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Her than income I really enjoyed it I loved this The authentic characters old enough to a few have scars and regrets make this one a keeper It d be so easy for a simple story like this to offer no than fluff Nothing wrong with fluffy romances mind ou as I and countless other readers do enjoy them However the author turns this wholesome romance into a thought and countless other readers do enjoy them However the author turns this wholesome *ROMANCE INTO A THOUGHT ONE WITHOUT COMPLICATING THINGSHUMOR WARMTH *into a thought one without complicating thingsHumor warmth the right amount of substanceReviewed at Online Book Club I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review I loved this book The author beautifully captured the joys sorrows and everything in between of real life with humor and empathy It was such a pleasure to read about characters who are actual grown ups who have self doubts and regrets but who still believe in the overwhelming power of love 45 Really absorbing tale Loved Local teenager shows them both a glimpse of what it means to be a family Ben wonders if having kids in small town Vermont would clash with his ambitions Or can he truly come home againto Ka.

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Like I was immersed in a Hallmark movie that lasted a long sweet time Great job Liz Flaherty for all the warm fuzzies of love renewed family and small town life From Harleuin s Heartwarming books comes Back to McGuffey s by Liz Flaherty This was my first in this genre of books and it lived up to expectations If Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you are interested in a steamy romance where the characters jump from shaking hands to bouncing in the bedou will be disappointed If however Impossible Things you want to focus on relationships and emotional needs then Back to McGuffey s fits the billKate Rafael is in her late thirties and hears her biological clock ticking Ben McGuffey having broken up with Kate his longtime sweetheart thirteenears earlier still has feelings for her Kate has lost both her house t Very nice story great romance novel about choosing the best life based on love family and friends RAT. G A BIG CITY DOCTOR TO HELP G a big city doctor to help his family's tavern and reassess the choices he's made for his careerBen ends up giving Kate a handthen giving her kissesand finally a second chance But when ,

Back to McGuffey s isn t our Typical Romance Novel There S A Maturity romance novel There s a maturity it that greatly appealed to me The main characters Kate Rafael and Ben McGuffey are 37 and 39 respectively and by this time in their lives they ve already experienced many of life s major challenges including divorce loss of a beloved home and long held job a terminally ill parent and the painstaking realization that with the ticking of the proverbial biological clock the dream of starting a *family may not become a reality for Kate The characters are *may not become a reality for Kate The characters are with real adult situations and I like how the author undertook to have them handle life s difficulties in a dignified and civilized way For instance Ben McGuffey was married to a very beautiful woman Nerissa who is by this time happily remarried with children She s present off and on throughout the book with her husband I felt. The one that got awayCould Kate Rafael's day get any worse First she lost her job then her house burned down and now her ex is back in town Apparently Ben McGuffey's taking a break from bein. Back to McGuffey's