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He meager historical record and combines it with clues from the Brontes written works to create a window into the life of the Bronte siblings when they were teens Emily Charlotte Anne and Bram were raised in isolation at the edge of the moors near the village of Haworth Theirs was an unconventional upbringing with the girls receiving an education very similar to their brother s Emily is ill prepared to cope with boarding school She is socially awkward and resents the rules that dictate her behavior in every aspect of her life after a childhood of relative freedom When Emily returns home she struggles with changing family dynamics Charlotte is teaching at school and Anne wants her chance to attend Bram indulges in reckless behavior drinking and gambling while suandering precious opportunities for advancement Father is Gravely Ill Emily S Safe Haven Is ill Emily s safe haven is and she cannot escape into her imaginary world to write Slowly Emily emerges from her sheltered world to make a new friend Mary and discover that a neighbor s son finds her as attractive she finds his irresistible library and to raise a puppy into a faithful canine companionEagland does not stray far from what is known about the Brontes so the action a little flat and the characters are not "completely rounded out However for fans of Wuthering Heights this volume will provide some back story "rounded out However for fans of Wuthering Heights this volume will provide some back story the book s author At some points it was a little boring but it made up for it with the intriging plot twists Well this is embarrassing As someone who considers herself relatively well read I know of the Bronte sisters in only a vague pedestal classics women only wear dresses kind of way Apparently I m not mature enough to put that aside and ust read a book Unfortunate and unfair when reading for review I almost allowed my uninformed opinion of the main character to cast a shadow over the entire effort Absolutely asinine I dig so much about this book I loved that Emily grew by leaps and bounds in some ways staying self limiting to the extreme in others "The author s adoration and admiration is clear and contagious Ferociously fond Ms Eagland is nevertheless fair and forthright "author s adoration and admiration is clear and contagious Ferociously fond Ms Eagland is nevertheless fair and forthright has faults that she may never notice but the author acknowledges in a skillfully sly demonstrative way Clearly consumed with compassion for her siblings Emily nevertheless continues to anticipate issues incorrectly Almost illustrative of something that Hank Green recently said I think that the longer you know someone the easier it is to think that you know what they. Ed father falls ill and Emily's happy isolated world crumbles Charlotte is sent away to school where she meets new friends and new ideas Branwell is growing up and becoming absorbed in his own concerns with no time for little sisters And even dependable Anne in the end lets Emily down She is left alone to face her enemies old insecurities from the past that haunt Emily and threaten to overwhelm herWill Emily be able to conuer. Think all the time and that leads To Really Bad Communication When You Re really bad communication When you re I already know how you feel about this so I m not even going to ask Ms Eagland does not portray Emily as a heroine nor does she gloss over the young woman s courageous self less acts Feisty and fierce Emily does not always choose the best battle to fight in spite of being considerate and thoughtful Wise and well informed on the one hand na ve and somewhat sheltered on the other I found it interesting and intriguing to witness her acuisition of knowledge I loved that she changed her mind uickly compulsively to adopt and embrace the completely opposite opinionEngaging and exhilarating Emily takes center stage but the spotlight certainly shines on the charismatic cast Curious and considerate interacting with different people has a ripple effect as Emily first defends then reconsiders her stance on practically every topic from religion to women s role in society As it turns out any preconceived notions are irrelevant The World Within is simply an interesting story about an intriguing young ladyThis review was written for Buried Under Books by v poore I enjoyed this a lot Really seemed like what the teenage Emily Bronte would have been like I want to thank Jane Eagland the author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for my copy of The World Within that I won in the GiveawayI Found The World Within interesting and enjoyed how the author brought out the differences to opportunities available to men and women on the times The telling of the lives and making them so clear fictionalized was in keeping with showing the challenges they must have faced I enjoyed the book I uite enjoyed Jane Eagland s The World Within I had read Emily Bront s Wuthering Heights and some of her poetry "but did not know much about the author except that she was the sister of Charlotte and Anne and that she "did not know much about the author except that she was the sister of Charlotte and Anne and that she used the pseudonym Ellis Bell I thought the author did an excellent ob of bringing Emily Bront to life considering the lack of historical information regarding her and the fact that she died so young 30 years old The writing was enjoyable clear and easy to understand The book was organized well and made for a uick yet interesting read I would not hesitate to read of Ms Eagland s works in the future I m actually hoping she does a book for Charlotte and Anne as wellEven though this book is a work of fiction it is grounded in enough fact to make many readers want to learn about the Bront familyThis book was won from the Goodreadscom website. Her fears Will she come to terms with the power of nature that for all its wild beauty also brings death and destruction Will she be able to master the fierce passions of her imagination and find her own true voiceFrom the award winning author Jane Eagland The World Within tells the story of a young writer struggling to find herself and offers a window into the mind of the treasured but mysterious author of Wuthering Heights. ,

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The World WithinBorrowed on a whim this YA novel turned out to be a great escape read First the title and then the cover caught my attention Finally that it is a story about Emily Bronte sealed the deal for me to read it I could easily picture the village of Haworth the parsonage and the moors surrounding them so I allowed the author the help me picture Emily s life I wanted to like this I really did What potential it held in the beginning The Bronte sisters seemed to be lively complex characters and did you know they had a brother too and the setting was great But time after time Emily Bronte s character ust chipped away at that optimistic feeling i couldn t stand her by the end couldn t stand her by the end childish melodramatic and basically an antisocial sourpuss It also made me frustrated when she fell from her faith and didn t see God s power when it was right in front of her So yeah that part was depressing Despite the book s better points I would not read this again This is a novel of Emily Bronte not a biography You have to know that before diving into this book Emily s life is lovingly crafted by Jane Eagland Wildthorn who weaves a story based on actual events but as Eagland states not necessarily in the order they actually happened If a young person picked up this book because he or she enjoyed historical stories of familiesEnglandthe moorslife in Britain in the 19th century he or she might enjoy the story even knowing nothing about the Brontes or it may stir an interest in the reader Having read Bronte biographies I did like the parts of Emily s life that I recognized her home in Howarth her love for her sisters Branwell s struggle with finding a career Papa s love for his children Two parts came as surprises to me and I would like to explore them further 1 Emily was an intense introvert and 2 she wrote the Gondal stories with her sister Anne What has happened to those stories no one knows This book could be read in sixth grade and up but I think that high school students might find it of most interest I wanted to like this than I did and I really wish there had been about the Brontes imaginary realms and Emily s own stories although I guess not many of her early work was preserved It felt as if the lack of verified information about "Emily S Life Hampered "s life hampered story I think I d have preferred it to be fictionalized if that made it dramatic The author brings up some interesting points about the ineuality of the choices open to Bran Not much is known about Emily Bronte the author of Wuthering Heights Eagland takes Emily Brontë loves her sisters responsible Charlotte and uiet Anne and her brother tempestuous Branwell She loves the moors that stretch all around her home and the village of Haworth and she loves wandering over them even in the worst of weather Most of all she loves the writing that she and her siblings share creating imaginary kingdoms vivid characters and exciting adventuresBut change comes to the family when their belov.