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Angel takes place before this and I have not readlistened to that story so perhaps the plot twist would have I have not readlistened to that story so perhaps the plot twist would have f I had done so Says something of the overall plotline on Caliban however that the twist doesn t particularly exciteI wouldn t go out of my way to purchase this story I wouldn t say reading or listening to April in Bloom itf you have Let It Snow its a waste of time either I would read Gav Thorpe s Dark Angels novels exclusively f he would just keep writing them This was an awesome taste of a great mystery n the 40K world what actually goes down on Caliban Also Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, it focuses on a character that has been blowing my mind since Angels of Darkness from 10 years ago Highly recommend While I was definitely expecting something else goingnto Master of the First I was not at all disappointed I believe that Mr Thorpe has been doing better and better with the Dark Angels and that they have as a Legion gotten better and better as the Heresy has gone on Here we get to see yet again what s happening on the world of Caliban All of the audio dramas and short stories have really done an excellent job of showing the Dark Angels thousand steps down the path of damnation so to speak really done an excellent job of showing the Dark Angels thousand steps down the path of damnation so to speak have seen them feel slighted by the Lion seen that feeling become anger and contempt and as their story goes on we will see that anger and contempt evolve nto hatred and murderWhile I still do not really enjoy the Dark Angels the Fallen Angels I can get behind and so this story was pretty awesomeDefinitely worth a listen f you are a fan of the Dark AngelFallen Angels. Of the galaxy With ties both to ongoing events n the wider Horus Heresy and to Gav Thorpe’s Legacy of Caliban series this s an audio no Dark Angels fan will want to missPerformed by Gareth Armstrong Tim Bentinck Jane Collingwood and Jonathan KeebleRunning time 36 minutesDirected by Samuel GunnMusic by Simon SlaterProduced by Heavy Entertainment for Black Librar. Master of the First

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Luther the Kor Phaeron of the first legion his Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, intentions covered with smoke The defeat of the loyalists on caliban was to be expected andf not for Astelan then Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Harlequin Presents Extra, it would have been crushed by Luther himself The reasons behind the betrayal arenteresting though why would Luther betray the Lion and to what end Where his Angels Do Have Wings intentions to join the warmastern his campaign or was he simply seeking what was best for Caliban While Alpha Legion s always linked to subterfuge and undercover actions I think there s no Legion adept at treachery and under handiness than Dark AngelsAnd this short story depicts exactly that wheels turning within wheels and complete inability to trust anyone to be what they seem to be I don to trust anyone to be what they seem to be I don know f t Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy is just me but Dark Angels seem to be tight lipped and generally closed up formation very similar to Custodes Which again makes sense since they served with Custodes from the very startI wont gonto details here but this short story provides some Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware interestingnsights Monster Trucks Hair in a Can into the Dark Angels and what exactly was going on on Caliban during the Lion s absenceOnly negative thing heres that the story was way too short I cannot wait for books on Dark Angels Seemingly thrown to the dogs and left forgotten on their primarch s homeworld resentment simmers among the Dark Angels While no warrior will raise a hand against his brother tension between the Calibanites and Terran astartes have never been higher and the A very good story hinting about the First Legion former only Legion and the Displaced Persons inner conflict between Terr. The Dark Angels and the Night Lords fought one another to a bloody stalemate during the Thramas Crusade and though the Lion eventually claimed victoryt left the First Legion scattered and under strength Back on Caliban those Dark Angels loyal to Terra grow mpatient for a return to past glories nominating Chapter Master Astelan as their leader – meanwhile Jago AnCaliban Dark Angels whose scheming and mischief match for good Alpha onesThere s something rotten CalibanThe Angels are going fast on their is something rotten on CalibanThe Angels are going fast on their to damnation and Chapter Master Astelan s a great character ntriguing me since his first appearance In anderen Herzen in W40K novel Angels of Darkness that I really have to re read sooner or later While the Horus Heresy series has been rolling on uite contentedly reaching 31 books and countless other storiest s been a while since we ve heard much from Caliban and those members of the Dark Angels sent home by their primarch Lion El Johnson What has been happening back on the home world while the rest of the galaxy falls apart and the Lion has been out chasing Konrad Kurze Fear not Gav Thorpe s on hand with a new audio drama Master of the First to shed a little light on the situation This s a 35 minute audio drama available as a standalone MP3 download prior to a future release Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns in a combined package with The Long Night by Aaron Dembski BowdenRead the rest of the review at Good fun sci fi Universe buildings necessary The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class in a series of this scope and this audioplay doest well This was a great short story about my favorite Adeptus Astartes Chapter the Dark Angels I enjoyed the further development of Astelan s character who I have been a fan of since his first appearance n Angels of Darkness Entertaining particularly with sound effects adding some mmersion to the narration which Flesh Blood: Compendium isn t bad I m a littlendifferent to the Dark Angels so that probably comes nto play hereApparently Grey. Evatarion First Captain of the Night Lords still languishes n a dismal gaol cell Both must consider where their own personal loyalties lie and what path they will take n the days to comeThis audio reveals the truth of what has been happening on the Dark Angels home world of Caliban while the Lion has been battling against the Warmaster’s forces on the other side.
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