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SupermanWonder Woman Volume 1 Power Couple

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Oddess of WarNobodyBecause she s the definition of hardcoreAnd she certainly doesn t need Superman to rescue her rom a burning building a sinking ship or a cackling villain Nope She can take care of herself And or that reason alone she s an awesome role model or all the tiny little angirls out thereI m not going to go into any detail about for all the tiny little angirls out thereI m not going to go into any detail about plot because that s not the reason this volume shines Doomsday Zod ApolloYeah those are your villains But who cares This is all about Diana and Clark trying to igure out what they are to each other and how or even if that its into their work Do NOT miss this story I mean itHighly Recommended Also this has one of the best lines EVAH rom Wonder Woman When he says And then best lines EVAH rom Wonder Woman When he says And then says God I love this woman Digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publishersAlso reviewed Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller for Addicted2Heroines and You know this makes the most sense Wonder Woman and Supermaneel like the perfect pair They are both strong enough to really love each other safely I can t believe it took so long to get this to happen I don t know why they brought back Zod Dogs Behaving Badly for this Doomsday is back too I guess they need the biggest villains toight There was plenty I rolled my eyes at here and things I liked Overall I was entertained by this stor This was certainly better than I d hoped It wasn t because of the story Doomsday Meh Zod Meh Nothing terribly special I wouldn t read this First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for the story at allI would however read itor the relationship and the characters Here s the thing I m not exactly a an of the concept of Superman and Wonder Woman dating I don *T Suppose I Have A *suppose I have a reason it just doesn t appeal to me However Soule made it work and turned it into a really good relationship The key as I see it is that the relationship is built on a deep mutual respect and Soule perfectly captured that Which leads back to the characters I eel like he wrote them both very well This version of Clark isn t exactly a Boy Scout but he is a good man trying to do the best O ind out that its two most powerful super heroes are than just teammates But secrets have a way of escaping And the very different worlds that the world's greatest couple have inhabited are about to collideGods and monsters like threaten not just Superman and Wonder Woman but everyone and everything they care abou. 45 starsWhoa Fuck me No seriously I want Superman to uck me He s H O T Yeah yeah I know what you re thinking But Anne he s not real Whatever Neither are the airbrushed *dudes that keep popping up in my eed Not that I don t appreciate the pics ladies *that keep popping up in my Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome feed Not that I don t appreciate the pics ladies winkBut if you canantasize about some random half naked ella who let s ace it is probably gay then I can The Habitat Guide to Birding fantasize about a cartoon It s onlyairOk now that we ve established that I m a total weirdo let s move onI always thought Batman was "my comic book boyfriend brooding dark chiseled eatures "comic book boyfriend Brooding dark chiseled eatures Ehhh Not so much He s boring Vanilla Whitebread Nice enough but not exactly what I d call exciting ya knowIn other words a permanent resident of the Friend Zone But after reading this Dear God I want to have his little Super BabiesOk maybe not I ve got enough kids alreadyBut I d definitely want to do the thing that would result in Super Babies A lotSo what changed Well I m not even sure I can pin it down but Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town from theirst page I was just drawn to him He s so cool in this thing I know I know It s unbelievable It s also true Somehow Soule managed to strip away all the things that made Clark so bland and what was leftover was jet black hair blue eyes a chiseled jawand all these barely leashed superpowers Move over Brucewe re making room or one But don t think that Soule has totally gutted Truth Justice and The American Way Clark is still Clark He ll always have the polite mid western arm boy sensibilities But at least now he seems like an actual Americanand less like a Canadian Kidding I love all you sweet Canucks Alrighty You didn t think I d Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water forgotten about the other half of this Power Couple did youWonder WomanI ve been waiting and waitingor THIS Wonder WomanFinally Finally Someone recently anyway got her right Diana Is Badass And that s the thing isn t it If you put anyone other than Superman next to her they re just going to pale in comparison Who else can go toe to toe with uite literally at this point the The Man of Steel and the Warrior Princess An Alien and a goddess They come Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus from two different worlds But together Superman and Wonder Woman have teamed up to protect this worldrom all who would harm itAnd they've Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse fallen in love doing itSoar they've kept their relationship a secret worried the world isn't ready