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French LessonsAskedThe mystery s ultimate reveal was well constructed and did come as a surprise though the purported reason for all the never was explained to my satisfaction reason for all the secrecy never was explained to my satisfaction ve liked to have heard about Ren e s experiences at school too It was touched upon but it felt as though there was a lot of untapped emotion waiting to be explored Even so angst was in no short supply and it added some layers to the story without ever feeling maudlinMystery aside this novel was first and foremost a romance And the romance worked The groundwork was laid the tension built and built the connection felt earned and some of the passages managed to be entirely swoon worthy I m an unashamed romance addict constantly chasing my fix and this book provided exactly what I needed Now it s back to my dealer before I get the shakes Thank God never closes Absolutely fell in love with the characters I could feel the passion and heat between the Two women Absolutely well written Very interesting storyline The doctor was a very confused and seemingly depressed woman while Ms Chanda appeared to be a very complexed woman and Effie was very mysterious All three made for a very dramatic story that captured this readers attention and held it from beginning to ending The suspense leading up to the sex scene was brilliant and was worth waiting for and being teased with all throughout the book Over a very good book Thanks for writing it Looking forward to reading from you 3 stars Nothing much to say it s basically a self insert fluff piece for lovers of all things French Unknown dead relative who leaves you vast fortunes and a house in France check Insta love with a gorgeous sexy funny and talented French woman check Eiffel tower check Yea it s a self insert fantasy written decently but in first person. Family's past would at last unfold Can Vida learn to trust and open her stubborn heart to the possibility of a French romance Or will she make the same mistakes her mother made and let the love of her life run away from her leaving her to nurse a permanent broken heart FRENCH LESSONS is a poignant passionate novel about coming to terms with the past and learning to love; a tender romance to curl up with It is approximately 64000 words long providing many hours or a few days of romantic reading.

Natalie Vivien  5 Summary

Ers They and the plot were well developed and intriguing Never saw the ending coming but I did so want Vida to go to the ends of the earth to find Renee A very good read I heartily and enthusiastically recommend this book Thank you Peace Very well written story It ept me guessing all the time what might happen next I will read of Natalie Vivien s books for sure My second book by this authorI ll start off by noting that I d give this one 35 if I could I think Then move on to note that this had a rather fantasy like feel to it Without actually having fantasy elements And by that I mean many thingsFor one example right at the beginning of the book a lonely woman heads right at the beginning of the book a lonely woman heads France She has a vague idea slip through her mind that now that things are the way they are she might actually find a French woman to play with wording better than I m putting it But she think Catastrophically cheesy The audiobook narration was pretty good though I really enjoyed listening to this romancemystery I have never read anything by this author but I am glad a took a chance on this novelMain characters are lovable and fun by this author but I am glad a took a chance on this novelMain characters are lovable and fun eeps you interested and in suspense which makes you desperate to finishI thought I had figured it out but the twist had me thrownNow I am off to fill my library with books by this authorCorrection I have read one book by this author but it was written with her wife All in all I thought this was a very well written book The two leads had wonderful chemistry their voices were consistent and the mystery of the narrator s book The two leads had wonderful chemistry their voices were consistent and the mystery of the narrator s felt like a living thing It did start to feel as though the secrecy and obfuscation maintained by the chateau s inhabitants went on far too long however I found myself groaning a time or two when yet another uestion was deflected or simply went un. Vida never new she had has died willing Vida a chateau in the French countryside What feels like an impossible dream is now Vida's reality she's an heiress and the last living member of a family legacy steeped in secrets When Vida arrives at the chateau there are surprises in store for her She could never have predicted the effect that Renee Chanson the fiery and captivating woman she meets at the chateau would have upon her And she could never have imagined how the decades old mystery of her. Chicago doctor Vida Toujours has always worked hard for everything she has and has achieved She is an all work and no play woman She has a habit of pushing people away when they become too close preferring to remain aloof and detached But in the process she
is lonely when 
lonely When receives a letter from France right out of the blue she has no idea that her life is about to change forever Vida s aunt an aunt she never new existed has died She s left Vida her chateau in the countryside in France and a sizeable fortune Vida is delighted She RESIGNS FROM HER POST AT THE from her post at the and flies out to France immediately Vida arrives at her chateau and it s there she meets the beautiful and alluring Ren e Chanson Vida is enchanted and smitten with Ren e But she s unprepared for the all consuming mystery surrounding her family Deep dark secrets begin to emerge Will Vida open her heart and mind to love and trust Ren e Or will she do what her mother did decades before and run away leaving the love of her life behind I ve read several of Natalie Vivien s books and find her books well written and edited and her storytelling pleasant and consistent I ve enjoyed all the stories I ve read so far This book and her storytelling pleasant and consistent I ve enjoyed all the stories I ve read so far This book a romance with a mysterious theme running through it although not a mystery book The three main characters are multidimensional and easy to get to now Although the story is primarily about Vida and the family she never When Dads Don't Grow Up knew Ren e is her romantic interest and Effie a housekeeper of sorts adds a lot to the story The book is a fast paced page turner right the way through Not too long so I was able to finish it in one sitting I m looking forward to reading from Natalie Vivien soon Brilliant Beautifully written story of secrets so many secrets that will break your heart I loved the charact. Would you have the courage to restart your life and give love a chance in a completely different country Vida Toujours has struggled all of her life working hard for everything she's ever earned using her all consuming job as a Chicago doctor to numb herself against the emptiness she carries inside Overprotective of her heart Vida pushes people away and despite her loneliness she's made of art of remaining detached and disconnected Then she receives an unexpected letter from France An aunt that.