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E is very very little that actually shows the reality and not the appearance I don t want to take it as fact that a character is really kind and caring I want actual proof of it and in than one place please The world building was well done but I feel it was at the expense of the characters The significance the lesser characters have is lost in the world building as they appear to be a means to reveal another fact and are not people in their own right until the end oops Spoiler MaybeBut what I detested the most was the ending especially for a school book even though it is my pet hate in all circles The ending is a gimmick to make you buy the next book It ends on the cliffhanger No book should end on a cliffhanger It means the story is incomplete and not properly structured or else you are wanting to milk your readers for twice the amount of cash I refuse This will not be the first book I have abandoned here Structure your plot properly care for your readers especially in this country where SA books cost a fortune and we will care for you in return Oh please this book is awesomeI know there isn t descriptions about the characters in this one that s because the author wanted us to create them ourselvesthis book is so savage whoahoping for a part 2 I read this because it is one of the new prescribed books for grade 10 at the school where I m doing observation at the moment I m a little sceptical of genre fiction being used as prescribed texts even though I obviously enjoy science fiction and the like in general so I wanted to see what the rationale was in choosing a book that is obviously following the dystopia girl hero trendAnd after reading it the rationale was clearly I read this book as part of my school curriculum Needless to say I obviously read these books within a day of getting my hands on them this one however didn t go that WAY AT ALL IN FACT I FINISHED IT ABOUT at all In fact I finished it about months after I received it Obviously I wouldn t have finished it had this book been read by choiceThe Mark by Edyth Bulbring is somewhat of a childish confusing story Majority of the language used seemed very infantile for the 15 year old narrator The dystopian damaged world Bulbring portrays after a fire called the conflagration is somewhat of a typical setting for a YA book as well As The Romance And Plot It Follows the romance and plot It follows exact recipe and formula of a YA sci fi book and as such I found the story somewhat boring It rang bells and reminders to common YA sci fi Divergent The Hunger Games and so on Bulbring s terminology used to refer to her world and its inmates seemed to be made up on the spot with weird terms such as Pulak and Market Nags Perhaps Bulbring felt the need to change and try and update the YA dystopian genre with a book like this I didn t enjoy it much finding the narrative childish confusing and very much unlike other books in this genre I had no thrill coursing in me as I read the story nor was there the pressing need to turn the pages as fast as I could read them In fact this book gave me a headache and I was happy when I put it down Some parts such as a few chapters were good and managed to capture my attention for A Few Short Seconds few short seconds they were far and few between Otherwise this story was unenjoyableAll in all I d recommend this book to you if you enjoy reading typical YA dystopia A book I wouldn t read again unless reuired for school purposes story line is a bit difficult to understand from the beginning but as you continue reading the story make sense and you get a understanding of what is actually happening in the book It is a GR 10 novel so a was a must to read this book I enjoyed the book very must I recommend picking up this book ust at least once Awesome but ending is sh. Drudge will begin her fate mate mate will be chosen Like everyone else her future is marked by the numbers on her spine But Ettie decides to challenge her destiny And in so doing she fulfils the prophecy that was spoken of before she even exist. Racks her mark and determines what work she will do and who she will marry but she doesn t like being controlled by the Machine or by a vague prophecy She has a purpose to fulfill a prophecy that is whispered by a scattering of rebels No one believes that the prophecy is about her except for the hadeda ibis birds These are large ugly birds whose eyes have been cruelly removed to trigger their ability to foretell the future Whenever Ettie is near they screech at her warnings about her futureThis is a well written story There are twists AND TURNS THAT WILL KEEP YOU turns that will keep you The use of sarcasm is the right choice of humor for this hell on earth If you re looking for a happily ever after then this book isn t for you It also doesn t have a complete ending It s written for young adults but because of the brutality it should come with an age restriction of 16 and up this book was The Life of Kitty Storm just simply amazing i enjoyed reading it there was never a dull point in the book i was on the edge of my sit with every twist and turn that came along with this bookust simply loved it Having taught English for 10 years I can safely say this has been the worst novel I Ve Ever Taught ve ever taught problems with the bookCharacters The characters are poorly developed Ettie is an unreliable narrator and her personality does little to nothing to create sympathy in the reader If I don t care about the character s goals what is the point in reading about her In addition the other central characters are not memorable in any way The society in Slum City is so striated that it makes things unnecessarily difficult The book could have worked ust fine with three main classes the posh the workers and the rejects Sub sectors of each class should not take up as much plot time as they do Bulbring gives us no reason to care about the other classes as they are often only used to further the storyline There is nothing inherently wrong with this but then don t ask us to care about these groups who serve no real purpose Structure The story structure gives the impression that it was written as one lengthy novel but was then cut randomly in order to make a seueltrilogy Once again I have nothing against a good seuel but the books should be well written enough to stand alone The general feedback from students is that the novel s ending is illogical and frustrating Worldbuilding The novel is set in the dystopian Slum City and Bulbring does everything she can to constantly remind us that this world is so deeply broken and people have lost all sense of their common humanity However she seems to have decided on the is approach and conseuently the novel is peppered with unnecessarily graphic descriptions of fist sized flies oppressive heat bug uice rats poor sanitation sweat etc etc Such imagery has shock value initially but then the reader is desensitised and the conditions she describes become normal In addition the language consistently prevents the reader from building a fluid relationship to any aspect of the story because some descriptions are so unnecessarily gross The real tragedy of this situation is that the department of education had the potential to choose something truly remarkable yet they chose this I will not be reading book 2 Yet again I find myself asking why this was chosen as a school setwork book Yes the author is South African and I want to support South African writers But I find myself less inclined to want to support them when they are forced on me and I feel that the reason is not in the best interests of our kidsI found the characters rather stunted I know that there is a distinction between appearance vs reality let s use the phrase that EVERYONE is going to use to discuss this well indoctrinated kids but ther. Trols each person’s destiny The Machine decides what work you will do and who your life partner will be In this world everyone must make their contribution Some than others Juliet Seven – “Ettie” – will soon turn 15 and her life as Before you roll your eyes at what you may consider to be yet another YA dystopia read you can be reassured that The Mark by Edyth Bulbring isn t cast in the same mould as The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as so many recent releases have been Instead the work has a grittier scratchy behind the eyes feel that one would expect with George Orwell s 1984 Ettie also known as Juliet Seven isn t the special girl with the super abilities who is going to save the world and overthrow the evil ruling elite She s no one She s a drudge a young woman fated to work in a menial ob until she s only fit for the Reject Dump Her Mark which she desperately tries to remove throughout means she s trapped in the roles cast for her by othersWe discover a world that is as Bulbring puts it Post Conflagration What exactly went wrong we don t find out but it s beside the point Humanity and nearly all the life on the planet apart from flies have been driven to the edge of extinction The Machine is all that keeps mankind going regulating a rigid caste system in which only a few are lucky enough to number among the Elite The sun is no longer a life giving source of light and any who The sun is no longer a life giving source of light and any who not play by the rules in this harsh world are deemed Savage and cut off from societyWhen not training for her future in service of the elite Ettie is also part of a criminal underground that scams the Posh and she makes no excuses for behaviour nor does she possess many redeeming ualities beyond her rigorous self interest Though she s clearly not a nice person and some of her nasty comments are true gems her devotion to her friend and companion Kitty whom she will go to the ends of the earth to protect shines through and also her love of literature that transports her to magical worlds so vastly different from the reality in which she is immersed The main theme throughout the story is that of escape and not being satisfied with preordained lots Ettie s attempts to break free from an oppressive system lead her through many unpredictable twists and turns as soon as I thought I knew which direction Bulbring was going to take readers she confounded my expectations The Mark is a fast paced gritty and uncomfortable read and Bulbring maintains a cracking pace blending elements of SF dystopia with nuances of magical realism Pick this one up if you re looking for something slightly different The Mark is a dystopian novel that takes place after the world has burned and the sun beats down mercilessly It is hell on earth in ways than one The elite few have all the privileges and use their power to dominate everyone else There are horrific human rights violations in every chapter One of them is to discard people once they lose their usefulnessA girl named Juliet who goes by Ettie is raised as an orphan and trained to do menial labor as a drudge She has learned that to survive you have to be a nobody and trust no one She blends in so well that people assume she lacks intelligence and has no feelings She also pretends not to

"Know How To Read Since "
how to read since like her aren t taught that skillThe story is told through her eyes and her thoughts are dripping with sarcasm Ettie uses concepts from classic books and fairy tales to describe her world She calls her handler Xavier a tricksy hobbit and the doctors in lab coats Frankenstein 1 and Frankenstein 2 She also uses lines from nursery rhymes which point to happier times and which are in stark contrast to her harsh reality It s her love of stories that helps her connect with one of the children of the elitesEttie like everyone else has a number on her back to keep her under the control of the elites For years she has been trying to find a way to remove the mark but without success The Machine In the future the world has flipped Ravaged by the Conflagration this is a harsh world where the relentless sun beats down people’s lives are run by a heartless elite and law is enforced by a brutal brigade A mark at the base of the spine con.

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