Wierms Egg (KINDLE)

It is a beautiful book Everyone should read it This is a wonderful book It S A Uniue And Lovely a uniue and lovely I purchased it to read as bedtime story for my daughters ages 4 and 7 with the plan to read a chapter at a time each night But I found the story so compelling I secretly finished the book without my daughters because I just couldn t wait to find out what happened secretly finished the book without my daughters because I just couldn t wait to find out what happened I loved it from start to finish I am still reading it to my girls a chapter at a time and they are both still eenly interested in the characters and what is happening with them Even nowing what happens next I am enjoying reading it again and having the adventure unfold before me once againI have read a variety of books aloud to my girls Dahl Rowling Grimm Riordan Lewis and So writers are easier to read aloud than others even though their stories might be eually compelling Garlen s word choices and dialog make this book delightfully fun to read aloud Even without the dialog the words flow easily and naturally and are a beautiful reflection of the grand adventureI recommend it to anyone who likes the fantasy genre as well as anyone who likes great adventure stories and anyone who likes a good story about interesting familiesThere is a special aspect to this story that might make it extra meaningful to adoptive families A very fun read even if the story seems to flow along just a little too smoothly for our hero A marvelous tale of the families we create for ourselves Love and compassion are at the core of this tale of adventure and it s refreshing "to see a protagonist work to survive in "see a protagonist work to survive in complicated world by creating community rather than by wandering off alone Lifelong readers of fantasy will be pleased to see the echoes of favorite authors in this text including Kipling Tolkien and for me at least Kenneth Grahame I loved this engaging well written story of a female dragon lonely in her mountain who raises a shipwrecked orphan boy as her son Calling the child Wiermig or Ig egg she faces the derision of her own dwindling ind and the wrath of villagers This dragon owns a magic ring which can turn her into a human lady so in this guise she is able to accompany the child to the village and buy food clothing and advice Ig learns fast and absorbs dragon speech and lore along with his other lessons When the time comes for him to be apprenticed he decides to become a minstrel or bard and adds to his store of songs and legends These stand him in good stead when he is faced with dire necessity choices and strange beings on his travels From witches to sea serpents Ig has to deal with fierce powers but the culmination of the adventures is the return of a loathsome hungry black dragon which had been previously thought to be just a legend With the generational cycle to the fore and adoption on the table some strong issues are addressed in this novel I have classed it as a Young Adult work When the green dragon Sylla discovers an orphaned human baby she adopts him and raises him as her own Wiermig grows up a child of two worlds but the dragons are a dying race whose existence has been forgotten by men Wiermig fulfills the expectations of the elder wierms by following the path of a fledgling dra.

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Ny the lad Using the magic ring Willais will become a wandering troubadour He and young Wiermig will soak up the local color learn about the ways of men and earn their 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales keep as strolling minstrels performing ballads for any audience that will have themI will not summarize the plot other than to state that Wiermig s talents as a bard and his wit rather than his skill with a sword enable him to survive the vicissitudes of plundering pirates sunken ships damsels in distress most of whom are shallow princesses vainings and one demented evil Sauron of a dragon In short Wiermig does save the human inhabitants of this ingdom and In short Wiermig does save the human inhabitants of this ingdom and the peace that once exists between humans and wierms This humanities person appreciates the fact that Wiermig becomes a bard whose weapons his flute and his lute are larger than his silver dagger The "DRAGONS ARE MOSTLY PEACE LOVING CREATURES SURE THERE ARE "are mostly peace loving creatures Sure there are bad ones in the bunch and of course the demented Erozur Generally they have no appetite for humans as Sylla discovers after her necessary devouring of a couple of rogues who have invaded her cave The result is the most combustible case of heartburn I have ever encounteredJennifer s imaginary world is far denser than many fairy tales and fleshed out with a language "Serpentine For The Dragons "for the dragons a geography that is comprised of far than simply a couple of The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle kingdoms This world is detailed than that of most cinematic animated tales and worthy of an adaptation by a master such as Hayao Miyazaki Her prose possesses and unforced fluidity and she s also a pretty skillful writer of fantasy ballads Only once does it slip and thrust one out of the reality of this world when she refers to the scent of dragonbane as rather pleasant like something one might add to a linen closet toeep the laundry fresh Do wierms have laundry to wash and if so do they need to put it in linen closetsAlthough stories of this world would be welcome this novel is not launched to initiate a multi volume saga such as George RR Martin might devise It is short and concise and extremely well paced and plotted Full disclosure Jennifer Garlen is a friend of mine I Mismatch knew she was a writer but had no idea she had written something so readable and imaginative This novel is available in Kindle format only but that fact should in no way detract from the fact that any publisher would be a fool not to pass up the opportunity to make this a print book for mass consumption Great job Jennifer Engrossing and adorable Wierm s egg sidesteps or skewers many fantasy tropes without simply becoming the opposite of the tropes It took me a couple of chapters to settle into the story but once I did I wanted tonow what would happen next It s aimed at a young adult audience and is a stand alone book so the plot is fairly straight forward but not predictably so An excellent light read touching on family and the power of love. R the black dragon who devastated Weshura in an ancient war resumes his bloody campaign against wierms and men Wiermig now a young bard embarks on a dangerous journey to defeat Erozur not with swords or strength but with the nowledge he possesses and a powerful relic left by a long dead champion from the pas.
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Ecause not only is it a coming of age story but the contents are suitable for young adults However fantasy lovers of all ages will enjoy this re imagining of the dragon theme and each will take some different message from The Striving Of The Characters For A striving of the characters for a life I particularly liked a Plainswoman rider who appeals to me because she is practical and loves horses Other people may focus on another character including some of the finely described dragons The only thing remaining for me to say to author Jennifer Garlen is More Please Another great book about dragons Human s and dragonstogether WOW Anyone who likes dragon stories willlike this book ENJOY Delightful coming of age story Much like Peter S Beagle s The Last Unicorn Wierm s Egg cleverly plays with the conventions of the fantasy novel to create a compelling and original story Interspecies bondingIf Tarzan a human baby could be raised by an ape why could not Wiermig the foundling discovered among the remains of a shipwreck be raised by a dragon or wierm as the species is named in this remarkable fantasyFirst of all Jennifer is a friend of mine I new she was a writer but had no idea she wrote something so imaginative sure footed and readable as Wierm s Egg The baby named Wiermig or dragon s egg by his adoptive mother Sylla is raised to be a sensitive and peaceful child Sylla does breathe fire and like all wierms she loves bright sparkly treasure I never have really understood the dragon lust for treasure theme A dragon hoards gold but how can it spend it In this novel that appetite is described as something innate within the wierm s nature almost a chemical attraction In this context the wierm is not avaricious or greedy but actually loves the treasure for its is not avaricious or greedy but actually loves the treasure for its beauty of an art for art s sake mindset than simply a desire to possess Likewise Sylla loves her own treasure little Ig as she nicknames him with the unconditional love of a mother for her offspringLike many fantasy novels this one involves an apprenticeship a coming of age for the young prince andor warrior The refreshing difference in this novel is that the boy is drawn toward music and learns to play harp and flute and sing and write ballads This is a portrait of the bard as a young man As Sylla raises and educates her son and trains him in the ways and lore of the wierms she realizes that she also needs to expose him to the world of his own ind Fortunately she possesses a magic ring that enables her to assume a human shape and in the guise of a withered old woman she escorts her young son into a nearby village where she has befriended many of the residents especially a simple yet true hearted guard named BertAlso at some point she must introduce Wiermig to a council of dragons and obtain approval for him to go on his uest and learn the secret that will fulfill his destiny Sylla s brother Willais is appointed to accompa. Gon first traveling the land with his uncle in disguise and then setting out on his own to learn his destiny from the Seeker in the Deep Along the way he encounters demons witches and pirates as well as dragons each with a part to play in changing Wiermig's life The past returns to shape the future when Erozu. ,

Wierms Egg