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First His clever use of dialogue "infused with slang and leaving ndings ambiguous with little backstory these are hallmarks of the singular "with slang and leaving ndings ambiguous with little backstory these are hallmarks of the singular style The book is small in size but is a classy product with nice graphic design tc and 10 illustrations that add to the stories I think this is a must have addition to the Salinger canon 399 star average to the stories I think this is a must have addition to the Salinger canon 399 star average came on here hoping that this bootleg looking book I got was fake had nothing to do with Salinger Shit is trashYoung Folks 1510Go See Eddie 2510Once A Week Won t Kill You 2510I love Salinger to absolute pieces but good riddancePS I don t know if there s any other version besides the one I have but shit is trash They leave very left page blank with the occasional drawing which are useless inaccurate literally the page before one of them it says Edna female is taller than Billy or whatever his fucking name was male then the picture decides to fill the white space with a picture of a male a good half a head taller than the chick Yeesh on top of that have the nerve to than the chick Yeesh on top of that have the nerve to them in the page numberingThe back of the book says 1495 Thank God I found this in a library because I have a tendency of buying Salinger without knowing thing one about it I will buy his later works when they re released because there s close to no chance it will be worthless some stuff better than other stuff sure but none of it worthless ThisEarly Salinger indeed PSs longer than the review ftwPPS I single handedly brought the average score down by 001 points I like that But I m looking at Nine Stories it s like 419She just got up and went back to her dressing table to resume brushing her hair her thick red hairYou show me one single line in Nine Stories as fucked up as that I thought Hemingway was the drunk I thought LSD was hardly ven freakin invented when these stories were written Salinger has no xcuse Not one fucking reason for doing what he did Getting to know this author really well now and uite njoying his short stories I love the way he writes dialogu. 1940 the story is notable for the backstory that is omitted a techniue that Hemingway used to great ffect Four years later toward the nd of Salinger’s war xperience saw the publication of “Once A Week Won’t Kill You” again in Story magazine Ostensibly about a newly minted soldier trying to tell an aging aunt he is going off to war some may see the story as a metaphor for preparing one’s family for the possibility of wartime death Devault Graves Digital Editions a publisher that specializes in reprinting the finest in American period literature is proud to bring you this anthology by one of America’s most innovative and inspiring authors. .

Young hands holding lighted cigarettes and wet highball glasses JD Salinger is a household name in literature People who don t ven read books have read and loved at least his most known work and h JD Salinger never disappoints ven with his tiny little short stories the man was a brilliant writerThere isn t much to say xcept maybe that his stories all share this "Sort Of Melancholy Which Is Probably What Makes Me Love "of melancholy which is probably what makes me love writings so much God help me if they New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood ever publish myarly stories You can see Salinger in here and the things he later did so well But they are practice Don t know why I said I would write a review of this considering I already have not one but TWO pre reviews belowI have probably already surpassed the word count of the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey entire book at this point in the review aloneAnyway This is not Salinger s best in my opinion notnough Glass family by a mile but Salinger s mediocre is still miles ahead of most people s bestThat s nough of a reviewBottom line If you need a book you can read in 15 minutes you can t find much better than this one nobody does it like salingerdo NOT mention the fact that i m now done with his published works DON Treview to come 35 stars hard to say which drove me to this book that it s Salinger or that it s the teeniest tiniest book i ve ver seenconsidering my incoming reading slump probably option 2 I feel a little guilty reading this because these stories were never meant to be republished after their original publications in magazines in the 1940s And worse with illustrations Salinger would have HATED this So with that in mind its hard to give this collection of stories a real rating As a Salinger fan I give it 5 stars for overall reading ЯED experience the chance to read some of hisarlier works is very xciting They re not nearly as good as some of his later stories Franny Bananafish Uncle Wiggle in Connecticut tc but you can still hear the distinct Salinger voice in them The last story Once a Week Won t Kill You was the best of the threeT. A young "And Ambitious Writer Named "ambitious writer named David Salinger set his goals very high very The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs early in his career He almost desperately wished to publish hisarly stories in The New Yorker magazine the pinnacle he felt of America’s literary world But such was not to be for several long years and the length of one long world war The New Yorker whose tastes in literary matters were and remain notoriously prim and fickle was not uite ready for this brash and over confident newcomer with the cynical worldview and his habit of slangy dialogue But other magazines were uick to recognize a new talent a fresh voice at a time when the world verged on madness Story maga. He
"publication itself is "
itself is poorly put together and I would give it only one star The illustrations were horrendous but apparently the rights to these stories was murky and they could only be published with the addition of annotationseducational information or illustrations I would have preferred the former Seriously illustrations I give this a 45 rating rounded up to 5 I received an audio copy from the narrator Mike Dennis in Moreno exchange for an honest reviewThis short work comprises threearly short stories by JD Salinger All three stories are deceptively simple a conversation between two young people at a party a visit by a brother to his sister a young man about to go to WWII saying goodbye to his wife and "AUNT YET THEY CONTAIN MUCH A "yet they contain much A of the magic in these stories is what is just hinted at what isn t saidThis is Monsieur Pain especially true in the third story Once a Week Won t Kill You in which a young man is about to go to war There is a moment there when he says goodbye to his aunt that is so poignant that it tugs at your heart a bit and you marvel at Salinger s sensitivity and skillThese stories are mostly dialogue and the way people speak is so real that you get instantly immersed in the tales The language is a bit dated people are swell and grand and the social norms are old fashioned but that is part of the charmMike Dennis does a great job narrating these stories His male voices are spot on and add a lot to the characterization He needs to improve his female voices a bit but it wasasy to tell the characters apart and A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author everything ran smoothlyIn sum three gems for fans of Salinger Injoyed them immensely Back to my main man Reading Salinger is like coming home The last story broke my heart for real Apparently a lot of people haven t gotten the word that the first official and legit JD Salinger book in 50 years has been released But here it is Salinger s first two published short stories from 1940 and another story from 1944 In my opinion Salinger showed his great talent from the. Zine an What If esteemed and influential small circulation journal devotedxclusively to the art of the short story and still active and respected today was the first publication to publish the name JD Salinger and the story “The Young Folks” in 1940 an impressive view of New York’s cocktail society and two young people talking past one another their conversation almost completely meaningless and mpty His next short story was published in a college journal The University of Kansas City Review “Go See Eddie” is a tale of uiet menace as an unsavory male character gradually turns up the pressure on a young lady to see a man named Eddie Also published in. ,

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Three Early Stories