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A Good Place

Hollis Shiloh ☆ 6 characters

At if it has a better ending though It was nice but insuficient for me Not super impressed with this one and that s disappointing since I ve liked some of Shiloh s other work This one just seemed forced rushed and incomplete Much better read than the usual ay romanceI am a Vietnam vet so this story hit close to home for me It is KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! great story of one manetting to know another who was scarred I have yet to find such a man in real life This book also demonstrated that you don t need vivid descriptions of bed ymnastics to be an excellent read Short and sweet little #read. S a cook A short sweet ay romance 12700 words # S a cook A short sweet ay romance 12700 words level very low short story by Hollis Shiloh. Accept and love each other I love Jesse s patience as he slowly draws Con out of his shell I love Con s care for Jesse who will always come first And I thought the impact of Con s PTSD on their relationship is so well portrayed There is no miracle cure but to be accepted and lived with and as a result become stronger in their love for each other I wish the writer has iven this little em a much better cover 35 stars A sweet slow burn romance I would have liked a satisfying ending but the HFN was rather nice Very lovely and #Sad At The Same Time It Would #at the same time It would been re. Job on his RANCHEVEN BEFORE HE MEETS THE before he meets the uiet scarred ex Marine who works there