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His Small Town FamilyHis Small Town Family is by Lorraine Beatty It is a good book #And Does Keep Your #does keep your It is a Christian based book so there is no violence or sexual content or language roblems It is Just A Good Wholesome Book About Changes a good wholesome book about changes lives Nicki Latimer has returned to her small home town in Mississippi She never expected to return under the circumstances she did She had left her abusive and controlling husband when he hit her one time She left to Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah protect herself and her unborn child She returned to the arms of her family only to findroblems there After the birth of her daughter her father underwent a kidney transplant leaving her mother to care for him while Nicki took over the family business She found the business about to go under and was utting her all into getting it back in the black However she needed help Ethan Stone a well known war hotographer was injured in Afghanistan and came home to recuperate only to find he never wanted to take another hotograph again His final hotograph of a young woman and her child haunted him He was diagnosed with PTSD and needed a uiet lace to recover He took a leave from his job and on the recommendation of a friend headed to a small town in Mississippi Here he hoped to figure out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life He took a chance on answering a Help Wanted oster in the window of a small business He arrived just when Nicki answering a Help Wanted oster in the window of a small business He arrived just when Nicki help the most Can Nicki risk taking a chance with a stranger She had no other choice but to follow her instincts and wait to hear from her Mother how bad her choice was She saw something in Ethan s eyes that bothered her and she felt he was keeping something from her which made her nervous as her husband had lied and cheated and kept things from her She didn t want to go through that again but then again something made her trust him Was she right or wrong Could Ethan find help in this small town HIS SMALL TOWN FAMILY First let me say that. Healing Their HeartsNicki Latimer never expected to be back in her tiny Mississippi hometown much less running a store with a baby on her hip But when her father falls ill Nicki. ,

All books that I do not finish garner a one star rating I did not finish this book so voil First the Worlds Beyond The Poles positives Fresh backstory for the main characters The book starts well The book has some goodarts at least until I stoppedNow some of the reasons that I did not finish the book Uneven writing In laces the writing shows instead of tells but often than not the Writing Tells Instead Of Showing tells instead of showing the middle I simply grew bored with the characters and the story The story s sustaining tension rings false My first experience with Lorraine Beatty s writing this story was a beautifully crafted surprise a wonderfully drawn out mixture of sweet romance strong and resonating spiritual messages and delightful small town charm A typical romance story Nicki has returned to her #home town with her daughter to run the family business while her father #town with her daughter to run the family business while her father from his operation and to get away after her abusive relationship with her now dead husband She hires Ethan to help her run the store and of course they fall in love After hem hawing around time after time not telling the other one of their feelings she finally does and the ending is as it s suppose to be Happy ever after I m really enjoying the Harleuin Love Inspired series and this one didn t disappoint Nicki is back home to run the family office supply business while her father recuperates from a kidney transplant She has a baby a dead abusive husband and a boatload of baggage Ethan is trying to deal with his PTSD from being a war hotographer and figure out how to rejoin life now that he no longer has a camera in front of him to rovide distanceBoth characters had identifiable issues and trouble dealing with them and both got help from their friends and family The rogression from strangers to a couple in love didn t feel rushed and the obstacles made senseI enjoyed reading it and look forward to books in this series The author mentioned that she ll be writing stories in this tow. Will do anything to save the family businesseven Monster der Woche putting her dreams on hold And she's found just theerson to help her Ethan Stone is strong and reliable but also haunted by
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N and I ll keep An Eye Out For Them eye out for them realities of PTSD are well documented in Beatty s characters Nicki is a confident independent character who is relatable in her struggle to rove her worth RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Home to Dover This is a Christian romance *without a lot of external conflict keeping the *a lot of external conflict keeping the characters apart Ethan a hotographer suffering from PTSD takes a job at a struggling business run by single mother Nikki How #Ethan recovers from his trauma and finds a new life while relying on his faith is the main gist of the #recovers from his trauma and finds a new life while relying on his faith is the main gist of the but also important is Nikki s story and how they help each other to find happiness Home to DoverBook 4Don t worry if you haven t read the first three books in the series The author concentrated on one family in those but she turns to two new members of the town there is hardly any mention of characters from the revious books Ethan Stone has come to Dover to recover from the PTSD that stays with him His job as a war hotographer no longer appeals to him Images of the last Ones and Zeroes photo he took is etched in his headrobably forever art of his uiet life is taking a simple job in an office supply store where he meets the lovely Nicki Lattimer Nicki has had her own hurt after her husband s death leaves her a single arent of a new baby But it s her baby that may just be Ethan s undoingI really liked how the author wrote this story Ethan had some big issues to work out but with a good church and a nice family rooting for him how could he not move on It was a great story I liked how the author Kluge portrayed Ethan s disability Nicki Latimer is one strong faithed lady I can relate to how she is with her mom They have kind of a strained relationship but towards the end she starts to understand her mom and I love how Lorraine Beatty made the relationship between Nicki and Ethan evolve She even makes Ethan fall in love with Nicki s baby received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Home to Dover. Isast as a war Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes (Collectors) photographer He's convinced he could never be the man Nicki thinks he is But with Ethan by her side Nicki's dreams of love and family are closer than she thinks.