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نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول uI knew and adored Vali like everyone else who met her amazing glroious beautiful human stories This is a rather endearing book Absolutely fascinating woman I am obsessed I wanted this book to go on forever the writing style is veryniue and a little all over the place but in the most charming way a loving way recalling a life lived with Vali weaving bits and pieces together for the Whole Story I Wanted So Many Details I Can Only story I wanted so many details I can only her journals are published I cannot get enough of this woman What a fascinating woman Vali Myers was This book paints a vivid portrait of An Unparalleled Life I First unparalleled life I first of Vali Myers in 1974 followed her ever since When i read this memoir let s say it shifted my idealized view of her as the gypsy Die Plotter ueenGianni was captured by Vali as a young boy and wasnable to escape her clutches ntil she left Il Porto to die in her native AustraliaFull of revealing details this is a much needed contribution to round out the picture of a complex eccentric artistGianni emerged from her influence and became an artist poet and activities in his own right There is an interesting video on YT called His Savage Mistress interviewing him An extraordinary work of love The Australian artist Vali Meyers was a legend in her own time Premiere danseuse of the Melbourne Modern Ballet at seventeen she left home and spent ten years in Paris living much of the time Ballet at seventeen she left home and spent ten years in Paris living much of the time the streets but never ceasing to draw Ed van der Elskin famously put her on the cover of his Love on the Left Bank that manifesto of Pa.

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Oetry this is Gianni s tribute to his partner Vali as well as the story of her lifeWe must treasuer these individuals who are not constrained by what the world thinks they should be A jewel I really enjoyed reading this I loved it almost as much as Just Kids but not itevali gives patti smith a tattoo by the wayVali is *A FASCINATING CHARACTER AND I LOVE THE WAY THAT * fascinating character and I love the way that writes about her and like his writing style too which is slightly strange he writes simply but it has a lot of charm to it too There are lots of things I like in this foxes a deep There are lots of things I like in this foxes a deep between animals and humans nature paganism magic art drawing and the chelsea hotelI thought Gianni wrote very generously about Vali because frankly she seemed Killing the Truth uite mean to him in her later years also some of her life made me feelite anxious having 45 dogs and loads of other animals drinking too much the opium years which were kinda glossed over abusive men er that s about itoh vali also meets ite a few celebs too if you like that sort of thing and i do so beautiful endearing and enchanting immediate favorite Having Met And Spent Time met and spent time Vali in Melbourne in the late 1990s my husband lovingly bought me this book as a birth. Ris in the 1950's and her work was praised by George Plimpton in his Paris Review Then saying good bye to all that she spent forty years in semi seclusion in a wild canyon in Italy where she continued producing her minute mystical and passionate drawings Tough as nails she fought the local authorities who wanted to introduce log. Vali Myers A MemoirDay present recently What a fine choice it was Vali was a brilliant gifted artist who shared a love for animals than anyone I ve ever encountered This memoir penned by her friend and lover of 30 years Gianni Menichetti introduced me to a world that Vali inhabited during her full and creatively rich life Intimate and reverential this gentle book reveals little vingnettes of Vali s often tumultuous life as seen through the eyes of Gianna Menichetti From her humble beginnings in suburban pre WWII Sydney Vali evolved to be the true and original boheme an tter eccentric There was nothing contrived about Vali Myers and she has inspired many including other creatives such as Patti Smith and Tennessee Williams She was completely engaging to be around and seemed to effortlessly draw people in with her beautiful other wordliness of wild hair and tattooed face I ventured to Melbourne city a few years hoping to return to HER STUDIO AND VIEW HER WORKS JUST TIME studio and view her works just one time nfortunately it had been closed due to lack of funding I believe there are other projects in the works to share the work and inspriation of Vali everyone should have the opportunity to be touched by the magic that was Vali Myer. Gers into the valley after a long struggle succeeding in having it designated an Environmental Oasis Finally Vali returned triumphant To Her Native Melbourne her native Melbourne she was recognized as an artist sui generis In this brilliant memoir by her friend and lover Gianni Menichetti her art times and personality come through nforgettabl.