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On hack number 227 either which claims It s completely safe to eat The Stickers That Are stickers that are fruit Even the glue used to put them on is food grade According to Snopes this is mostly false Sure you can eat one or two stickers from time to time without any ill effects but in general don t be eating paper and glue It s not a good thing Take off the sticker and wash your produce people Some of the hacks are indeed woefully out of date especially the ones that refer to specific websites or google search terms Hack 25 Turn the Google search page into pirate slang by typing in Google pirate and clicking the I m feeling lucky button sic Settings will now be referred to as Me likes an dislikes The instructions don t work but a little investigation proved that the so called hack is found by using the URL googlecomhl xx pirate albeit not as he describes it When I read hack 118 Poke a fork through the creamy part of an Oreo so that you can dip the whole Oreo in milk without getting your fingers wet I wondered Were you raised by wolvesThere A Few Hacks "a few hacks I loved and did find useful For example hack number 2 Want to download a YouTube video Just add ss to the URL between www and YouTube It s clunky but it works But my favourite is hack 38 Go to and enter in an artist s name YouTube will auto arrange an awesome playlist based on uploads of that artist This truly is an awesome hack It s even better than he describes it You can use any search term and experiment with what you can get For example type in David Bowie Heart s Filthy Lesson You will get results for uploaded versions that Bowie did of that song Type in cover of What s going on and you ll get versions of that song by various artists These last examples do not make up for the errors and sheer sloppiness of this book Despite the disclaimer that the author and publisher accept no responsibility for misadventure caused by following any of these hacks this reader thinks that it is extremely irresponsible and unethical to publish this book without rigorous fact checking There is no excuse for propagating false incomplete or misleading information And the author shouldn t be profiting from it If he wanted to maximize his credibility citing sources and proof would have helped Save your money and time and skip this one altogether Where is my review I must have swapped editions or something I will attempt to write it again Don t you hate when this happensThis book was introduced to me by a teacher of mine He always does an ice breaker at the start of each class and this is always very effective He presented the first lesson I had had for over 20 years and in this lesson he asked us all about our names their origins and our birthdays This was effective as our class always collects notes for those absent what is it with youngsters today they never go to class actually a lot of the older ones miss class a lot too and we bake cakes for birthdaysI digress The reason for the book to come up on that first lesson was the subject classification in the Dewey Decimal Classifcation system What subject does this fall under Lots Home economics Miscellanea Consumer education Miscellanea and Life skills MiscellaneaThis is exactly what this book is A bit of everything 1000 hints covering lifestyle technology food A mxed bag I took note of a lot of them as I went along numbered 1 1000 some are interesting some silly and some are just plain weird Erections and how to avoid them is one exampleThis book would make a good gift I m considering giving. S simple solutions to a variety of everyday problems Each informative entry helps you discover uicker efficient techniues for completing ordinary tasks around the home at the office and just about anywhere You'll also learn how to make the most out of any situation with fun prob. .
It to a brother in law who is ridiculously frugal and "that s being ind I think it be a clever idea I might just re gift How apt Now that "s ind I think it d be a clever idea I might just re gift How apt Now that helpful little volume had gone back to the library I m regretting not having jotted down some of the very helpful hints I ve forgotten some Cool and creative stuff My sister gave me this for Christmas A thousand hacks from How to uit Smoking to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Possibly the best one is Feeling ugly Go sit in a Walmart for two hours You ll feel a lot better I found many of the tips not relevant to me some because they were cheap not frugal some were just plain dumb and others such as the many iPhone tips don t apply to me because I don t have an iPhone Additionally some tips are already out of date in this five year old book In the following sampling of the contents you see a mix of truth and falsehoods The first two are legitimate while the last two have been debunked by snopescom Instead of hitting backspace multiple times to correct misspelled words erase the whole word by pressing Ctrl backspace When watching a DVD press stop stop play and skip to skip the ads and go straight to the movie It s completely safe to eat the stickers that are on fruit Even the glue used to put them on is food grade Pineapple juice is five times effective than cough syrup It also prevents colds and the fluIf you decide to read this book at least you re forewarned Personally I recommend you pass on it as I don t think there are enough new and useful hacks to make it worth even the short read that it is This book is a very interesting idea and is based on some blog sites that the author has created The book offers simple solutions to everyday problems in areas ranging from technology to fitness to money to housework It s a fun and very uick read and some of the tips are based on common sense and word of mouth such as the one that suggests using rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains on clothes But many others are based on some degree of research and unfortunately there are no sources cited in this book As a teacher and writer I can t give it a high rating without those sources 25 stars A collection of 1000 life hacks or tips arranged by various headings Technology School Survival and so forth The author admits that he has gathered them from various places and as a result there is little really original here as well as at least one case of duplication Perhaps useful as a refresher or for introducing you to one or two things you haven t come across before but if you re an established fan of hacks you ll most likely already be familiar with most of these Personally I could have done without the How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse section and I would note for fellow UK readers that the tips are heavily weighted towards USA companies and culture which means that it has limited international applicability If you re ever attacked by a swarm of wasps or bees use hairspray to immobilize themI m glad I got this book through the library that s the life hack I recommend for you While there s some valid advice in this book most of it is common sense Some of the advice is outdated And some if it is outright weird In what situation are you attacked by bees but you have hairspray And some if it is outright weird In what situation are you attacked by bees but you have hairspray is salt the supposed fix all for everything A lot of this advice takes money or time than just doing something the easy way and some of them aren t applicable any as companies like and Spotify change their policies It s a uick read but I don t feel like I learned much. Lem solving tricks like creating an impromptu iPod speaker from toilet paper rolls or snagging a free doughnut at your local Krispy Kreme shopFilled with 1000 valuable life hacks this book proves that you don't have to search very far for the perfect solution to everyday problem. This book is AMAZING I ve only gotten to 70 of 1000 hacks and I ve already learned enough helpful tips to give this 5 stars This is a Reference Librarian s treasure trove of information Sure you ve heard "Of Some Of These Some Of Them "some of these Some of them you wonder if people have way too much free time You could find all this with Google However a uick read through these 1000 Hacks Is Bound To Make Your Life Easier Some hacks is bound to make your life easier Some tips some stupid tips some common sense tips A uick read I read this book so that you don t have to There are 1000 so called life hacks in this book When I got to the first false hack I thought generously One factual error I will give him After all everyone makes mistakes But when I got to the second one his credibility was strained for me Right out of the gate two of my all time favourite false claims show up as hack numbers 11 and 12 Putting batteries in the freezer to make them last longer and putting a wet cell phone in rice to absorb water are both untrue In the case of batteries you could ruin them because of condensation that uickly forms once you remove them from the freezer In the case of rice it would be better to ask this uestion in your favourite search engine How to Save a Wet Phone
And Follow The Advice 
follow the advice doesn t include rice By the third false claim I was going to put down the book then I thought I d entertain myself by doing my own fact checking I didn t check every one I skipped the ones that I new were true and ones I didn t particularly care about The book turns out to be little than a random selection of mostly unsubstantiated noise direct from the internet with only a few useful hacks In one case he lifts a statement verbatim from an online uiz To wit hack number 317 Daytime naps help to improve your memory and cut the risk of heart disease You can find it at ynuizcom In any case I couldn t find any solid proof for this claim and factors such as how long you nap for and when are important in determining its health benefits Another problem with some of his hacks is that they are misleading Another example is hack number 18 Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games Yes This is true but because airplane mode turns off access to any networks including the cell network if your game depends on being on the internet you may not be able to play it at all So this hack doesn t always work Here s another one Hack 56 Drop a battery from six inches off the ground If it bounces once and falls over it s still good If it bounces around than that it s dead or on its way out Because of the section this hack appears in I am assuming he is specifically talking about cell phone batteries In any case I don t understand how this is a hack If you feel you have to drop your battery on the ground I m guessing you already have a problem Another issue this example highlights is that he freuently neglects to be specific about the circumstances and context of many of the hacks Describing hacks such as number 54 are sloppy and confusing for the reader To move frame by frame on a YouTube video pause it and then use J or L to go backward or forward Either this one is out of date or he doesn t now what a frame is The character L advances the video 10 seconds and J backs it up 10 seconds I was particularly concerned about hack 250 Honey when mixed with vinegar and water can remove worms and other parasites in your body I could not find anything to support this claim Consult a medical professional if you suspect you have a parasite Do not depend. Simple solutions to everyday problemsWouldn't it be nice if there were a way to make life easier With Life Hacks you'll find hundreds of methods that you can start using right now to simplify your life From folding a fitted sheet to removing scuffs from furniture this book offer. .