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I am doing this review for author Ambrielle Kirk I have read other books by the author and I must say I was not disappointed when I read this book at all Trina Daniels is doing the best she can trying to take care of her father after an accident crippled him Now desperate for money she makes a call about a temporary wife ad she seen in a club Dane Magnus is a shifter and Alpha of a wolf pack He will do anything to I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI will make this uick now Trina he rasped into her ear as he drove into her deep and hard But when I get you back to my lair tonight I will play with eat and f this sweet puy for hours You will never ever run away from me again You are mine kitten And I will forever be yoursDane is the alpha of his wolf pack and he is in need of a human wife to avoid losing the land left to him by his mother Trina needs six figures to pay for her dad s surgery When Dane places an ad for a temporary wife Trina accepts the positionTrina and Dane were HOT together I was able to feel the accepts the positionTrina and Dane were HOT together I was able to feel the between these two characters I loved the attraction and the chemistry between them was great While I enjoyed the story there were uite a few inconsistencies grammatical errors and it felt as though certain parts were skipped over This was very distracting and I found myself rereading many scenes several timesOverall this was a good uick story and I look forward to the next book in the series I hope to get an update on the relationship between Dane and Trina 25 starsDane needs a temporary human wife to get official control of his mother s hereditary land Trina needs funds to help pay for her father s future surgeries They meet by chance at his uncles nightclub and Dane and Trina feel a mutual attraction Before they met that night Trina found an anonymous advertisement for a temporary wife When Trina contacts the number on the advertisement she speaks to the secretary of the advertiser answers a list of uestion. In a world where humans and shifters live side by side two lives come togetherDane Magnus fought for and won the position of Pack Alpha but to legally inherit the land left by his late hu.

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Shifter UntamedE of her father who was severely injured in an automobile accident that took the life of her mother She Needs Money To Pay For A Much Needed Surgery needs money to pay for a much needed surgery her father and the rising costs of his existing and future medical bills Trina answers the ad for the wife and things go from there These two have explosive attraction great chemistry and an enjoyable story line I hope there will be books involving this pack and I look forward to reading about this Couple There Were A Few There were a few mistakes in the book but I do not feel that took away from the overall enjoyment and the plot of the story Great ob and I recommend this read by Ambrielle KirkTasha Divas of the Serengeti Book Club Trina and Dane start off on the wrong foot but end up working things out As many problems that turn up they always fight through This is the first in a series and you can immediately see where other characters deserve their own books I voluntarily read this book for a review uick to end pretty hot MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCEI have mixed feelings about this story I definitely liked the characters the chemistry between them was well written This is a really uick read so I know it s not going to be as well detailed as a full length book Even so I found parts of this a little convoluted and confusing Magnus Dane is a wolf shifter and needs to marry a human to inherit his own home left to him by his human mother Trina Daniels needs money to pay her fathers medical bills Magnus lays the deal out very thoroughly to Trina so I didn t understand why she was angry with him for his reasons for marrying her later on It was also a bit OTT that for marrying her later on It was also a bit OTT that author wrote he was too big to fit a condom That made me laugh There were also some editing issues But overall this wasn t a bad story Two and a half stars for me Trina and Dane come together for one purpose and that is to help each other out But the attraction is real along with some real danger The deal they made is turning out to be than they bargained for. T means pursuing drastic measures such as the ruthless womanizing Dane
But when outside sources begin to threaten their chances as well as their lives they only have each other to rely. S and is invited for an interview Dane after doing a background check on the potential wife discovers that she and the girl he met at the nightclub were the same women They meet end up having sex and come to an agreement The story continues from there I m left wondering if the author uploaded the correct copy of this story This edition seems to be the one that has not had all the editing completed Did it have a beta reader The basic story line is uite good but the characters did not draw me I felt like I Was Left Out Not left out not in themno emotional investment I didn t hate them or particularly like them The story felt a bit bumpy abrupt and choppy It feels like it is only part of a bigger storysomewhat incompleteThe story involves rough sex and a lot of references to Danes apparently large phallus The balance of sex to story is not particularly well balancedit s not that I mind a lot of sex in stories that I read it s ust I like the story o be strong enough to carry the sex DNFThis book is pretty bad The editting is non existent Its not ust wrong word usage like blew and blue Its whole sentences that make no sense Chapters end and Its not Bloodleaf just wrong word usage like blew and blue Its whole sentences that make no sense Chapters end and begin very disjointed I kept making sure my reader didn t skip something The straw the broke it was the H s package We all like our man stacked but so big no condom will fit I laughed until I cried then gave upThe premise could have been cute the execution was horrific Too good to be this short Really liked this story would ve loved for it to be in depth But pretty good read This was a very HOT read There is nothing like that bonding between a shifter male and his mate The fact that said male is an Alpha makes it that much better Dane is the Alpha of his pack and he needs someone to be his wife of convenience for a little of six weeks to ensure he is able to hold on to land that belonged to his mother He specifically needs a human wife so he posts an ad for the position Trina uit a six figureob to return home and take car. Man mother the outlaw shifter needs to marry a humanTrina Daniels needs six figures to pay for her dad’s surgery Money she doesn’t have She's willing to do whatever it takes even if
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