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E neck Proof that sometimes words are better than picturesThe second volume of the Aliens graphic novel series follows right along with the same printed stories that are collected in the second Complete Omnibus series published and collated by Titan Books And believe me when I say that those stories are far superior than their comic adaptation which is saying a lot since I didn t even like the printed versionsNone of the 3 illustrated adaptations are very good Terrible artwork coupled with terrible pacing writing and overall plot Of course these are hindered by their original source material but it s not an excuse to make such crappy attempts at it Even the Colonial Marines storyline was a complete dud I still don t even now what the point of the 200 saga was Just a bunch of washed up soldiers going from place to place to fight their reuisite share of xenomorphs No structure no character or world building NothingDo yourself a favor and just read the actual novels They aren t good m but they re better than this This isokay I guessThere s a shift between Alien and Aliens that s obvious in the name In Alien a single alien was enough of a threat to wipe out everyone on the Nostromo and admittedly the crew of the Nostromo weren t scientists or soldiers That s the point of the first film that a bunch of blue collar spacers got into a situation way over their heads and almost all of them died because space is indifferently hostile to human life But in Aliens they brought in a whole suad of marines so they had to add aliens to compensate and while aliens were still incredibly dangerous the lethality of any single alien dropped by a lotGenocide the first story of this volume features two armies of aliens fighting each other horizon to horizonI think that s the reason I didn t like Aliens Omnibus Vol 2 very much It s not too long into the Dark Horse comic series and they already feel like they have to eep upping the scale of the action which after the Earth was infested in Aliens Omnibus Vol 1 seems like a losing battle but to the point where any individual alien is just as much of a bug as the marine slang about them indicates They come in huge swarms They die in droves Plenty of marines #die too but I never really got the sense that the aliens were an overwhelming threat They were a #too but I never really got the sense that the aliens were an overwhelming threat They were a lifeform but not the ultimate apex predatorThis is also the introduction of royal jelly as a wonder drug with some rather extreme side effects and Genocide and Colonial Marines are both ultimately about royal jelly and the thing about royal jelly is that it s transparently a McGuffin with whatever effects are necessary It can increase the physical prowess and combat ability of humans it can let them dive into their memories and re experience their past as though it were happening again and it canmutate humans and let them psychically communicate with aliens It s a floor wax and a dessert topping as the saying goes And since it s the backbone of two of the three stories I can t ignore itYou can say what you like about post Aliens movies but I don t now if this version of the universe is one I m fond of either Previous Review Aliens Omnibus Vol 1 More Like 25 Than Full Three 25 than full three The second Aliens Omnibus proves that it is uite hard to create a good Alien story without strong leading characters Sadly the book is uite lacking in this department most characters are hard to relate to because they are either illed off before any real development can take place such as the Colonial Marines in the major story of the same name or their development proceeds in an unsatisfying way such as Lt Henry from the same story The writers try to make this up with tons of action and several interesting additions to the Aliens mythos but the overall result is mixed at best. Aliens Omnibus Volume 2 collects of these exciting series in a value priced uality format omnibus featuring over four hundred story pages in full color Includes the complete story arcs of GenocideHarvest and the never before collected epic length Colonial Marin. ,

A very fun read despite Harvest sucking ass and looking weird By introducing a new story arc #Separate From The 1st Volume the 1st volume s less tip toeing around things that had to be retconned of the movies Genocide showed us a side of xenomorph behavior that we hadn t seen before and Colonial Marines giving the reader perspective fromColonial Marines There s no other way to put it even if the lot we re thrown in with is a bunch of delinuents of the lowest bidderNow there s a couple of marines who seem to have British accents so practice that before reading this in the mirror if u have to that is It just adds flavorNew threats new crew new story Really this should be one star But the book got me thinking indirectly about some stuff from the Aliens universe and for that I will give this another star The whole colonial marines section could have been so amazing inda like Alien 3 Alien Resurrection could have been but instead we get these alienhuman hybrids and a convoluted storyline Art was okay but not greatWhat got me thinking was how the Aliens from the movie of the same name got super lucky Think about it if the colonists had not been under the reactor making the marines not able to use any of their high powered weapons fully yes Vasuez and Drake didn t obey Apone which meant that the Aliens had a chance that and the fact only four made it out and still took out a ton of Aliens obviously Gormann is not much of a marine so I give Ripley 12 and Gormann 12 eualing one marine Just imagine if six or seven of the marines had lived or if they all had said screw it and used their pulse rifles Different ending Maybe See this whole bunny trail is way fun than this nearly 500 page omnibus so uhhhh maybe I should have only given it one star I have always liked Harvest I think the art is superb and the story line was one of the intersting of the early stand alone Aliens comics Colonial marines was always a bit blah to me I never liked any of the characters and the art Fresh Water kinda sucked Genocide had its moments Ripley How do weill it Ash There s gotta be a way of French Daguerreotypes killing it How How do we do itAsh You can tThe old Dark Horse Alien comics unfortunately fail in than one regard the most offensive being the characterisation of the aliens themselves they are mostly cannon fodder seldom threatening or even dangerous and at their worst they barely matter to the storiesThey appear they get mowed down sometimes the books remember that they have acid for blood and some character or other dies but it s all a bit lame and unexciting really There s no real tension and in most of the stories I had a hard timeeeping up with who the bland motivationless characters were Even when they discover a planet bursting with two factions of xenomorphs battling another so numerous the masses of bodies disappear into the horizon they land without effort and of course they lose a nameless extra or two but in the end without effort and of course they lose a nameless extra or two but in the end manage to take off again with some royal jelly in their possession a plot point I disliked so much that I don t really want to get into it here but it further degrades the xenomorph to a mere resourceWhat potential there is seems wasted The art is fine for the most part really the battle scenes on the first few pages of Genocide are great and the new alien hive mothers presented there look fantastic Kelley Jones art that I already really liked in his run for Batman is dark and moody and very fitting for the series while his characters appear as weirdly twisted as his xenomorphs There s a new class of alien introduced here the royal guard with some tacked on horns on the side of its jaw that just feels lazy Where are all the cool ideas they managed to put into the toy line There s a spark of it near the end of the book with auatic Aliens that are really neat Many humans have died horribly at the claws of the Alien The surface of Earth has been devastated to cleanse the beasts from our world But the commercial value of this scourge has never been in doubt especially when the special properties of the Alien ueen's roy.

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Ut even those don t do anything except attacking and subseuently getting shot to bits The inflationary use of ueens just cheapens the menace the monster had in the filmAll in all it s clear to see why the series is named after the second film because it has nothing at all to do with the atmosphere and the terror of the first one It also doesn t really seem to get the point of the testosterone fueled machismo that Cameron s Aliens subverted so "greatly and instead celebrates itI really do hope there s some better "and instead celebrates itI really do hope there s some better stories down the road that don t waste the potential of the films but instead manage to build on it Inhuman Condition was great albeit a bit too short The series here at this point in time just feels like uninspiring b movie pulp cashing in on the franchiseThat said there s a few pieces of art here and there that From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read keep me from entirely regretting my purchase of the books and I willeep up with them to see where they From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society kept on going with it It s still Aliens after all I venown of the Aliens comic s since the early 90 s when I first started going to comic book store s but never actually read any of them until nowJust by flipping through the pages I new I was going to enjoy this one And that I didThe Aliens Omnibus book s by Dark Horse are currently out of print and I obtained Vol 2 by chance Which is why I didn t start with Vol 1 Thankfully the three collected stories in here Genocide Harvest and Colonial Marinesseemed to be part of there own separate storyline so it didn t feel like it was a reuisite to read Vol 1 before this one in order #TO UNDERSTAND THE STORYTELLINGALSO COLONIAL MARINES WHICH STARTS ON #understand the storytellingAlso Colonial Marines which starts on 213 and ends on 454 makes up a little over half the book It s also the only one where the script pencils inks and colors have multiple people who take over throughout It was a little confusing at time s making out who s who but nonetheless a Good Read Short versionOf the three stories here the first two are decent The third is awful Truly awfulLong versionIn Genocide two Xenomorph tribes go to war and humans looking for sources of the alien jelly derived super soldier drug marketed as Xeno Zip get involved in the sort of murky corporate shenanigans that are one of the strongest themes of the Alien films It s a decent enough story but to see so many of the most terrifying creatures ever committed to film reduced to feeble cannon fodder easily defeated by human technology and trigger happiness is jarring Still this isn t the worst example of that in this collection and it has a strong ending Harvest at least captures some of the brutally cold claustrophobic nature of the universe Alien and Aliens represent onscreen although stealing a scene wholesale from RoboCop and having a robotic Xenomorph feels like a story gimmick gone way too far In its defence at least the Xenomorphs represent a very real extremely dangerous threat in this story arcSadly Colonial Marines is a shambles Ridiculously long confusingly written and at times crudely illustrated it goes on forever recycles every imaginable soldiering cliche and despite throwing in some intriguing ideas an underwater alien infestation and a mutant religious cult stand out it s simply a slog to get throughWorst of all amidst all the shouty bickering of the marines including Vasuez one of the most memorable characters from the entire film franchise younger and insultingly useless sister the actual aliens are there simply to be blown or torn apart often representing little of a threat than the shambling zombies on AMC s the Walking Dead Better than the first one thanks to how there s no controversial changes this time but since the included comics themselves are really really bad it doesn t make much difference It s OK for collection but reading this is a royal pain in th. Al jelly are discovered Will Mankind once again risk its very survival as a species in order to sleep with the AlienDark Horse Comics' critically acclaimed Aliens series set the bar for how the universe of a popular film could be expanded through graphic fiction. ,
Aliens Omnibus Volume 2