seem Like A Boring Read like a boring read about how transistors are made It seemed unny at the time but it was entirely misleading This book was not boring at all In act I would say some chapters were difficult to put downThe Innovators is NOT a comprehensive history of all computer and Internet related technology I eel the need to stress that now It takes a very specific route rom Charles Babbage to Google by way of Turing Hopper and Berners Lee a route which is about showing the major players in America s journey to the Digital Age It is very easy to read it and think Wait What about so and so and whatshername and Ohmygod it s all about reaking America It s limited is what I m trying to say and Isaacson is pretty open about that rom the beginning He knows he d need a good 10000 pages to come close to adeuately portraying this history in ull so he s stuck with a ew big namesWhat he sacrifices in breadth he makes up or in depth which is personally how I like my books to be This was a Owls: Birds of the Night fascinating book about severalascinating people some of them not Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, fascinating in a good way Though it also sent me down a number of Internet rabbit holes it has to be said Ielt compelled to look something up and then would end up neck deep within mathematical theoryI Bon Bon Voyage find the story of how we gotrom a Victorian polymath to the current ever expanding technologies of today deeply ascinating I love how the author shows how it was such a collaborative effort It is actually impossible to truly pin down who invented the computer or the Internet because it all relied on so many different people s inventions and ideas I loved reading about all the different influences rural tinkerers taking machines apart America s nuclear program anti establishment hippies and Ada LovelaceSay what you will but Ada Lovelace is a ascinating person Whether you give her or less of the credit or inventing computer programming she was clearly a genius and a kinda odd individual But it s just a real good story isn t it That one of the two earliest computer visionaries and programmers was A Woman Called Lady Lovelace woman called Lady Lovelace daughter of none other than Lord Byron How delightful I definitely think sometimes the amount of time allotted to certain people had to do with whether Isaacson could getread an interview with them than to how important they actually were It is odd to me that Atanasoff who never got his machine to work was given than three times as much page time as Konrad Zuse who built the world s irst programmable computer It also reads a little strange when Isaacson skims over the Manchester Baby the world s irst electronic stored program computerBut I m nitpicking I really enjoyed reading The Innovators and learning about all these incredible people I was especially glad that Isaacson gave the emale programmers the attention they deserved Many people don t know this but almost all of the A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency first computer programmers were women because men didn t realise the importance of software and despite working hard on machines like the ENIAC they were still excludedrom men only celebratory events Glad to see them given names and voices in this bookI liked this so much I think I ll read Leonardo da Vinci soon Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube But the main lesson to draw rom the birth of computers is that innovation is usually a group effort involving collaboration between visionaries and engineers and that creativity comes rom drawing on many sources Only in storybooks do inventions come like a thunderbolt or a lightbulb popping out of the head of a lone individual in a basement or garret or garage Walter Isaacson s The Innovators How a Group of Hackers Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution is an enjoyable and worthy study of an. През 2011 Уолтър Айзъксън запозна света с живота на Стив Джобс чрез биографията която се превърна в глобален феномен и стана една от най купуваните нехудожествени книги в историята на човечеството В новия си шедьовър „Иноваторите” писателят разкрива вълнуващите истории на пионерите на дигиталната революция без които не биха съществували нито Джобс нито компютрите и интернет Ако искате да научите как се раждат иновациите и как сътрудничеството е свързано с креативността „Иноваторите” ще ви завладее Какво е креативността Как визионерските идеи стават реалност„Иноваторите” е новият шедьовър от автора на биографията за Стив Джобс –Уолтър Айзъксън Книгата ни запознава с вълнуващия живот на пионерите на дигиталната революция създали компютрите и интернет Всичко. The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution