Holly Madison Sins of the Father #2 E–pub/Kindle

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L I just felt it was lacking some of *THE SUSPENSE THE FIRST BOOK HAD I WOULD DEFINITELY *suspense the first book had I would definitely this book to other I just hope the next one has just that extra something this one seemed to misplace Holly Madison was dealt a tough hand early in childhood Raised by just her mom at a young age abandoned by everyone they loved and having to move to a new town where they are nown by no one Holly has made herself successful in spite of her past She is beautiful smart tough as nails sweet and completely loyal to those she loves She also has a soft spot for playboy Tristan HoltGiving him a chance may be a risk but it s one I just may be willing to takeTristan is bad boy sex on a stick and every girl wants to tame him He s the whole package Hot as all get out caring funny and 100% alpha Runs his gym trains and teaches self defense He has his own demons that he is trying to deal with not always the right way and has no intention of settling down until HollyYeah he was going to do everything he could to ensure that he White Water kept her around for as long as she was willing toeep himNether one is looking for anything serious but its becomes clear uite uickly that they like each other a lot and want to try the exclusive thing They grow extremely close until a realization shatters Holly and risks her losing everythingThe minute I met Tristan Holt I fell in love with himI really enjoyed this novel read it in one sitting because I just couldn t put it down Hence my 2am bedtime I got so caught up in their world all the ups and downs and what the outcome would be You will love the characters old and new The story flows great and at times found my jaw dropping or tears flowingIt #Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Or After The #be read as a stand alone or after the book which I recommend in the series called Emma Chase Also great Definitely cannot wait for the next book in the series We first meet Holly Madison and Tristan Holt in the first book in this Series Emma ChaseEmma and Holly are best friends and Emma is engaged and pregnant to Tristan s brother Braden Holly and Tristan The Slave Dancer know each other through Emma and Braden and they first started seeing each other in secret when the girls go to Tristan s gym for his personal defence moves after Emma s attackHolly s father is in jail and has been since she was nine years old after heilled a lady in a drunken car accident in which Holly was in the car and he made them flee the scene and lie about the accident She still suffers from nightmares of that night to this dayTristan Holt owns his own MMA gym is rough dominant and sexy as sin with dimples He lives in the apartment above the gym Holly s co worker and good friend Curtis sums up Tristan when he says He s tatted he s hot he rides a motorcycle and he runs his own little fight club What s not to like Holly goes to Tristan s apartment one night to surprise him and finds him with another woman She is beyond devastated as she thought there were serious He doesn t Special Agent know she was there and the same night he goes to Holly s place for a booty call Hollyicks him out and leaves Tristan wondering what happened Holly and Tristan work their issues out but when a shocking twist involving the car accident with her father comes to light and Holly finds out some exciting news at the same time Tristan goes off the rails and loses himself in drugs and another woman devastating Holly further and forcing her to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart by herself despite still loving him Then tragedy strikes Holly and fuels her into a deep depression Tristan sorts his issues out and tries to prove to Holly that he is the man for her despite his previous bad behaviourThrow in an evil father haunting her from behind jail and you have a mix of steamy sex scenes drama suspense laughter sorrow and finally happiness All the ingredients for an excellent readI m excitedly awaiting the next book in this SeriesI was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Tany. TogetherMy father continues to ruin my life one effing blow after another from the comfort of his very own jail cell Oh yeah I didn't tell you that he murdered a woman did I Well watch how that blows up in my faceWarning This book is intended for adults 18 years and older Descriptive sexual content and languageThis can be read as a standalone but highly recommended that you read Emma Chase Sins of the Father #1 fir.

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TakesHolly Madison as one can suspect has led a hard life atoning for the sins of her father s actions I won t say what her father did as it would divulge major spoilers But as this is a romance twinged with drama it DOES involve ties with the male protagonist love interest Tristan Holt that could make or break their fateWhat will become them And Holly s secret revelation in midst can their budding love survive the storm that s about to come downRead and you will find out A lovely addition to the Sins of the Father series It had a troubled woman meets former manwhore sorta who initially start off rough with a who initially start off rough with a strings attached sexual relationship and then experience their share of ups and downs to ultimately a couple who will do fighting against the odds to be together A charming and sexy read Tristan is a Sleep with the Fishes kick ass take names later type of man he has his demons but who doesn t Holly is an all professional but when it comes to T that goes right out the door But when the sins of her father blows up in her face and she starts to lose everything she loves including Tristan will they let himill another time or will they fight back Jen Khan does it again This is Tristan s and Holly s book you met them in the first Sins of the Father Emma Chase which I would read first but if not you will not be too lost when reading this one This is a roller coaster of a book You have your up and your deep downs your heartbreaks I love how Jen writes real life Nothing is fairy tale j ARC indly provided by authorLong story short I zoomed through this one That s a good thingI went into this book super excited and it did not let me down Holly Madison had it rough Her father s decisions left her with a life that not many could successfully handle The best part She wasn t annoying about it She owned it and handled it her way PERSONALLY I LOVE A MAIN CHARACTER I CAN CONNECT I love a main character I can connect I like the perfect mix of real and tough that is HollyI now I now what you all want to now the sexy hunk of man In this case that wold be Tristen Holt Although he A World on Fire kind of annoyed me and pissed me off at the same time he still was sexy as hell I m sure you read some uotes by now yeah you get my point Together Tristen and Holly were perfect and God damn were they hot together And by hot I mean sweaty sexy one of them on top of the other etc evil grin I liked how they sorta for lock of better words just clicked together I m not one to share spoilers so I can t really go much into the details of the plot I can t wait for you all to read it because it is amazeballs Oh and make some free time so you can read it in practically one sitting like I did I have been very wary on this genre of books lately as it is usually hit or miss but I am happy to say this is a hit Jen Khan takes you on an emotional rollercoaster Some are good roller coasters and some other parts are subjects that are hard to swallow but she makes it work Tristan is a hot bad boy who than once will make you want to slap the crap out of him Holly will make you laugh cry yell and younow how we women are I highly recommend this book Shauna Holly Madison is a well put together woman She Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life knows what she wants and shenows what she deserves but all that is thrown out the window when she meets Tristan Tristan takes her on a wild ride that she mat nerves make it through When these two start out it is just sexual But as they continue on it becomes for both without either if them realizing it But Holly has a past that no one nows about And she carries this on her shoulders alone Until she realizes how close to home her secrets are When they come out worlds are turned upside down and just when you think things could get worse wellthey *do But can Tristan be man enough to see the error of his ways Can he see that *But can Tristan be man enough to see the error of his ways Can he see that s aren t what they seem And can love really forgiveI hated that I only gave this book 4 stars but I had to I loved the first book Emma Chase And I did enjoy this book as wel. Fight club if you will I wonder if there are rules there like in the movie It's probably not that coolThe man infuriates me sets my blood to boil I let him worm his way into my thoughts and my heart like a stupid stupid little girl Even worse I can tell he is falling for me That is until he finds out about my secretNow in my defense I didn't even now it was as bad as it is until all of the horrifying pieces are put. Damn Jen did it again Another heart gripping story that tags you from the start Of course from Emma Chase I was ber curious the start Of course from Emma Chase I was ber curious Tristan and Holly Now I 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate know and thank god Inow Such an exhilarating read My emotions were everywhere on this book I went from love to hate to love to a gushing hot mess I felt every emotion in this book that the characters had While not a super long read it s long enough to ensnare you and leave you with such a book hangover I honestly didn t think Jen could top Emma Chase but holy fireball did she This is not your classic love story This is your modern real life The Oxford New Greek Dictionary knock your heart back and suck your body dry of tears love story Can t wait for the next book Obsessed by Books arc copy given in exchange for an honest reviewHolly and Tristan meet in the first book Emma Chase and this follows their relationship as it develops it is a stand alone but I recommend reading them as a series Holly is a professional successful independent lady that has a secret in her past Tristan has nightmares from a tragic accident that lead to his *mother s death He has addiction issues andeeps them under tight control by running his own *s death He has addiction issues and eeps them under tight control by running his own gym Without giving too much away the anniversary of tragic events pieces the puzzle together and pulls them apart Revelations cause further heartache and tragedy for this unlucky coupleThe depths of addiction are explored and the steps one man goes through to conuer his demons It is an engaging love story with gut wrenching moments drama and plot twists Although Tristan and Holly circle the same issues a couple times which had me gritting my teeth in frustration hence the four star rating Holly is far forgiving than I especially as she realises she isn t responsible for the sins of her father The course of true loves never runs smoothly and they do overcome immense obstacles to achieve their happily ever happy I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next oneJuice is hot Holly Madison has something that pulls her back when it comes to man with her dad being arrested for leaving an car accident that resulted in the death of a woman when Holly was little Holly grew only with the mother figure Tristian s mother died in a car accident he never overcame that moment in his life and that is when he enters in a world of drugs and becames a playboy To improve his life Tristian opened a gym with ickboxing classes and it s where he and Holly feel the attraction between the twoHolly has her life well planned not looking for a relationship because she can t trust men Tristian doesn t want anybody because of his playboy life and to be in a relationship is like a mirage to himOne night turns into two and one night Holly decides to surprise him and she is the one to get a surprise when she catches Tristian and Giggles in improper acts for innocent eyes Shattered and always thinking of him well she can t really forget him since he doesn t stop sending her text messages and leaving voice mail after voice mail her thougths is just Tristian Tristian TristianHolly Madison has suffered throughout her life she is a strong independent woman with her head in place and ready to set goals and stick to them sometimes despite having trust issues Holly shows that sometimes it s best not to think trust issues Holly shows that sometimes it s best not to think dive in with your heart Tristian will try to be a better man thanks to Holly The story doesn t begin as its normal the characters already The New Job Security knew each other at the beginning of the book is a uick and engaging read it is easy to fall in love with Tristian and his character is the one that has a obvious change throughout the book It is a good continuation of the previous book Emma Chase it s undoubtedly that gradually we become curious about the other characters and wanting tonow about them I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you Holly Madison was a nice follow up to bk 1 Emma Chase It had steam it had suspense and it had costly I'm Holly I wear pencil skirts heels and never have a hair out of place Well that was until I met Tristan Holt Now my hair is always a freakin' wreck whether it's due to being on the back of his motorcycle or because he's pullin it He's a dominant one Either way he's changed me helped me to step outside of my comfort zoneHe's also a player bad boy type who runs his own MMA gym on the outskirts of Tryon His very own. .
Holly Madison Sins of the Father #2